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With the Hallyu or korean wave craze everyone who has been bitten by the k-pop and Korean drama fever wanted to go to Korea. But where to go, how to go there and even what’s the best time to go, it seems overwhelming to plan one’s itinerary.  Places to visit goes beyond filming locations of Korean dramas and cafes owned by idols and actors as the growing interest in Korean food, cosmetic shopping, traditional Korean palaces and awesome sceneries of Korea have been widespread not to mention those k-pop concerts every fangirl needs to catch, these can’t seem to fit in the 4D/3N trip or even a week.

But in my 3 years of loving and promoting everything Korean there is just this organization, a website and a Facebook page that is a one stop shop when it comes to Korean Travel Guide. It’s the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) that can make your life easier.  Listed below are various media or way it can help anyone on exploring Korea at your own fingertips.

The VisitKorea website – Official Korea Tourism Organization website

the VisitKorea website as seen on mobile

the VisitKorea website as seen on mobile

This official website of Korea Tourism Organization http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/ provides various information on everything you need to know about Korea, and of course Korea travel.  This site includes but not limited to general info on Korea, its seasons, transportation system, recommended destinations and attractions, themed travel to food, shopping and accommodation. It’s really a one stop shop guide for travelling to Korea, hence I think it’s from where they get the name “Visit Korea”.  I can still remember how I discovered this site back in 2011 when I was googling about Korea’s seasons and when is the best time to fly.  I was just amazed when I landed on the page.  I didn’t only find the seasons but everything.  At that point in time my favorite part of what I saw on this Visit Korea website is the very comprehensive compilation list of filming locations of famous and well-loved Korean dramas.  From Secret Garden (which is the current fav at that time) to Boys Over Flowers, You Are Beautiful, Princess Hours to as far back as Winter Sonata they have it, and of course My Love From the Star is there.  Check this link for this amazing compilation and see for yourself  and enjoy planning of visiting Korea to see those dreamy filming locations. ^^

Oh did I mention that this site also hosts a lot of contests or “event” as they call it with various prizes at stake ranging from Korea souvenir items, gadgets and yes Trip to Korea. It’s truly everything about Korea. 🙂

The Korea Tourism Organization Facebook Page

This is the Facebook version of the VisitKorea website.  What’s amazing on this page is that every day it features one aspect of the website with a very enticing picture that you would want to click the link on it redirecting you to the website to discover more of what the picture is saying.  May it be a feature on the current season, a contest or a destination that is a must see.  One particular favorite post in this FB page is their Seoul Subway Tour series.  It features attractions per Subway line that would save your time and energy and helps tourist maximize their time in Seoul.  Amazing, awesomeness right, Thanks KTO!  Below are sample pictures from this Seoul Subway Tour album they have posted (Full credits to KTO).

12088093_10153602728802492_903985317160212983_n 12144736_10153602728917492_5885103825135587535_n 12115662_10153602728172492_552090276365332448_n 12105744_10153602728357492_5434957430220540683_n

Check below link for the full album post.

To those who are booked or are in planning stage of visiting Korea you really have to bookmark this.  So useful.  And of course like the Korea Tourism Organization Facebook page  for the whole experience. 🙂 Click here to get into the page https://www.facebook.com/koreatourism

The VisitKorea Mobile App

With the mobile phone era where every one seems to depend on their mobile phones and the increasing trend of “smart tour” where travelers prefer using mobile applications instead of traditional tour package program Korea Tourism Organization created this VisitKorea mobile app which offers in depth Korea travel information guide with user friendly design and even offers interactive on the go guide while you are at the moment in Korea.

VisitKorea mobile app home screen page as seen on my mobile phone (English version)

VisitKorea mobile app home screen page as seen on my mobile phone (English version)

So what does this application offers.  As you can see in the photo above it has categorized information on attractions, shopping, hotels and dining in Korea.  Essentially it is what you can find in the VisitKorea website but is more updated and handy since it’s on mobile.  Aside from this main feature it also boasts of Travel Highlights may it be a compilation of seasonal festivals or attractions or shopping destinations such as what you can see in the photo above (Beautiful cites at night).

You can also plan your itineraries via Travel Course which offers recommended/popular itineraries shared by other travelers.  You can also use it while you are on the go as this application can recommend what dining/shopping/attractions are near your location right at the moment you are in Korea.  For more information and sample navigation on the VisitKorea app you can go and click on this link.

By the way it also offers discounts and coupons so it’s really so cool.  What are you waiting for download it now.  It’s free and available in English, Chinese and Japanese languages.

