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A Successful SOLD OUT Manila Block Screening For the Love of Ji Chang Wook♥

Korean crime-action film Fabricated City, starring famed actor Ji Chang Wook (Healer, The K2) opened in Philippine cinemas last June 7. This CJ Entertainment movie is a certified local box office hit in Korea with more than 2.5 million domestic admissions since its official release on February 9 of this year.

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 3

Fabricated City Official Movie Poster, credits to VIVA International Pictures FB page

The Philippines is one of the privileged to be included in the 31 countries outside of Korea where Fabricated City movie rights were sold. The film was screened exclusively at Robinsons Movieworld cinemas nationwide, distributed locally by VIVA International Pictures.

Filipino fans of its lead actor Ji Chang Wook were the ones most thrilled since the news of the movie hitting the Philippine big screen came. This excitement lead to a movie block screening being organized by the Manila based fan club Ji Chang Wook Philippines (JCW Ph).

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 2

Fabricated City Movie Block Screening in Manila Official Event Poster, credits to Ji Chang Wook Philippines FB page

JCW Ph on June 10 successfully held a SOLD OUT Block Screening of the film in partnership with VIVA International Pictures and Robinsons Movieworld. Around 200 fans with their friends and family attended the exclusive screening for those who have registered and paid in advance thru the fan club’s official Facebook page.

As a confessed fan bitten hard by Ji Chang Wook’s charm I am one of the early birds who signed-up for the event and excitedly dressed up to watch the action film with fellow JCW fanatics. 🙂

The block screening event was scheduled at two in the afternoon at Robinsons Movieworld Galleria Cinema 7 in Quezon City, Metro Manila. But as early as 12 noon a long line of excited Filipino fans can be seen outside the cinema in extreme anticipation of watching the movie; all happy faces despite the rain and heavy traffic on this day.  In fact, some walk-in attendees showed up even if it was already announced on a SOLD OUT seating capacity days prior. #ThePowerOfJiChangwook 🙂

(Photos from my cam and fellow attendees)

It’s More Fun Watching Fabricated City with Fellow Filipino Ji Chang Wook Fans!

The movie screening started a few minutes past 2PM. Before the movie proper some movie trailers were shown including two Korean films next in line to premiere in the Philippine big screen, also to be distributed by VIVA International Pictures: First is the 2017 action blockbuster film Confidential Assignment starring Hyun Bin (Secret Garden, My Name is Kim Sam Soon) and the other one is the most awaited comeback of the hallyu star and Descendants of The Sun lead actor Song Joong Ki, The Battleship Island. These teasers definitely tickle more excitement from the Filipino audience.

As soon as Ji Chang Wook’s voice aired and his close up battle face registered on the big screen loud screams automatically filled the cinema, as if the actor is present right there and then. Oh well it’s every attendee’s wish of course. ~~

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 11

Fabricated City movie teaser photo, credits to VIVA International Pictures FB page

Beyond being die-hard fans of the movie’s lead actor, the Pinoy movie audience’s great response during and after the movie lies in the overall execution of the film.  Fabricated City boasts of a very intelligent plot as well as twists, like can those happen in real life? The battle of the expert gamer team vs. the technological savvy villain towards the end surely left every moviegoer with a Wow experience.

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 14

photo credits to Fabricated City FB page

Fabricated City showcased Ji Chang Wook at this best as the ‘King of Action’ not only in dramas but now conquering the movie scene as well, as proved by his Best New Actor in Film category nomination at the recent Baeksang Arts Awards. Quoting hellokpop’s review: “He is strong in fight scenes yet memorable in emotional frames” as the movie narrated the main character Kwon Yoo’s (played by Ji) revenge to the cruel injustice of being framed-up.

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 15

Fabricated City movie teaser photo, credits to VIVA International Pictures FB page

Ji’s first lead role film is truly worth the SOLD out efforts of the Philippine fan club who organized the block screening.  Ji Chang Wook deserves to be watched on the big screen. ♥ ♥ ♥

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 4

Ji Chang Wook Philippines Fabricated City Block Screening in Manila Group Photo (Photo credits: VIVA International Pictures/JCW Ph, editing by Christine Joy Eugenio)

The After –Movie Screening Fun: Photo Ops and More Photo Ops

Every fan club event doesn’t end with the main activity. The group photos and say it all, along with everyone’s craziness over the Instagram-framed Photo Zone inspired by Ji Chang Wook’s ig selfie post. ^_^

The sold out movie screening memories sealed in these photos forever. It was really more fun watching Fabricated City on the big screen with fellow Filipino Ji Chang Wook fans. ♥ ♥ ♥

(Photos inside the cinema and distribution of JCW-inspired locally made items as event souvenir)

(All Happy Faces captured in group photos, credits to JCW Ph FB page and fellow attendees)

In lieu of Ji’s presence, we Filipino fans had this one to fancy and dream of, Oh Mr. Noh, hahaha. 🙂

(Crazy fangirls over Ji ChangWook Instagram-framed Photo Zone, photo credits JCW PH FB Page ♥)

Thank you so much Ji Chang Wook Philippines for hosting this Fabricated City Movie Block Screening for us Filipino fans. Congratulations for a successful one! JCW Ph is continuously active this 2017 hosting fan club related events. They already had two fan gatherings held in January and April this year.

Read here to know what happened on its 1st Fan Gathering: Ji Chang Wook Philippines Fan Club Hosted 1st Fan Gathering in Manila

JCW Ph’s next scheduled event is ‘Ji Chang Wook’s Birthday Bash For A Cause’, an outreach activity happening this July 9 as a way of celebrating the actor’s 30th Birthday. They will be giving school supplies and food to chosen kids at Bagong Pook, Cavite City.

