Want to learn the Korean language at a premiere university in the Philippines during weekends? Here’s for you:  Ateneo Korean Studies Program or KSP is offering weekend Korean Language classes this March as part of its Extramural Courses for 2nd Sem, SY2017-2018.

KSP is an autonomous office in Ateneo De Manila University which is in charge of developing, promoting  and organizing Korean studies courses, events and special activities to introduce Korea both to Ateneo and the Filipino public. It is formerly known as Ateneo Initiative for Korean Studies (AIKS) and was established since April 2012.


Ateneo Korean Studies Program logo

KSP is opening the two courses below to PUBLIC for a fee, with classes starting this March 4, 2017.

COURSE 1: Hallyu Korean: Learning Korean through K-pop & K-Drama
Fee: PHP3500
2017 March 4 to April 22 | Saturdays only (except Black Sat)| 9:00-12:00
7 sessions: 3 hours per session | 21 hours

This course is offered to Filipinos who are interested in learning Korean through K-pop and K-Drama. It aims to introduce learners to basic Korean vocabulary, grammar and expressions while learning Korean songs and watching drama clips. To be taught in Korean, the last session will be dedicated to class presentations.

This sounds so interesting right? Learning Korean the hallyu way.

COURSE 2: Intensive TOPIK Review (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Class
Fee: PHP3500
2017 March 11 to April 8 | Saturdays only (except Black Sat) | 9:00-12:00,2:00-5:00
5 sessions: 6 hours per session | 30 hours

This course is offered to Filipinos who are planning to take the Test of Proficiency in Korean I (TOPIK I) for Beginners. This includes vocabulary, grammar and reading lessons as well as mock TOPIK examinations. It aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass level 1 and/or 2 of TOPIK, which is the official test of Korean proficiency administered by the Korean government.

Check out some guidelines below:

***Only those who have taken at least 30 hours of basic Korean classes are ENCOURAGED (though not required) to enroll in this course.
***Only those who will be able to attend at least 80% of the sessions will be issued a certificate of completion on the last session
***Once payment is made, payment can no longer be refunded in partial or full and/or transferred to other courses

Online registration is required. To register and for payment details click here: goo.gl/eVBrtn

Deadline for Registration is FEB 25. For more details and queries you can check out Ateneo Korean Studies Program Facebook page or contact Ms. Jamie Abucal via jabucal@ateneo.edu / 3511620.

I have once attended a conference hosted by KSP in 2015 when it was still called AIKS, their flagship annual activity, the 2015 AIKS Korean Studies Conference. I learned a lot from attending the conference and it opened me to topics related and beyond hallyu (K-pop/Korean drama) I never knew before through the different paper presentations.  Check out some photos below.

I will be attending the Hallyu Korean class so see you to those who will register.  Remember the deadline is FEB 25. Happy learning Korean in Ateneo. 

A Mini Fan Gathering to Remember!

Korean actor Ji Chang Wook (well known for Korean dramas Healer and The K2), recently kicked off his 2017 Asia Tour with 2017 JCW 1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok last Jan 21. The day after his successful Thailand fan meeting, fans of Ji from the Philippines gathered to celebrate and share their love for the handsome Korean star.

Ji Chang Wook Philipines (JCW Ph), a Philippine fan club of Ji Chang Wook based in Manila organized and held its first fan gathering dubbed as “Ji Chang Wook Ph 1st Fan Gathering in Manila” on January 22 at Ulkeun Korean BBQ House, Malate Manila. As a confessed fan of him since last year (oh yes I’m a late bloomer fan), I can’t miss this event though I live far from the venue.


JCW PH 1st Fan Gathering in Manila poster

The event started with some opening remarks from the head admins of the fan club gathering. It was followed by a “getting to know” segment where each of the attendees introduced themselves and mentioned when/how they started to know and love Ji Chang Wook. Mostly became fans from watching Healer and The K2 series (much like me) but some were hooked even beyond Empress Ki period drama days.


Games, Photo ops and more!

The fun and excitement continued as JCW-related games and raffle were played. Everyone actively participated in the trivia game as well as the popular Filipino quiz ‘Pinoy Henyo’, where in a pair of participants team up to guess the word that is flashed on the forehead of one of them by saying/asking clues answerable by Yes or No. The words are of course related to Mr. Ji such as title of dramas he did as well as the characters he portrayed.  JCW-inspired locally made items like posters and mini standees were given as prizes.

