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Bitten by the love month or inspired by Lang Leav or just letting go of the mixed emotions on sending someone off on a Valentines eve I’m so happy to post this valentine poetry collection of mine.

This is my first post for 2016 and its back to basics, my first love. I’m so crazy thrilled that my passion is back.

Enjoyed pouring my heart here. ❤  More poetry from me soon. 🙂 Enjoy sighing. ^_^

Valentine Moon

Full moon on valentine’s day
It’s so damn romantic
like the feelings we have
shining even kept in the dark…

02142014 by Pinkyreg (written right under the full moon on a crazy valentine Friday traffic jam)

Question and Answer

I asked without expectation
Do i look good with koreans or japanese?
And candidly you replied
“You look pretty with both ”
At 2am I shouted and giggled like there’s no tomorrow.

You asked me where to blog
I answered its classic in wordpress
Yet that sincere question to an amateur me
is just the most classic gesture
to make me hug my pillow and pen a poem.

02172016 by Pinkyreg (random written while in transit in a window seat to a guy miles away)


Just Get Lost

Lost in silence
in my own comfort zone
Would the crowd be a found?

Lost in the city
Wanting to get lost in the wild
or just get lost in love.

Been lost in Seoul
I wanna be lost once more
to another place to find someone lost.

02192016 by Pinkyreg (written in silence of a Starbucks place)


Missed It

Have I really forgotten you?
Indeniably torn
Since I don’t want to
but time seems to answer YES
without me knowing how
I missed it…
and you.

02292016 by Pinkyreg (written in the Leap Year day of 2016)


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Pink and You

Why am I like this way when I’m beside you?
Is it because you stroke my hair
while saying I’m so pink
pinkier and pinkier everytime you see me
and it suits me well
that I looked so pretty young
or is it because you’re you? ❤

Written minutes past midnight on a dreamy 13th of Oct 2015

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I am secretly wishing you are mine

everytime we are side by side

and it hurts to see you smile

to all the other girls wishing on the same star… 😥

Originally written at 2 am 08 December 2014

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Why would you carry my bag
and hang it in your arms so sweetly
if you can’t carry my heart
and left my feelings hanging
over you…



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I Love March 31

Just today,
hours ago
in the middle of my keyboard and monday blues
someone uninvited popped…

He’s like from a not so long time ago
but the mere fact that I saw his name
I don’t know what to do nor what to say
but I guess he’s just on the right timing

“ang mga panahong wala akong ginawa
kundi magpakadalubhasa sa trabaho, pera at pag-ibig
ya lagare, pero sya ay nasa lahat ng aspeto na ito…”
those crazy days he reminded me of

Ewan pero sa hindi maipaliwanag na tadhana
he opened up to me this time of a chance…
of a chance of a dream come true
na malayong malayo sa nakaraan.

I guess hindi man kami ang nakatadhana
isa syang instrumento to say that dreams and prayers may come true
in a very different way you expected
And I must say he made me smile like a crazy fool in heaven full of kimchi ❤

I love March 31 or should I say I just love March
Today is the biggest coincidence
capping off my March full of goodvibes
as he is the least to say Annyeonghaseyo to me…forever, but he did! 🙂 ❤

Originally posted in my Facebook account ~~ March 31, 2014, 9:16PM


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Out of Nowhere

One gentleman popped
Those soft eyes and smile,
nicee voice over poetic words
just weakned my knees, again

I guess for so long
Someone would get my heart off
my favorite goodvibes and lucky charm
Its from the land of anime vs Korean-ish hunky
Wahhh ❤

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It’s already March but let me just post a  thing inspired by the crazy love month. 🙂

As with so many hopefuls and idealistic youngsters I’m always charmed and thrilled by that four-letter word.  But as much as I wanted to always be in a kdrama setting (and yes I believe I’ve been so many times) I’ve met a lot of false alarms in this journey of love.

Hahaha, oh well what a segway! This one is somewhat bitter, but I guess I still find something inspiring with the hidden story behind it…

One day in February, I had a…

One random Goodbye

I wake up like hell on this sunday that I dreaded
since it is the last day of a happy habit
An uninvited goodbye, he sat beside me today
a sundate like no other though its a finale

A serious talk over coffee made me fall all over again
this time without malice, beyond admiration
Thinking about it, we left without the usual goodbye
Because I know he will and still be a dear inspiration near or far.

I’m leaving an apt quote to end this on a sweeter note. Borrowing from a friend’s Facebook post (and I really have to say thank you to him) — “We feel happiness not when we achieve love but when we know there is a possibility of love. :3”

Cheesy but inspiring right? Love love love! ♥♥♥ 🙂

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Untitled Heart =)

I told myself it’s enough
you’re no longer here,
you’re out of my heart
But you appear to me again
Candid, perky, sweet
I missed this, you’re so bad
I know now, I’m just in denial.

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A Poem Draft

One tiring afternoon after a training from work I found myself going towards my happy place.  After some sip I grabbed my pen and notebook and words just flow like water.  A happy Thursday afternoon indeed. 🙂

This is just a draft I found in my files, just elated to share this to the blogging world. 🙂


In a crowded place
you just stand out
You barely know me
but treated me like your princess.

You’re a breath of fresh air,
a relief from stress,
joy in every day,
a thing I always wanted to come back to.

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