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 10

‘Ji Chang Wook’s Birthday Bash For A Cause’ Outreach Activity Poster by Ji Chang Wook Philippines

For more details of this birthday bash for a cause, including how to help on donations as well as JCW related news and the fan club’s activities, like and follow them on Facebook and twitter accounts below:

FB Page: Ji Chang Wook Philippines
Twitter: @JCWPhilippines

And on behalf of JCW Ph admins and all the attendees of this block screening event we would like to give a big thank you to VIVA International Pictures for bringing in Fabricated City in the Philippines.  We can never thank you enough for this.  For their next Korean film offerings in the Philippines as well as other international releases Like and Follow them on Facebook and twitter.

FB Page: VIVA International Pictures
Twitter: @VIVA_Intl

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening end photo

photo credits to Fabricated City FB page

As mentioned its two next big k-movies are Confidential Assignment (currently showing since June 28) and The Battleship Island (date yet to be announced).



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A Mini Fan Gathering to Remember!

Korean actor Ji Chang Wook (well known for Korean dramas Healer and The K2), recently kicked off his 2017 Asia Tour with 2017 JCW 1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok last Jan 21. The day after his successful Thailand fan meeting, fans of Ji from the Philippines gathered to celebrate and share their love for the handsome Korean star.

Ji Chang Wook Philipines (JCW Ph), a Philippine fan club of Ji Chang Wook based in Manila organized and held its first fan gathering dubbed as “Ji Chang Wook Ph 1st Fan Gathering in Manila” on January 22 at Ulkeun Korean BBQ House, Malate Manila. As a confessed fan of him since last year (oh yes I’m a late bloomer fan), I can’t miss this event though I live far from the venue.


JCW PH 1st Fan Gathering in Manila poster

The event started with some opening remarks from the head admins of the fan club gathering. It was followed by a “getting to know” segment where each of the attendees introduced themselves and mentioned when/how they started to know and love Ji Chang Wook. Mostly became fans from watching Healer and The K2 series (much like me) but some were hooked even beyond Empress Ki period drama days.


Games, Photo ops and more!

The fun and excitement continued as JCW-related games and raffle were played. Everyone actively participated in the trivia game as well as the popular Filipino quiz ‘Pinoy Henyo’, where in a pair of participants team up to guess the word that is flashed on the forehead of one of them by saying/asking clues answerable by Yes or No. The words are of course related to Mr. Ji such as title of dramas he did as well as the characters he portrayed.  JCW-inspired locally made items like posters and mini standees were given as prizes.

While our Kim Je Ha is back to Korea from Thailand at the time of this event, his life size standee made every attendee fan kilig as if the manly handsome actor is just right in front of us. See below happy faces as each made their way to pose with ‘him’. ♥♥♥


Early dinner was served while each table ‘spazzed’ over the recent activities of the suave good-looking actor, mostly about his Thailand FM.


Ji Chang Wook Ph 1st Fan Gathering in Manila – Dinner time

Since the announcement of 2017 Ji Chang Wook Asia Tour last December through Arirang World Facebook page, every Filipino fan can’t help but wish Philippines would be included. The hype that there’s a possibility of Manila being one of the stops in Ji’s Asia Tour started on that very same post when Arirang tagged the facebook page of Ji Chang Wook Philippines along with other countries’ fan club pages.

Our wishing game is further strengthened when local TV network ABS-CBN got the rights to air his latest action drama series The K2 in Philippine television.  The buzz that Philippines has also bought the rights (or is in talks) to his box office hit and first leading role film Fabricated City to be shown here adds more excitement and positive hopes to us Filipinos that we will be seeing Wookie in flesh before he enlist and fulfill his military duties. ♥♥♥

The fan gathering lasted for about 3 hours.  Each attendee got to take home a loot bag of souvenirs items from the event (locally made button pins, wallet-size photos, etc.) sealed with photo booth photos.

Check this out for the complete set of pictures from the photo booth:
Photobooth Pics – Ji Chang Wook Ph 1st Fan Gathering

Yours truly didn’t go home without some take away fangirling memories. ^_^

And but of course the day won’t be complete without group photo ops. ♥♥♥


Ji Chang Wook Philippines 1st Fan Gathering in Manila Group Photo (photo credits to Regine Daplas)


Ji Chang Wook Philippines 1st Fan Gathering in Manila Group Photo (photo credits to Regine Daplas)

We here in the Philippines are patiently waiting for our chance to see our Healer, bodyguard and favorite action-drama actor like what the lucky Thai fans experienced for the first time. ♥♥♥


Ji Chang Wook with his Thai fans at JCW 1st Fan Meeting in Bangkok (credits: Feoh Thai Facebook)

For the mean time it’s a sure thing that we will support Ji through his projects that will soon be shown here and any new drama or film lined up for him. Aja and keeping our fingers crossed!  ♥♥♥

Thank you so much Ji Chang Wook Philippines for hosting this 1st Fan Gathering in Manila.

To those who have missed this event, JCW Ph is planning to hold a bigger one this April. Like and follow them on Facebook and twitter below for updates on this and recent JCW news:

FB Page: Ji Chang Wook Philippines
Twitter: @JCWPhilippines

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Young actress Sue Ramirez made her appearance at the Travel Tour Expo 2017 on February 11, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Manila. This is her first public guesting as the new Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), a government agency dedicated to tourism promotion of the Republic of Korea, since she was appointed last Dec 2016.