While our Kim Je Ha is back to Korea from Thailand at the time of this event, his life size standee made every attendee fan kilig as if the manly handsome actor is just right in front of us. See below happy faces as each made their way to pose with ‘him’. ♥♥♥


Early dinner was served while each table ‘spazzed’ over the recent activities of the suave good-looking actor, mostly about his Thailand FM.


Ji Chang Wook Ph 1st Fan Gathering in Manila – Dinner time

Since the announcement of 2017 Ji Chang Wook Asia Tour last December through Arirang World Facebook page, every Filipino fan can’t help but wish Philippines would be included. The hype that there’s a possibility of Manila being one of the stops in Ji’s Asia Tour started on that very same post when Arirang tagged the facebook page of Ji Chang Wook Philippines along with other countries’ fan club pages.

Our wishing game is further strengthened when local TV network ABS-CBN got the rights to air his latest action drama series The K2 in Philippine television.  The buzz that Philippines has also bought the rights (or is in talks) to his box office hit and first leading role film Fabricated City to be shown here adds more excitement and positive hopes to us Filipinos that we will be seeing Wookie in flesh before he enlist and fulfill his military duties. ♥♥♥

The fan gathering lasted for about 3 hours.  Each attendee got to take home a loot bag of souvenirs items from the event (locally made button pins, wallet-size photos, etc.) sealed with photo booth photos.

Check this out for the complete set of pictures from the photo booth:
Photobooth Pics – Ji Chang Wook Ph 1st Fan Gathering

Yours truly didn’t go home without some take away fangirling memories. ^_^

And but of course the day won’t be complete without group photo ops. ♥♥♥


Ji Chang Wook Philippines 1st Fan Gathering in Manila Group Photo (photo credits to Regine Daplas)


Ji Chang Wook Philippines 1st Fan Gathering in Manila Group Photo (photo credits to Regine Daplas)

We here in the Philippines are patiently waiting for our chance to see our Healer, bodyguard and favorite action-drama actor like what the lucky Thai fans experienced for the first time. ♥♥♥


Ji Chang Wook with his Thai fans at JCW 1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok (credits: Feoh Thai Facebook)

For the mean time it’s a sure thing that we will support Ji through his projects that will soon be shown here and any new drama or film lined up for him. Aja and keeping our fingers crossed!  ♥♥♥

Thank you so much Ji Chang Wook Philippines for hosting this 1st Fan Gathering in Manila.

To those who have missed this event, JCW Ph is planning to hold a bigger one this April. Like and follow them on Facebook and twitter below for updates on this and recent JCW news:

FB Page: Ji Chang Wook Philippines
Twitter: @JCWPhilippines

Young actress Sue Ramirez made her appearance at the Travel Tour Expo 2017 on February 11, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Manila. This is her first public guesting as the new Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), a government agency dedicated to tourism promotion of the Republic of Korea, since she was appointed last Dec 2016.

Read more here: Sue Ramirez appointed as New Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism


Sue Ramirez as Honorary Ambassador for Korea Tourism (photo from KTO Manila)

Sue invited everyone to visit the different booths at the Korea Tourism Pavilion at the travel expo and also to book a trip to Korea. The lovely Korea Tourism ambassador also performed onstage and sang “You Are My Everything” (Gummy), one of the songs in the official soundtrack of the mega hit 2016 Korean Drama Descendants of the Sun.


Sue Ramirez performing at the Travel Tour Expo 2017 main stage (photo from KTO Manila)

Ms. Ramirez then went straight to the Korea Tourism Pavilion and held a meet-and-greet session where around 50-100 fans and attendees at the travel expo got their chance to have some photo ops and signature from the actress.

Sue is one of the celebrity guests invited by Korea Tourism Organization Manila (KTO Manila) to help promote Korea on the  3-day annual travel expo. Comedian and TV host Ryan Bang and I Love OPM Grand Touristar Yohan Hwang were the other guests who appeared at the expo.


Sue Ramirez and the crowd at her Meet and Greet session (photo from KTO Manila)

Mr. Inshik Park, Director of KTO Manila expressed his delight at the appointment of Ms. Ramirez as their honorary ambassador.  According to Mr. Park, Sue is the right choice as the she is very interested in Korean culture and as a rising star in Philippine showbiz with a million of followers in her social media accounts she has a great reach to promote Korea.


