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A much awaited weekday off from work equals K-salon day for me.  Last Thursday finally I’m able to avail of the Ensogo Tony and Jackey Rebonding package I bought early this year.  And here’s the result, a very new me with bangs! Yey 🙂

Bangs is happiness :)

Bangs is happiness 🙂

And just when you thought that the good vibes ended here wait there’s more. As a loyalist of this korean salon since 2009 I decided to join their Share Your Story Part 2 contest.  All I have to do is write and blog about my salon experience. What for that I’m a blogger if I will let this chance to win great prizes?

And so here it is.  I drafted this blog at home and inside my happy place Starbucks Matalino but I posted it right there at the salon while they are busy prepping my new look.  🙂  That’s two happiness in an instant!  I really hope to win that Samsung Note 2 phone but if I won’t be that lucky the salon GCs is not bad after all.  Wahh! Read on guys, I’m excited on April 30 for the announcement of winners. Wish me luck guys! 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥

It was April of 2009 when I first entered the doors of the then new to my ears Korean salon Tony and Jackey. And this was before it was called Bang’s T & J.  My sister and I are Korean drama lovers and dreaming of going to Korea so when she heard of this salon we are so excited to try and experience what it’s like to be in a Seoul-setting beauty place. We went to the Makati branch and she tried the L’Oreal rebonding package while I tried the hair manicure treatment only since I’m afraid of having my hair rebonded.  But when I saw the results on my sister’s hair I know that I’ll be back for more. Plus I wanted to see that Korean star looking stylist who attended on my sister, hahaha.  And so I got my hair rebonded first at Toney and Jackey on October of 2009. The experience was so great that you forget the 5-hour+ hair treatment as you are surrounded with Koreans and k-pop music. 🙂

Since then I never go to any Salon even for minor hair treatments or haircut.  I just love the ambiance and all and the new me every time I’ll sit in front of their mirror.  Here’s my sister and I together with my favorite stylist Tei Park of Makati branch.  Too bad he flew back to Korea last 2011. I miss him and his perfect touch on my hair.

with my ever fav stylist Mr. Tei Park

with my ever fav stylist Mr. Tei Park

What I super love that I tried with Tony and Jackey the following year (April 2010) is their digiperm.  I’m excited and at the same time afraid of what it would look like on me.  I remember how Mr. Park and his assistants bet if the curls will show up on me…and it did! It was so lovely that my officemates can’t stop going back and forth at my workdesk to see if it’s really me.  I heart it so much and laugh my heart out as they tease me “Koreanang-koreana” (so very Korean-looking).  And even if I’m outdoors on the beach the curls are perfect, so worth it of the price I paid. Yes I spared 8K+ for it! 🙂

first timer on a digiperm setting machine: April 2010 :)

first timer on a digiperm setting machine: April 2010 🙂

summer curls

summer curls

beach perfect look

beach perfect look

All my friends are really saying that curls suit me more than sleek straight hair so I repeated the same style in 2012.  I’m glad that they are offering the package on promo rates in Ensogo so I get it at around 5k only. Yey, and did I tell you that curls gives that instant fab look when paired with little black dress.  So fit for watching a classic play like this.

curls = instant fab look at The Phantom of the Opera  night

curls = instant fab look at The Phantom of the Opera night

I guess I’m really a Tony and Jackey avid and loyal customer already.  With the growing Korean fashion here in the Philippines I can’t help it as it just doesn’t give me the perfect style and care for my hair…it’s also an instant stress reliever.  The last time I’m here is the most memorable and I think the most K-popish thing I did for my hair.  I have it colored!  Thanks to their 2013 Color-holic Festival that I get it at 2K only with hair treatment already.  Here’s my excited look during the procedure last Feb 4, 2013.

excited for my first ever hair color :)

excited for my first ever hair color 🙂

What made me decide to try this is my current hobby of attending k-pop events and concerts.  And my friends would know what and who exactly made me want this thing, ahahha!  I’m having second thoughts making it blonde, red or light brown but I guess I trust this salon so much that I let them touch my color-virgin hair, and tadahh!  The color is Dark Brown Blonde by Wella.  Here’s the finish product, with my stylist Angela of SM North The Block branch.

with Ms. Angela of SM North The Block

with Ms. Angela of SM North The Block

IMG_5073 IMG_5079

I know that the color is not that bold compared to my stylist but it did gave me a new look perfect for K-pop events. Photos below are taken from Kpop Cosplay Con3 last March.  I looked so Korean already! 🙂

at K-pop Cosplay Con 3 event

at K-pop Cosplay Con 3 event

IMG_5454 IMG_5479

Coming from a very sad weekend coming to this salon and having a new look makes me feel relieved and happy.  It’s really a girl’s best friend.  And contrary to the notion that the color fades as after sometime, the color does shows up and becomes lighter and visible as days pass by.  I heart it!

more vibrant hair color as days passed by

more vibrant hair color as days passed by

An extra funny experience on that day is that I discovered that my stylist is a fangirl too.  I am browsing on Facebook on my mobile phone when she screamed upon seeing phone charm with Jang Keun Seuk’s charming face hahaha.  And then we spazzed and talk about him all throughout.  So here’s one for you Ms. Angela.  With my curls and light brown hair color I can be in tandem with him as a Nature Republic image model, LOL!

@ Nature Republic with JKS poster :)

@ Nature Republic with JKS poster 🙂

May it be a sleek rebond, or a plain haircut and hair manicure, or a fab digiperm curls and colors I trust it only to Bang’s T & J salon through the years.  It’s more than k-pop.  It’s a genuine hair care that’s stylish.  So what’s next to try.  Hmm maybe a red color or light light blonde for my locks.  And just right now I’m inside Tony and Jackey salon again.  Saranghe and Kamsahamnida!  🙂

♥ ♥ ♥

Originally Published at Bang’s Tony and Jackey website link


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