Read more here: Sue Ramirez appointed as New Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism


Sue Ramirez as Honorary Ambassador for Korea Tourism (photo from KTO Manila)

Sue invited everyone to visit the different booths at the Korea Tourism Pavilion at the travel expo and also to book a trip to Korea. The lovely Korea Tourism ambassador also performed onstage and sang “You Are My Everything” (Gummy), one of the songs in the official soundtrack of the mega hit 2016 Korean Drama Descendants of the Sun.


Sue Ramirez performing at the Travel Tour Expo 2017 main stage (photo from KTO Manila)

Ms. Ramirez then went straight to the Korea Tourism Pavilion and held a meet-and-greet session where around 50-100 fans and attendees at the travel expo got their chance to have some photo ops and signature from the actress.

Sue is one of the celebrity guests invited by Korea Tourism Organization Manila (KTO Manila) to help promote Korea on the  3-day annual travel expo. Comedian and TV host Ryan Bang and I Love OPM Grand Touristar Yohan Hwang were the other guests who appeared at the expo.


Sue Ramirez and the crowd at her Meet and Greet session (photo from KTO Manila)

Mr. Inshik Park, Director of KTO Manila expressed his delight at the appointment of Ms. Ramirez as their honorary ambassador.  According to Mr. Park, Sue is the right choice as the she is very interested in Korean culture and as a rising star in Philippine showbiz with a million of followers in her social media accounts she has a great reach to promote Korea.


Sue Ramirez with KTO Manila Director Mr. Park (3rd from left) and staff (photo from KTO Manila)


Sue Ramirez with KTO Manila Director Mr. Inshik Park at her appopintment as Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism (photo from KTO Manila)

I was able to line up at the meet and greet and finally met her face to face.  As a fan of her, a lover of everything Korean and a KTO Manila WOW Korea Supporter (tasked to promote Korea tourism in social media) back in 2013, I am so happy to have this chance and felt like we are alike in so many ways. ♥♥♥

More photos here from my camera:

As of writing Sue is now in Seoul South Korea for her first ever trip in the enchanting Korean drama land as posted in her official Instagram account (@sueannadoodles) and at KTO Manila Facebook page.


Feb 15, 2017 ig post of Sue Ramirez captioned #SueLovesKorea (@sueannadoodles)


Sue Ramirez in Seoul (source: KTO Manila facebook page)

For Sue Ramirez’s travel in Korea  follow her on social media at her official accounts below: 

Instagram: @sueannadoodles
Twitter: @sueanna_dodd
Official FB Page: Sue Ramirez Facebook Page

Also kindly visit and like Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office Facebook page or follow them on twitter @KTOManila for more of Korea travel and tourism information as well as Sue’s activities as Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism.


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The much awaited annual Starbucks Christmas tradition in the Philippines has already started this November 2 but I’ve got the chance to experience it days earlier. Last Oct 29, 2016 my Starbucks addict self excitedly dressed up to attend the 2016 Starbucks Christmas Grand Launch at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-la Plaza Mall.


The launch event was held for two days, Oct 29 and 30 free of charge to the public. Attendees just have to show a screenshot of their My Starbucks Rewards account page to enter and be given a Cheer Passport.


I have no idea of what’s in store for me there aside from seeing first hand and having a chance of winning the 2017 planners but since Starbucks equates to Goodvibes for me I immediately ticked “Going” at the official FB event page and saved the log-in screenshot before heading there.

I was not able to enter last year’s launch since I came in too late from work and the program is about to end. So literally it’s my first time. In my excitement I accidentally erased the photo while lining up hahaha, and so i went to a wifi ready place just to resave, lol. 😛


As I line up again that was the time I noticed a lot of booths and baristas were all around the venue, hmmmm…I smell something thrilling fun right there and then.

When the Cheer Passport and Starbucks Promo card were given to me the barista in the registration booth explained that I need to complete a total of 5 stamps by doing the activities/challenges in each of the 5 Cheer Stations inside to get a Special Gift. Ok, lets do this. And so I entered and to my surprise this greeted me: Cheer Station 1 – Christmas Selfie Challenge. I picked from a bowl of paper slips what I needed to do and tada, the challenge for me is “Take a selfie with a Starbucks Barista” and upload it on your social media account.

Hihihi, OMG, Kilig much, Im game!

(I said while smiling ear to ear, hahaha) ♡♥♡


The kilig turned into a different kind of cloud nine. It feels overwhelmingly heaven seeing everything Starbucks and Christmas and baristas so I decided to save the best for last and just go on the next 4 Cheer Stations before scoring that “selfie“.

Oh well the real reason is that I just wanted to look around for the most charming one and find the guts too. It’s harder in real life than what my imagination depicted, hahaha. 😛

Let’s get it on with the next Cheer Stations’ activities. Cheer Station 2 is the “Sips of Cheer” where you are asked to try on the new Christmas beverage Santa Hat Dark Mocha Frappuccino. Isn’t it so great, a free taste and you got a stamp.



This new beverage is the perfect Christmas frappe for me. Its bittersweet mix of Dark mocha, strawberry and java chips is just right and the coffee is not too strong yet it can perk you up. Finally my acidic stomach found a match and I can complete the right side of the planner promo card faster. Thank you Starbucks for this. ♡♥♡


Cheer Station 3: Flavors of Christmas is some kind of a memory game wherein you need to get 2 matches by flipping the cards of Starbucks flavors. I didn’t get a match here yet there is a prize item win or loose and a stamp of course for trying.