Sue Ramirez with KTO Manila Director Mr. Park (3rd from left) and staff (photo from KTO Manila)


Sue Ramirez with KTO Manila Director Mr. Inshik Park at her appopintment as Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism (photo from KTO Manila)

I was able to line up at the meet and greet and finally met her face to face.  As a fan of her, a lover of everything Korean and a KTO Manila WOW Korea Supporter (tasked to promote Korea tourism in social media) back in 2013, I am so happy to have this chance and felt like we are alike in so many ways. ♥♥♥

More photos here from my camera:

As of writing Sue is now in Seoul South Korea for her first ever trip in the enchanting Korean drama land as posted in her official Instagram account (@sueannadoodles) and at KTO Manila Facebook page.


Feb 15, 2017 ig post of Sue Ramirez captioned #SueLovesKorea (@sueannadoodles)


Sue Ramirez in Seoul (source: KTO Manila facebook page)

For Sue Ramirez’s travel in Korea  follow her on social media at her official accounts below: 

Instagram: @sueannadoodles
Twitter: @sueanna_dodd
Official FB Page: Sue Ramirez Facebook Page

Also kindly visit and like Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office Facebook page or follow them on twitter @KTOManila for more of Korea travel and tourism information as well as Sue’s activities as Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism.


2016 is one of my best years ever! I am so blessed in all aspects all year round, winning online contests left and right and getting what I have always dreamed of in unexpected ways outweighing all the bad vibes and stress all around. And for this I decided to share the overwhelming blessings in a form of a Giveaway.


I recently hosted a giveaway event thru my blog’s Facebook page Pinkyreg. I have joined almost every kind of Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/blogging contest and for a change I’m the one to raffle away something instead.

What items to give away? When the idea came into me the first person that popped in my mind was Song Joongki. Who doesn’t love Captain Yoo aka Bigboss? And he is the person who inspired me the most and the korean heartthrob everyone, of all ages) wished for (Read here for my last year’s favorite blogpost: Top 10 Captain Yoo Si Jin Personas We Fell In Love With).

And so I chose to give Song Joongki items, some of which were items I personally won in a contest, sharing some of it away since I literally won so much, hihi. ♥♥♥

As posted in my Facebook page, dubbed as #PinkyregGiveaway the above items were up for grabs: Sparkling Magazine Summer 2016 issue with Song Joongki on the cover and Jeju Air Song Joongki gift set, to those who supported my blog page and share my give away post.  I have also added some creativity flavor and asked to comment down their response to “Why you deserve to win these items?”

See here for the full details: #PinkyregGiveaway

My Giveaway event ended last January 6 that ran for about two weeks starting Dec 28. I have announced my two lucky winners on the evening of Jan 12. It was really hard to pick the winners since most of them are my friends, coupled by the excitement that I am now the one doing this thing for the first time ever. So instead of just raffling off the Joongki items I ultimately choose the ones with the best answer on why they should win.

Congratulations again to my first ever Giveaway event winners: Christine Dyan Belga (Sparkling Magazine) and Rochelle Bertulfo (Jeju Air Song Joongki gift set). You both deserve it.

I can’t describe the feeling as I have announced their names on my page and how happy it is to finally hand one of the prizes to a complete stranger and fellow kpop/kdrama fan. As I have said in my page, I do hope you both enjoy your Song Joongki prize items as much as I love him, hahaha. 🙂

Till my next contest wins and give away, Aja! Thank you so much to those who joined and for supporting my blog and facebook page. For new readers follow me on my social media accounts. Kamsahamnida~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Pinkyreg FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pinkyregblog/
Instagram: @pinky_reg


The much awaited annual Starbucks Christmas tradition in the Philippines has already started this November 2 but I’ve got the chance to experience it days earlier. Last Oct 29, 2016 my Starbucks addict self excitedly dressed up to attend the 2016 Starbucks Christmas Grand Launch at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-la Plaza Mall.


The launch event was held for two days, Oct 29 and 30 free of charge to the public. Attendees just have to show a screenshot of their My Starbucks Rewards account page to enter and be given a Cheer Passport.


I have no idea of what’s in store for me there aside from seeing first hand and having a chance of winning the 2017 planners but since Starbucks equates to Goodvibes for me I immediately ticked “Going” at the official FB event page and saved the log-in screenshot before heading there.