VisitKorea mobile app as I downloaded it on the Play Store ^^

VisitKorea mobile app as I downloaded it on the Play Store ^^

Korea Travel Guide Books and e-books

For those who still prefer the traditional travel guide books and maps printed, Korea Tourism Organization still has them ready. Had my recent take-aways from the KTO Manila booth at the 2015 Korean Film Festival hosted by Korean Cultural Center Philippines below. That “Easy Korean Cooking” one is such a bonus that everyone wanted to have it. ^_^




And as these are usually available in a KTO sponsored or organized event friends asked me if I can get copies for them.  I know you can do this by contacting KTO Manila (in the Philippines case) online in Facebook at Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office or through twitter @KTOManila or you can drop by their office at Makati. I think you can also do this with other KTO Overseas offices in other countries. But don’t worry if you can’t have a printed copy since these are also available in e-book from the VisitKorea website. How great it is right. Click here for the e-book versions of Korea Travel Guide and more books from Korea Tourism Organization.

With all of these ways listed above I think anyone can travel and enjoy Korea with ease.  Thanks to Korea Tourism Organization that truly we can imagine, visit and explore Korea at our own fingertips.  Hopefully we all can say Annyeonghaseyo right there in Seoul soon.  Aja!  😀

Hope this blog post helped you.

Sending Korean Goodvibes,
pinkyreg ♥

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Seoul Tower or N Seoul Tower is a known major tourist attraction in Seoul.  It boasts a panoramic view of Seoul and nearby areas as it seats atop Namsam Mountain.  Many flocked to this place, tourists or locals alike for its one of the romantic places in Seoul.  Aside from a panoramic view at the observatory deck (and mind you even on a Sky restroom) it also offers the teddy bear museum which represents both the modern and ancient Korea through teddy bears dressed up in different costumes of each era, the infamous love padlocks which you can hang with you and your partner’s name and a message that symbolizes forever love and the exhibition of lights at the Seoul Tower at night as it changes color from blue to pink to green and all.

N Seoul Tower changing colors  Lights exhibition

N Seoul Tower changing colors Lights exhibition

N Seoul Tower and me <3

N Seoul Tower and me ❤

@Teddy Bear Museum Ancient Korea Bears Student Bears

at the Teddy Bear Museum

at the Teddy Bear Museum

Heart Padlocks sold for hanging love messages

Heart Padlocks sold for hanging love messages

overlooking Seoul on Sky restroom

overlooking Seoul on Sky restroom

Last October I had my second visit to this infamous tower and I know it will never fail to amaze me.  We went this time through the Namsam Cable Car and it’s a must-try scenic ride (on my first trip to Seoul we went by bus).  My friend is a first-timer in Seoul so I had my take 2 on each attraction.  As we enjoy the view at observatory deck this sight captured me ~~ “Love N Letter – Send your best regards to your beloved ones from Seoul’s highest post office”. It’s not Valentine’s day (or White Day or Pepero Day) but it’s just so romantic enough to get anyone’s heart. Isn’t it so cute and unique in this day and age of social networking even on expressing our affection?

Love N Letter at N Seoul Tower


The curious and hopeless romantic me can’t resist and tried this one.  Basically you just need to buy a postcard from the so many choices there and a stamp, write your heart out loud as you imagine your loved one atop the tower, put his/her address on the postcard and drop it in the mailbox.  It costs me just around 5,000 won if I remember it right to send a love letter from Seoul’s highest post office.

trying out Love N Letter

trying out Love N Letter

the mailbox at Seoul Tower

the mailbox at Seoul Tower

In love at N Seoul Tower <3

In love at N Seoul Tower ❤

It’s like you are in a Korean drama setting and you can really see from here how Koreans are just passionate on love.  Do try this one if on your trip to Seoul.  I hope it’s still there by the time you booked a trip. Love is in the air everyday at N Seoul Tower hihihi! ❤

Love is in the air at N Seoul Tower

Love is in the air at N Seoul Tower


P.S. ~~ More posts/feature of my Korea travel soon 🙂


Note: You can reach N Seoul Tower by bus or cable car

By Bus (yellow bus 2 at Chungmuro subway station Line 3 or 4, Exit 2)
By Cable Car (ten minute walk from Subway Line 4 Myeongdong station Exit 3)

Reference: Korea Tourism Organization or KTO official website in this link


[this post is originally submitted for the free-style essay part of Korea.net’s Worldwide Korea Bloggers application, and yes I’m in! ^^]

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