Cheer Station 4: Celebrate our Beloved Christmas Blend is a free taste station that comes with a lecture from the charming baristas of the choiced Christmas blend beans and how the normal brew and “siphoning” produces different levels of taste and coffee aroma. Yes I can be a Starbucks barista now hahaha. 😛



The last is probably the hardest for me. Cheer Station 5: Crafted by Hand and Heart needs the artist in you by designing a blank Starbucks Christmas greeting card.

I have no sense of the visual arts and its my hatest subject in school yet I have no choice but to draw and play with the gliterry and metallic pens/markers provided. Here are some of the finished product of others, nevermind mine hahaha.


So where is the Starbucks Barista selfie? Ok here it is, I can’t do it with the one I find the most charming but definitely it was one kilig flattering moment hihi. ♡♥♡


Lol! Its not just a selfie right. Caption it for yourselves hahaha. They even let me be a barista for a day in the next photo. ☆♡★


Before claiming the gift item its now time to get a first hand look at the colorful 2017 Starbucks Planner designs.


This year it comes in two hip and classy designs: the Blue Siren and Coffee Stains and it comes with an erasable pen, magnetic bookmark and a pouch to keep it neat. Nicee right! ★☆★


The Christmas tumblers are so eyecandy too as well as the new Starbucks card designs. Cant resist to touch and took photos.




I really did enjoy the event. So much goodvibes all around. ♡♥♡


Here are some more photos of the crowd and inside the event.






Here’s my completed Cheer Passport and my take home items and happy heart inside ♡★♡



Here’s one more takeaway~ I didn’t get a selfie but at least a photo with the most charming barista of the day (left), hahahaha. ♥♡♥


Thank you so much and Congratulations Starbucks Philippines for a very creative, interactive and enjoyable launch full of Starbucks Christmas spirit and goodvibes. Will forever be a Starbucks baby.

Even if I was not able to wait for the planner raffle draw it’s all worth it that I came here. Indeed an event worth blogging. ★☆★

Pinkyreg ♡♥♡


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Calling all k-pop and k-drama lovers in the Philippines, who wants an event featuring everything about Korean Wave with FREE admission?  Well before you even wish it has already come true. 😉 Filipino fans of Korean entertainment will have a full-day feast on all things about Korean wave or “Hallyu” as the Philippine K-pop Convention, Inc. (PKCI), in partnership with the Korean Cultural Center (KCC), and supported by the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE), brings you “Happy Hallyu Day” on July 23, 2016 at Skydome, SM City North EDSA.

Happy Hallyu Day Event Poster

Official Event poster from PKCI and KCCPh

Various Korean-related activities from k-pop, k-drama, and travel to Korea and even on k-beauty and fashion await every attendee.  Get to enjoy being a fangirl/fanboy on activity booths from K-pop fan clubs and brands. Famous Korean cosmetic brands like Missha will have make-up demonstrations where guests can know how to achieve the same look as their favorite K-pop artists. Fans can also take their photos with life-size standees of various Korean artists. I do hope there will be a Song Joongki standee to selfie galore with (wink wink, let’s wish upon the stars in Uruk, hahaha). 🙂

See live performances from k-pop cover dance groups and singers as well as Traditional Korean cultural performances from KCC Ph’s in-house performance teams.  Guests can also take advantage of free seminars and workshops and learn how to dress, look and travel k-pop style. For K-pop fans who are travelling to Korea for the first time, a seminar on Traveling to Korea will be conducted by Sparkling Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Ms. Gigi Yia. If you missed her talk last May sponsored by KTO Manila then this is your chance now. A short talk and workshop on Korean style and K-pop-inspired fashion will be held by fashion stylist and Editor RJ Roque. I am so excited on both of these talks.

Attendees will have a chance to win exciting prizes too by joining raffle draws. And last but definitely not the least, there will be a Korean Drama quiz contest to anticipate and join.  Better do a refresh and review of your favorite k-drama facts before going to the event. 😉

Are you getting excited? Here’s one more: Admission is FREE! Surely every attendee would have a blast. “Happy Hallyu Day” is a special project funded by the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) and is part of KCC’s 5th anniversary celebration. KCC in the Philippines was established on July 19, 2011 to further promote the Korean culture and facilitate a wider and more expansive cultural exchange.  Let’s thank KOFICE, KCCPh and PKCI for this FREE event and wish KCCPh a very Happy 5th Anniversary!

More details and announcements as well as instructions on how to get passes are to be announces soon. Please keep posted on Philippine K-pop Convention, Inc. (PKCI) FB page at www.facebook.com/philkpopcomm or follow them on Instagram and twitter at @kpopconph. Mark your calendars and see you all k-fangirls on July 23 at SM Skydome from 10AM – 5PM and let’s celebrate Hallyu! ❤

The event is followed by KCC’s annual K-Pop talent competition, “Pinoy K-Pop Star at 6-9pm. 

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A lot of k-pop concerts have been staged in Manila for the last 2 years and this summer of 2015 alone back-to-back concerts are lined up from Super Junior to Girls Generation to Epik High to Vixx among others.  But there’s just one that sets itself apart from the busy k-pop scene here in the Philippines and the one I’m really looking forward to.  The Korean drama OST Queen Baek Ji Young is coming to Manila and set to serenade us for the very first time.  This will be a one-night only concert entitled Baek Z Young CLOSE UP 2015 to be held on April 15, 2015 – 8:30PM at the 1,500-seater Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World Manila. The voice behind a lot of memorable k-dramas (Secret Garden, Iris, Hwang Jini, Rooftop Prince, The Greatest Love, and Gu Family Book among others) will not just be heard but soon will be seen performing live onstage. Its just music to the ears of every korean drama fan.