I was not able to enter last year’s launch since I came in too late from work and the program is about to end. So literally it’s my first time. In my excitement I accidentally erased the photo while lining up hahaha, and so i went to a wifi ready place just to resave, lol. 😛


As I line up again that was the time I noticed a lot of booths and baristas were all around the venue, hmmmm…I smell something thrilling fun right there and then.

When the Cheer Passport and Starbucks Promo card were given to me the barista in the registration booth explained that I need to complete a total of 5 stamps by doing the activities/challenges in each of the 5 Cheer Stations inside to get a Special Gift. Ok, lets do this. And so I entered and to my surprise this greeted me: Cheer Station 1 – Christmas Selfie Challenge. I picked from a bowl of paper slips what I needed to do and tada, the challenge for me is “Take a selfie with a Starbucks Barista” and upload it on your social media account.

Hihihi, OMG, Kilig much, Im game!

(I said while smiling ear to ear, hahaha) ♡♥♡


The kilig turned into a different kind of cloud nine. It feels overwhelmingly heaven seeing everything Starbucks and Christmas and baristas so I decided to save the best for last and just go on the next 4 Cheer Stations before scoring that “selfie“.

Oh well the real reason is that I just wanted to look around for the most charming one and find the guts too. It’s harder in real life than what my imagination depicted, hahaha. 😛

Let’s get it on with the next Cheer Stations’ activities. Cheer Station 2 is the “Sips of Cheer” where you are asked to try on the new Christmas beverage Santa Hat Dark Mocha Frappuccino. Isn’t it so great, a free taste and you got a stamp.



This new beverage is the perfect Christmas frappe for me. Its bittersweet mix of Dark mocha, strawberry and java chips is just right and the coffee is not too strong yet it can perk you up. Finally my acidic stomach found a match and I can complete the right side of the planner promo card faster. Thank you Starbucks for this. ♡♥♡


Cheer Station 3: Flavors of Christmas is some kind of a memory game wherein you need to get 2 matches by flipping the cards of Starbucks flavors. I didn’t get a match here yet there is a prize item win or loose and a stamp of course for trying.



Cheer Station 4: Celebrate our Beloved Christmas Blend is a free taste station that comes with a lecture from the charming baristas of the choiced Christmas blend beans and how the normal brew and “siphoning” produces different levels of taste and coffee aroma. Yes I can be a Starbucks barista now hahaha. 😛



The last is probably the hardest for me. Cheer Station 5: Crafted by Hand and Heart needs the artist in you by designing a blank Starbucks Christmas greeting card.

I have no sense of the visual arts and its my hatest subject in school yet I have no choice but to draw and play with the gliterry and metallic pens/markers provided. Here are some of the finished product of others, nevermind mine hahaha.


So where is the Starbucks Barista selfie? Ok here it is, I can’t do it with the one I find the most charming but definitely it was one kilig flattering moment hihi. ♡♥♡


Lol! Its not just a selfie right. Caption it for yourselves hahaha. They even let me be a barista for a day in the next photo. ☆♡★


Before claiming the gift item its now time to get a first hand look at the colorful 2017 Starbucks Planner designs.


This year it comes in two hip and classy designs: the Blue Siren and Coffee Stains and it comes with an erasable pen, magnetic bookmark and a pouch to keep it neat. Nicee right! ★☆★


The Christmas tumblers are so eyecandy too as well as the new Starbucks card designs. Cant resist to touch and took photos.




I really did enjoy the event. So much goodvibes all around. ♡♥♡


Here are some more photos of the crowd and inside the event.






Here’s my completed Cheer Passport and my take home items and happy heart inside ♡★♡



Here’s one more takeaway~ I didn’t get a selfie but at least a photo with the most charming barista of the day (left), hahahaha. ♥♡♥


Thank you so much and Congratulations Starbucks Philippines for a very creative, interactive and enjoyable launch full of Starbucks Christmas spirit and goodvibes. Will forever be a Starbucks baby.

Even if I was not able to wait for the planner raffle draw it’s all worth it that I came here. Indeed an event worth blogging. ★☆★

Pinkyreg ♡♥♡


“Wanna travel Korea with me?”

