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It may be hard to get there but I would someday.

To every laugh, comment and Facebook likes of my colleagues and friends.  To every kind word and encouragement from my Creative writing friends.  To every smile and silent inspiration from my Starbucks barista.  And to the endearing enlightenment and teachings of a kind mentor.  To Filipinas Heritage Library.  To wordpress.

It may not be a big thing, I don’t know if I will be shortlisted but go Reg.  Its worth a try.  Win or loose at least you give a shot to this National Writing Workshop.

Just write in every inch of time you can Reg.  And before i say good night here’s what my heart poured in pen.  Back to basics again, Poetry in Filipino.  Magandang gabi!  🙂

Sa bawat gabing pagkahimbing

Laging may bumubulong sa dilim

Idinuduyan man ng panaginip

sa pakiwari’y gising na gising pa rin

ang diwang gustong makawala, lumaya. 

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Yesterday was truly a fulfilling night for great and aspiring writers alike. Celebrating World Poetry Day, Filipinas Heritage Library with Metro Serye and Ayala Land gathered great poets as well as musicians in a night of poetry reading and music.  In the heart of the busy Ayala Triangle Gardens I was privileged to be part of this rare thing.  I’m a newbie in poetry but all the things I witnessed and listened in these 2-hour literary night awakened something in me.

And now I’m sharing a few lines I scribbled in my heart inside a bus on my way home.  I love to write again in Tagalog!  Ang saya pala!

“Minsan kailangang lumayo, dumayo

taliwas sa nakasanayan ng puso

sapakat minsan, hindi natin alam

na nasa kawalan doon matatagpuan

ang pinakakamimithi, ang hinahanap.”

Full blog and a finished piece soon here in my pinkyreg.wordpress.com.  Just happy to aspire to be like one of the great poets I met…someday. 🙂

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Alarm and Anger

This one liner really get through my nerves: Anger left unchecked is cause for alarm.

It’s a regular email on a Wednesday that I usually click and close.   About to do the same but some heavenly voice knocked on me and presto!  In a few stolen minutes all my senses are caught by this short read and prayer.  In the midst of my full planner for the day I’m glad I did.  It changed the way I look at things that happened recently and I can say also for those that are yet to happen.

It’s not my own but I can’t help to spread these words of wisdom.  I’m going to be an angel for today but before sharing you the whole thing let me give you this short list:

  • A good Monday to start the week at work.  It’s normally an hour to an hour and a half but it only took me less than 45 minutes travel time from Rizal to Quezon City.  Traffic jam seems to be lazy to wake up too on a Monday.
  • My indulgence with Starbucks Matalino and its baristas is at its peak.  I just love the way each of them greets me upon entering the coffee shop (from baristas to security and janitorial personnel).  Small talks are just as crazy when delivered with charming gestures of my two favorite baristas.  Inspired by a gentleman and a very friendly and sometimes flirty customer service and of course by the bestseller writer Samantha Sotto’s story (a book proudly made in Starbucks) my every other day 200-peso meals at the shop translate to fruitful writing hours.  I have never written these much entries in my journal notebook before.  Each blog draft in my netbook files carried my signature smile that only this cozy coffee shop branch can bring.
  • Hearing classic and missed love songs one after the other while reading a bestseller book is heaven for the sentimental fool in me.  A perfect way to end the day of stress at work when my friendly Starbucks branch is full.

These are just a few of the things that made me steady and let’s say motivated to go on my usual things for the second week of March.  I’m already on my toes but just as how I felt comfortable enough it never occurred to me that I can be very vulnerable to small distractions.   One news about my celebrity crush and his new girlfriend made me react a bit bitter while the other fans are so happy about.  A negative comment on my Facebook status of a not so close friend pissed me off and I instantly blocked her on my friends list.  And just when you thought that these are just trivial things that get into my peaceful way a very unlucky news broke me into pieces on the very day I thought I was inspired.  The place we are renting got robbed of laptops, digital cameras and mobile phones.  For the first time I didn’t want to go home and can’t sleep on the very bed and sofa I considered to be my comfort zone (the only consolation is that none of my valuables are stolen since I carried them with me for some reason that Wednesday).

The prayer and story below is very timely to what I have above.   Just want to share you all these very true and instantly inspiring words from my work inbox.


Today’s Prayer:

           Dear Lord, please change my heart and give me a new desire.

Help me to be a man of self-control and peace.

Help me with what I have to say that it may always speak of blessings and not curse.

           Help me to respond in a way that is pleasing and glorifying to You.

Be with me for the rest of the day, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


           “Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your

           wrath. —Ephesians 4:26


The sound of the alarm blaring from inside the church struck panic in my heart. I had arrived at church early one Sunday morning, planning to spend a little time in peace and quiet before the congregation arrived. But I forgot to disarm the burglar alarm. As I turned the key, the disruptive and annoying blasting of the alarm filled the building—and no doubt the bedrooms of sleeping neighbors.

 Anger is a lot like that. In the midst of our peaceful lives, something turns a key in our spirit and triggers the alarm. And our internal peace—not to mention the tranquillity of those around us—is interrupted by the disruptive force of our exploding emotions.

Sometimes  anger appropriately calls our attention to an injustice that needs to be addressed, and we are spurred to righteous action. Most of the time, however, our anger is selfishly ignited by the violation of our expectations, rights, and privileges. In any case, it’s important to know why the alarm is sounding and to respond in a godly way. But one thing is sure, anger was never intended to continue unchecked.

 It’s no wonder that Paul reminds us of the psalmist’s warning: “‘Be angry, and do not sin’; do not let the sun go down on your wrath” (Eph. 4:26; Ps. 4:4).


Anger left unchecked is cause for alarm.


I’m writing this thing at my favorite corner of Starbucks Matalino.  Though I’m fulfilled to share this post there’s something inside that I can’t contain.  It’s been a week of not seeing the charming guy that made me more inspired to write within the walls of Starbucks.  There’s a pinch in my heart at the hint of a thing I don’t like to happen in the near future, of him being transferred to another Starbucks branch.  I’m already happy but why take this little thing that made me forget the hustle bustle of everyday corporate life.   Not too soon please.

Known to be instantly agitated by small things that stole my happiness I learned to choose to be godly than fall into a trap of anger.  Hope to carry on this self-control as frequent as things go wrong my way, when fateful events hit our supposedly peaceful lives.

Alarmed by anger, I know there are more than these bitter reactions to already negative things happening.  Come to think of it I should treat them as blessings in disguise.  I need to be more patient with negative people around me, may it be online or offline.  An ultimate celebrity crush finding his love on someone else means I can now focus on a real possible true love on my way (lie low on my fangirl mode).  Maybe a new place of our own is better than a cheaper but unsafe rented apartment.  I should continue my writing passion with or without Mr. Barista’s sweet antics around.  Inside or outside Starbucks I will.  To go the other way…to focus on the good side.  To be calm but vigilant to every alarm of anger.   Or let’s simply put it Say NO to Anger.   Some good things never last, but God’s best do!

Written in my friendly comfort zone Starbucks Matalino St. 🙂

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