According to her agency Music Works Baek Ji Young will bring to stage not just her ballad songs but also her dance hits from which she has started. Upon reading this info I traced a lil’ bit of her career history: Baek Ji Young started her career back in 1999 with her first album Sorrow.  She was first known in the Korean dance scene through her first single Choice a Korean pop song with Latin beats (one of the first of its kind) before she made her way to being a Korean ballad queen.  She even did collaboration tracks with 2PM’s Taecyeon (My Ear Candy) and Beast’s Jun Hyung (Good Boy). If I haven’t googled and read I would not know these interesting facts. 🙂

Since the concert is just days to go let’s imagine what the feel of the both soulful and dancy evening it will be.  Baek Ji Young participated in various korean dramas soundtrack, most of which are hits including Dont Forget for Iris, Spring Rain for Gu Family Book, After A Long Time for Rooftop Prince and the most famous to date That Woman from Secret Garden which won her Outstanding Korean Drama OST at the 2011 Seoul International Drama Awards.  I’m really anticipating this korean drama stage like below videos of her of That Woman Live performance at 2012 Seoul Music Awards and the Rooftop Prince OST MV with the memorable scenes. ❤

That Woman – OST Secret Garden

After A long Time – OST Rooftop Prince

One of the most anticipated part of the concert is that Baek Ji Young will do a live performance for the very first time of Because of You, OST of the just concluded Hyde, Jekyll, Me, the comeback drama of Hyun Bin.  This song became an immediate hit right after its first release late in January this year and charted very well in various music charts.  We are sooo lucky to be the first to hear this live. OMG, a fan of this song and drama here, hihihi ❤ How can one not love this so sentimental song that made Hyde, Jekyll, Me hit us right in the heart.  See below fanmade music video.

Because of You – OST Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Baek Ji Young is also expected to sing these two ballad hits of her that made her popular: Like Being Hit by a Bullet (2008) a mid-tempo ballad and I wont Love (2006) which is her very first ballad song coming from her dance with latin beats genre.

Like Being Hit by a Bullet

I Wont Love

As mentioned Baek will also perform her dance hits particularly the collab songs with popular kpop idols Taecyeon (My Ear Candy) and Jun Hyung (Good Boy).  Though the good looking idols wont be with her onstage she is expected to deliver a wow performance with her dancers to show her versatility as a singer. See below music videos of the said dancy techno songs for a preview. 😉

My Ear Candy feat Taecyeon of 2PM

Good Boy feat. Yong Jun Hyung of Beast

As much as Korean drama and Ms. Baek Ji Young’s Filipino fans were so excited for her first concert here, she herself is so eager to meet us Filipinos. OMG it’s just a few days to go and if you still haven’t secured a ticket you can buy from any Tony and Jackey Salon nationwide.  See this link for info.  You may also contact Ms. Han for ticket and seat inquiry at +63-977-181-1738 or email her at miraaan.han@gmail.com.  You may also like the concert’s official facebook page Baek Ji Young Close Up 2015 for more updates  and details.  Ticket prices are as follows: Patron-Php 6950, VIP-Php 5600, Pemiere A-Php 4600, Balcony C-Php 3500 and Balcony W-Php 2500.
Filipino students of Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) gets a buy one get one extra ticket promo privelege so go grab it.  See this post from KCC’s  Facebook page. 🙂

Its such a different kind of experience every korean drama fan should not miss.  I’m dreaming of a media pass now, Aja! See you Baek Ji Young for whatever it takes. ❤

Baek Ji Young wikipedia
Manila Bulletin
Kpopstarz Singapore
Baek Ji Young Close Up 2015 Facebook Page (photo credits to this page)
Youtube videos full credit to owners.

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After the successful 5th Annual Kpop and Culture Fest (KFEST5) hallyu gathering that brought the k-pop boy band M.Pire to Manila, KFest Manila Events Management is set for another big thing it has never done before.  This October they are bringing in one of the biggest and popular Korean boy group U-Kiss in this year’s biggest k-pop event in the Philippines dubbed as KNATION Music Show Case 2014: U-Kiss Live in Manila. This exciting k-event is set to happen on October 5, 2014, 6pm at Halls 3 and 4 of the SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia.

To the delight of Filipino k-pop fans the U-Kiss boys won’t be performing solo. They will be joined in by no less than 4 popular names in the k-pop industry as the showcase will also be featuring performances from M.Pire (yes they are coming back), 4L, Bigstar and Winners Crew.

KNATION Music Showcase 2014

Check these videos out and feel the excitement as the handsome boys of U-Kiss, M.Pire and Bigstar with the sexy ladies of 4L invite you to join them on October 5.