Song Joongki through Imagine Your Korea Korea Tourism TVC teasers handsomely invites everyone to come and travel Korea with him (See my previous blog here).  Days after the TVC teasers release Imagine Your Korea revealed various stills of Song showing the different aspects the land of the morning calm can offer.

After Song Joongki has been chosen as the Honorary Ambassador for Korea Tourism by South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in April we are now seeing how effective and perfect he is to promote Korea Tourism in below stills as these photos garnered thousands of likes and shares as well as the teaser videos views.

The very first photo posted shows Song shining so brightly as the breath-taking sunset at Jeju Stone Park, Jeju Island. Every Korea lover especially Korean drama addicts has Jeju Island in their travel bucket list and I’m sure Song Joongki added an urge to visit it soon. ❤


Wanna Travel Korea with Me? – Song Joongki at Jeju Stone Park, Jeju Island

In the next stills Joongki invites you to go shopping as well as dance and groove to K-pop music while travelling to Korea with him, hallyu at its best.


Wanna Travel Korea with Me? – Song Joongki invites you to shop for latest K-fashion trends


Wanna Travel Korea with Me? – Song Joongki invites you to release stress by dancing to K-pop

The latest dropped photo shows him letting you take a bite of Korean food and desserts. This one looks very real like he is just in front of you. ❤


Wanna Travel Korea with Me? – Song Joongki invites you to take a bite of delicious K-food and desserts

I can’t wait for more photos soon.  Hmmm let’s take a guess, Joongki at Nami Island, or at Gyeonbokgung Palace or Bukchon Hanok village wearing a hanbok? Or taking a stroll at Myeongdong for street foods or hanging love locks at N Seoul Tower with Kyo?  How we all wished, especially the last. ❤  So stay tuned as well as for the full TVC.

Wanna travel to Korea with Song Joongki? Everyone’s answer surely is I DO! ❤ Let us all go and visit Korea soon. ^^

(Full credits to Imagine Your Korea FB and Instagram pages for the photos). Follow and like Imagine Your Korea on their official pages below:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/imagineyourkorea
Instagram: @imagineyourkorea

It was a long wait but definitely it’s worth it. Imagine Your Korea through its official Facebook and Instagram pages revealed last Tuesday, August 2 its Korea Tourism TVC teasers featuring who else but Song Joongki, the Honorary Ambassador of Korea Tourism.

In the two videos posted Song Joongki teases everyone with “Wanna travel Korea with me?” line in his overly handsome and cute way no one can resist.  The first teaser shows Song with N Seoul Tower from a far background while in the second one we can see him in a club partying and in a charming dancing mood. Song Joongki is the perfect Korea Tourism ambassador, we all wanna go and travel to Korea with him upon watching the two teasers. ❤


Song Joongki TVC for Korea Tourism Teaser 1 Screen cap


Song Joongki TVC for Korea Tourism Teaser 2 Screen cap

Check out the official Korea Toursim TVCs below (click link above the pictures) as shared by Imagine Your Korea FB page.

Teaser  1
Korea Tourism Song Joongki TVC teaser 1

13956958_10210261783011052_415460128_n (1)

Korea Tourism Song Joongki TVC teaser 1 (Imagine Your Korea FB Post screen cap)

Teaser  2
Korea Tourism Song Joongki TVC teaser 2


Korea Tourism Song Joongki TVC teaser 2 (Imagine Your Korea FB Post screen cap)

As a bonus these teasers launch came in with a Trip to Korea event/contest dubbed as “Want to visit the homeland of K-Star Song Joong-Ki? All you have to do is share any of the two teasers posted in Facebook above and comment the reason why you want to travel to Korea. The event runs from August 2-8 with announcement of winners on Aug 18.  At stake is one round trip ticket to Korea and 10 one-of-a-kind Song Joongki travel kits.

What are you waiting for? Just in case you haven’t known of this event you have until Monday, Aug 8 to join and forever to feast on these charmingly handsome teasers and imagine travelling to Korea with Joongki. ❤ Of course I already joined and I do really wanna win and travel Korea with him, hihi. Aja!

May the best Song Joongki fans and/or Korea lovers win, hwaiting! And let’s all wait for the full TVC soon. ^_^


Song Joongki for Korea Tourism (c) Imagine Your Korea FB Page

Follow and like Imagine Your Korea on their official pages below for updates:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/imagineyourkorea
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/imagineyourkorea

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