U-KISS: Fall in love more with the English skills of Eli and Kevin, wahh!

ukiss knation blog

M.PIRE: Lumin’s ‘Mahal ko kayo” is so epic cutie!

mpire knation blog

BIGSTAR: Let’s do watch out what these cute boys can offer…

bigstar knation blog

The sexy ladies of 4L: Are you ready fanboys? hahaha…

4L knation blog

So did those “See you in Knation Manila” give you so much feels? 🙂 Don’t miss this biggest event Kpop and Culture Fest team with BNT News Philippines has ever put up to date.  Tickets are available at SM Tickets and prices are as follows: VVIP – 3,999, VIP – 2,999, CLASS A – 1,499 and GEN AD – 599.  For more details kindly visit Kpop and Culture Fest or  BNT News Philippines Facebook pages or check out their promotional video below.  See you on Oct 5.  Hwaiting! ^_^

<credits to Kpop and Culture Fest for the poster and videos>

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Who doesn’t love and miss the most handsome alien on Earth “Do Min Joon” of My Love From The Star? To the delight of Kim Soo Hyun Filipino fans, TheFaceShop Philippines put up a Kim Soo Hyun Shrine at the recently held Hallyu festival The 5th Annual K-Pop and Culture Fest or KFEST5 event last July 20, 2014. As one of the event presentors , TheFaceshop Ph displayed an enchanting exhibit of posters, standees and pictures of the lovable Kim Soo Hyun inside the SM Megatrade Hall event venue.  Upon entering the event, aside from the KFEST5’s major poster for photo ops this is what would catch your eyes first.   I really wonder if there is a single girl attendee who doesn’t pose for a selfie or took photos with this Alien shrine.  With the irresistible charm of Do Min Joon, it’s really a feast for your eyes and heart, hihihi. ❤

Here are the various pictures I took from the Kim Soo Hyun shrine exhibit, all angles captured hahaha. Enjoy! ❤

Kim Soo Hyun shrine with the Kfest5 crowd behind <3

Kim Soo Hyun shrine with the Kfest5 crowd behind ❤

Kim Soo Hyun faces feast  <3 <3 <3

Kim Soo Hyun faces feast ❤ ❤ ❤


Of course I wouldn’t miss to pose with Do Min Joon as well (not just once, not twice, not thrice hahaha) and crazily hang out there with my friends LOLz! ^_^

20140720_211728 20140720_113615 Camera 360

Feels like Cheon Songyi ^_^

Feels like Cheon Songyi ^_^

with the alien fangirls hahaha <3

with the alien fangirls hahaha ❤

Kim Soo Hyun Philippines, a Philippine fanclub of Kim Soo Hyun was of course present (credit to owner of the group photo from en.korea.com).

Kim Soo Hyun Philippines 10393938_762793700425448_1910656217427337385_n

More of Kim Soo Hyun means more fun.  Aside from this exhibit, there is one part, and I guess one of the most awaited stage segment of KFEST5 which is so close to the heart of the beloved alien fangirls. A My Love from the Star K-Drama Koreenactment segment was staged and is brought to us with the help of  GMA Asianovelas: The Heart of Asia, the local channel who aired the viral Korean drama in Philippine television. From the term itself, three fangirls were selected and asked to re-enact a popular scene in My Love From The Star with cutie k-pop cosplayers posing as Kim Soo Hyun. Here is a snapshot of this segment which garnered a lot of screams from the audience.  A video of the winning contestant is also here re-enacting the First Kiss scene.  Just don’t mind the loud screams that comes with the video, the crowd is just cheering hard as the girl portrayed it so like Cheon Song-Yi that made the guy playing as “Do Min Joon” really startled, hahaha.

My Love From The Star Koreenactment

My Love From The Star Koreenactment segment

My Love From The Star Koreenactment segment

This is a one truly Alien overload day, and a big thank you, Kamsahamnida to Kpop and Culture Fest Events Management, The FaceShop Philippines and GMA Asianovelas.

It has been 5 months since the viral Kdrama My Love From The Star ended in Korea, and a month since the Finale episode aired in the Philippines via GMA Asianovelas  but the charm of the one and only alien of Korean dramas all over Asia especially the Philippines is still overflowing.  We sincerely hope and pray that Kim Soo Hyun will visit Manila too, even for an hour or two if he can’t teleport long enough due to his busy schedules and CF filming, hahaha. Hwaiting! ❤

My Love From The Star Finale Scene (credits to My Love From The Star GMA FB page)

My Love From The Star Finale Scene (credits to My Love From The Star GMA FB page)

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Starting the month of March right with a thing close to my heart : last March 1, 2014 another gem and good news to K-pop and Korean drama enthusiasts came to Philippines.  littlemisshoo’s  Oppa! Take Me to Korea!  book was launched at National Book Store Glorietta1.  This is littlemisshoo’s second book on finding your way to Hallyu hotspots in Korea following the success of her first book Travel to Korea in Kpop and Kdrama Syle  in the same genre (Hallyu or Korean Wave defined as the ever increasing popularity of Korean culture mostly through Korean pop music and dramas).  The book was out since Jan of this year through pre-order online and in Singapore and book launches followed in Malaysia and Philippines among others.

Oppa! Take Me to Korea! book copies at the launch

Oppa! Take Me to Korea! book copies at the launch

littlemisshoo giving her welcome speech at the book launch

littlemisshoo giving her welcome speech at the book launch

For those who are not familiar with littlemisshoo here’s a little background on her as taken from the book and her blog littlemisshoo.com.  Miss Hoo is born in Singapore and has a degree in Computer and Information Systems from University of London.  She has been a Korean drama and k-pop fan since 2002, who have fallen deeply in love with Korean culture.  She learned Korean language through private tuition and self-learning and even attended a three-week Korean language course in Yonsei University in 2011.  She has been running her own blog prior to writing the first book sharing whatever she know of Korean dramas and k-pop locations providing locations information and photos to help fellow fans through her travels to Korea…and this love led her to finally writing and publishing the first and now the second travel guide books to Korea lovers.  — Now I know why I instantly loved her, I can relate to her love for Korean culture, so very me isn’t it (and I know a lot can relate too) . 🙂 ^^

littlemisshoo with her books at NBS Glorietta 1

littlemisshoo with her books at NBS Glorietta 1 (cr to National Bookstore facebook page)

Now on with the book launch proper.  It’s an afternoon filled with excitement as the author shared the book features in a “Korea Travel Workshop” session.  Miss Hoo engaged us more as she tells her Korea travel stories in making this book possible.  We really love her job, who would not? If only I can apply as an assistant writer or the likes of a personal assistant hahaha. 😛

Korea Travel Workshop

Korea Travel Workshop

Korea Travel Workshop

Her first book, true to its title Travel to Korea in Kpop and Kdrama Syle focused on K-pop idols café and restaurant shops and famous Kdrama filming locations.  Her second book Oppa! Take Me to Korea! continued this fashion with a whole new set of kdrama and kpop places and this time the book is much more colourful and double the number of pages of the first one, so that’s double the fun.  The directions are also much more detailed hence easier to follow.

littlemisshoo's masterpieces <3

littlemisshoo’s masterpieces ❤

During the “Korea travel Workshop” she showed some of the featured Korean drama and kpop locations in the book.  Of course cafes are just the top of mind filming locations of Korean dramas hence this café street in Gyeonggi-do landed the pages of Oppa! Take Me to Korea! Wonder what were the Korean dramas filmed here?  Just scroll down. 🙂 (photos from littlemisshoo’s slides as shown in the workshop)

Coffee KingLA PLACEI'm HomeCoffee King

page 84-85 of Oppa! Ttake Me to Korea! <3

page 84-85 of Oppa! Ttake Me to Korea! ❤

korean dramaKorean drama (I'm Home)

Korean Drama - clip screencap from My Love from Another star

Korean Drama – clip screencap from My Love from Another star

Yes the just concluded viral alien-human love story korean drama Man From Another Star and I Need Romance 2012 were filmed here.  What a way to open the travel workshop hihihi.  Just a disclaimer though that as of writing of the book the epic Man From Another Star drama is not yet aired (or at most still airing) so it is not really part of the book but coincidentally I’m Home café is part of this café street featured in pages 84-85 so might as well littlemisshoo pointed it out during the book launch.  You are so keen Miss Hoo.  And due to various request of her blog readers she recently posted on her blogsite a feature on Hakrim Coffee – one drama filming location of Man From Another Star.  Check this link for her blogpost.

The very popular dramas of 2013 That Winter the Wind Blows (Café Illuso on the finale episode) and The Master’s Sun (Enter 6 Shopping Mall, with that famous fountain^^) are among the other Korean dramas featured in the book.  These two and a lot more….

Cafe Illuso (That Winter the Wind Blows)

Cafe Illuso (That Winter the Wind Blows)

Enter 6 Shopping Mall (The Master's Sun)

Enter 6 Shopping Mall (The Master’s Sun)

For K-Pop I know a lot will be interested in this “We Got Married Village” and but of course the very close to my heart Coffee Cojjee co-owned by Kim Jaejoong of JYJ (wahhh my SEOULmate hahaha). There are just news/rumors that he already let go of the shares on this café with the opening of his own Café JHolic, but nevertheless I would still want to go here. ❤

We Got Married Village

We Got Married Village

Coffee Cojjee (Kim Jaejoong)

Coffee Cojjee (Kim Jaejoong)

Aside from these, what makes this book different from the first one is the addition of two other popular city and island in South Korea aside from Seoul.  Oppa! Take Me to Korea! offers around 100 pages feature on the 3rd largest city in SK : Daegu City and the infamous honeymoon place of Jeju Island.

Jeju Island is probably most popular island outside Seoul but Daegu  is I think not so heard of.  I have encountered of Daegu City probably by watching Korean dramas but I was not really aware that it is as awesome as Seoul until littlemisshoo gave us an overview of what is Daegu as featured in the book.

Daegu Intro 1

Daegu City (slides from the book launch)

Daegu City (slides from the book launch)

Being the 3rd largest City in Korea Daegu boasts of not just nature, but also hallyu and yes SHOPPING!  Miss Hoo mentioned that it is around 30% cheaper (if I remember it correctly) there compared to Seoul.  It’s like a “cheaper” version of “Myeongdong fashion and shopping district”.

Daegu Shopping street

Daegu Shopping street

Not only that, my memory is correct that I have heard Daegu in korean dramas as one of the popular drama Love Rain or Sarang Bi was filmed here.  The book featured a lot of “Love Rain in Daegu” (See below photos of slides presented at the launch).  OMO, Jang Keun Suk, I envy Miss Hoo as she have been there and took photos  ❤

IMG_0471 IMG_0472 IMG_0473 IMG_0475 IMG_0476 IMG_0477

Hallyu in Daegu features Love Rain kdrama of Jang Keun Suk <3

Hallyu in Daegu features Love Rain kdrama of Jang Keun Suk ❤

An “almost everything on Jeju” part of the book featured Jeju Island’s nature and adventure apart from the “Love” island’s romantic spots as littlemisshoo called it “Fantastic 8 Days in Jeju”.  This part even presented a “Rent a car” option as well as this Hello Kitty island for the kids at heart. Really fantastic, as this is my ultimate dream place to go in Korea…someday soon hihihi. ❤

CameraZOOM-20140412231001277 20140301_164319 IMG_0491 IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0506

After around an hour of travel talk what else can we say but, Aw, we want more!  Really I’m eager to know more about what’s in the book but I guess I’m just excited to flip the pages of Oppa! Take Me to Korea! for my next Korea trip (Wahh I hope to book this year).  I remember how useful Travel to Korea in Kpop and Kdrama Style is for us when we were in Seoul October of 2013.  We were able to navigate must see shops in Myeongdong as well as last minute decision to go to the Caffe Bene branch where most of the korean dramas were filmed.  Imagine it was already around 9pm but thanks to the magic travel guide book that we found the famous cafe so easily.  Happy like a kid me to have taken photo with the signed mugs of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won: the Secret drama couple.  Littlemisshoo’s book is so handy and user-friendly to a k-fangirl wandering in Seoul.  Surely Oppa! Take Me to Korea! will do more.

Caffe Bene page from Travel to Korea in K-pop and Kdrama Style <3

Caffe Bene page from Travel to Korea in K-pop and Kdrama Style ❤

holding signed mugs of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji won of Secret Garden hihihi <3

holding signed mugs of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji won of Secret Garden hihihi ❤

at Caffe Bene Deonseo-dong branch in Seoul

at Caffe Bene Deonseo-dong branch in Seoul

with Caffe Bene souvenir kdrama photos

with Caffe Bene souvenir kdrama photos

I would really want to thank Miss Hoo for having this second book and her never ending passion to share hallyu and nature spots in Korea.  Of course the book launch event wont be complete without a book signing part.  Yey, I got her sign again, and what made this happier is the fact that she kinda knows me as she said “Oh, hi, you look really familiar” ~ waahhh, a k-fangirl and blogger really knows her fellow addicts. ^^

with littlemisshoo <3

with littlemisshoo ❤

me and my friend with littlemisshoo <3

me and my friend with littlemisshoo ❤

my signed Oppa! Take Me To Korea! <3

my signed Oppa! Take Me To Korea! ❤

Oppa! Take Me To Korea! is now available in Manila though National Bookstore.  Kindly call the nearest branch to you to make sure it’s there but I think NBS Glorietta is the most sure one 🙂  For those outside the Philippines you can visit littlemisshoo’s facebook page here and blog at littlemisshoo.com for more info on the book and how to buy it online.  Borrowing her note on my book “Have fun in Korea”…Aja! 🙂

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I can still recall when I saw this post in Facebook when a fellow Korean fangirl friend tagged me last Aug 31.  My initial reaction is “OMG! WOW!  What’s this?” Everything Korean sounds like a happy pill to me so I immediately clicked on the post and found these details.

“Korea Tourism Organization Manila is in search for some of the biggest Korea lovers who will help us spread the word about Korea and KTO through SNS.  KTO Manila will pick 20 Wow Supporters and the most active and the best of the 20 will win a round trip ticket to Korea.  This is exclusively open to the members of the Philippine Kpop Committee, Inc. fanclub affiliates…”

Here is the photo posted by KTO Manila in their Facebook page detailing the mechanics and requirements of the search. Basically applicants should:

1st -Like Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office page
2nd – Like and Share this post on your wall (Make sure to set it as public)
3rd – Download & Fill up the application form

Kindly click here to get into KTO Manila’s post to join ♥ 

KTO 20 Wow Supporters Search

I am really super thrilled knowing this thing.  One of the important qualifications to join aside from being a Filipino citizen of legal age and active in social networking sites one must be a member of Philippine Kpop Committee, Inc. or PKCI affiliate fanclubs.  I’m so lucky enough that one of the Korean fan clubs I’m a member of is affiliated.  Yey!  Wahhhhhh! It really pays to be a true blue k-fangirl.  Super thanks that Eels Philippines (a Jang Keun Suk fanclub) is included in the list. Love you more Sukkie. ♥  You can click here for a full list of fanclub affiliates of PKCI.

Alright so much for the fangirl mode, in short I sent my application form through Facebook message on the very first day of application period which is the 1st of September.  What a way to start the Christmas “ber” months. 🙂

I’m really crossing my fingers on this thing.   More than the chance of winning that round trip ticket to Korea (every k-fangirl’s dream) the rare chance of being an official KTO WOW Korea Supporter and be recognized not just locally but also by the Korea Tourism Organization headquarters in Seoul is a true privilege.  It’s like winning an SVIP ticket to a k-pop concert multiplied a hundred times. LOL!  I’m really dreaming of being a K-ambassador-like personality and spread not alone the k-pop fever but all the other aspects of Hallyu or Korean wave and their culture as well here and there.  Been a lover of Korean dramas since the early 2000’s and now been into these hallyu fever like crazy – K-pop,  Korean food and fashion, blogging about Korean stuff and just recently even attended a Korean culture caravan event hosted by Korean Cultural Center and my alma mater University of the Philippines Diliman. To be chosen as a WOW Korea supporter will be a dream come true to complete the list of being an official and full pledged koreanophile. Fighting!  🙂

So for all of you who have the same aspirations as me and haven’t submitted their application yet, hurry come and join the fun.  And for those who have applied we still have roughly a week or so to spread the Korean vibes and promote KTO Manila’s activities and all.  Application period runs until September 30.  So excited for the announcement of the 20 lucky ones on October 1. 😉 Aja and good luck to all of us! Hwaiting!

KTO Booth at 2013 Korean Film Fest

at KTO Booth during 2013 Korean Film Festival at SM Megamall Cinema

Kindly visit Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office Facebook page or follow them on twitter @KTOManila for more details and updates on Korean tourism, culture and travel. 


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