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Some weeks ago I saw this press release post by Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office (KTO Manila) in their Facebook page.  My heart seemed to leap when my eyes came to these words: Filipinos who have visited Korea at least once are now eligible for a one-year multiple-entry visa under the new rules.”  OMG! I’ve been to Korea once in 2010 and I’m planning to visit again by end of this year.  So this is really very good and timing news not just for me but to all Filipino Korea lovers out there.  I think this is the time to visit Korea again and tag along first timers.

Read on the full article below on relaxed South Korean Visa rules.  Credits to KTO Manila Facebook page.  As I googled more about it I discovered that it has been out in Philippine publications websites as well since the latter part of August this year.

“Press Release: Pinoy tourists to South Korea expected to increase following relaxed visa rules

When the South Korean government relaxes its visa rules starting September 1, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Manila Office expects more Filipino tourists to Korea.

Filipinos who have visited Korea at least once are now eligible for a one-year multiple-entry visa under the new rules.

Those who have visited Korea more than twice are eligible for a three-year multiple-entry visa.

And visitors who previously held a three-year multiple-entry visa can now obtain a five-year visa.

Rules have been relaxed for Chinese and other Southeast Asian nationals, too.

Mr. Sangyong Zhu, director of KTO Manila, is positive that easing visa rules will translate to more visitors to Korea.

“Korea is always ahead in visa processing compared by other countries. We are confident that visitor arrivals to Korea will surpass more than 12.5 million visitors again this year, “he said.

From January to July 2013, Korea welcomed more than 6.3 million visitors.

This year, tourists from Philippines alone increased by 61.5% in March, 8.5% in April, 12.1% in May, 47% in June, and 74.4% in July compared to 2012.”

Isn’t this info so adrenaline-rushy? 🙂 I personally called the KTO Manila office and posted a question on this post. I asked them if I’m eligible for a one-year multiple entry even when my first visit was 3 years ago and they replied back that “Yes you are eligible, but it still depends on the Consul’s decision”.  So that explains it, it’s not a 100% guarantee but still the chance of a multiple entry is there and it’s easier now compared to before that you have to have visited SK multiple times in two years (as far as I know and have read in blogs).  And they also mentioned that the visa application procedure is still the same, they just relaxed the multiple entry visa eligibility.  Just a disclaimer though that KTO Manila is not in any way responsible for approving or granting South Korean visa.  The application is made through the Embassy of Korea in the Philippines.  You can refer to this link for the requirements and procedure.

I can’t wait to go to the Korean embassy to apply for my second South Korean Visa.  I might be given a multiple entry for a year, and so that means I can go back and forth next year to experience the different seasons and at the same time to wave goodbye to my well loved k-drama and k-pop celebrities who are rumored to enter the military by 2014, hahaha, OMG!!! So excited, but then again I’m just praying for an approved visa may it be single or multiple.  I do really hope to see and feel Seoul again, the happiest land for a k-fangirl by heart. ♥ Hwaiting! 🙂

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I can still recall when I saw this post in Facebook when a fellow Korean fangirl friend tagged me last Aug 31.  My initial reaction is “OMG! WOW!  What’s this?” Everything Korean sounds like a happy pill to me so I immediately clicked on the post and found these details.

“Korea Tourism Organization Manila is in search for some of the biggest Korea lovers who will help us spread the word about Korea and KTO through SNS.  KTO Manila will pick 20 Wow Supporters and the most active and the best of the 20 will win a round trip ticket to Korea.  This is exclusively open to the members of the Philippine Kpop Committee, Inc. fanclub affiliates…”

Here is the photo posted by KTO Manila in their Facebook page detailing the mechanics and requirements of the search. Basically applicants should:

1st -Like Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office page
2nd – Like and Share this post on your wall (Make sure to set it as public)
3rd – Download & Fill up the application form

Kindly click here to get into KTO Manila’s post to join ♥ 

KTO 20 Wow Supporters Search

I am really super thrilled knowing this thing.  One of the important qualifications to join aside from being a Filipino citizen of legal age and active in social networking sites one must be a member of Philippine Kpop Committee, Inc. or PKCI affiliate fanclubs.  I’m so lucky enough that one of the Korean fan clubs I’m a member of is affiliated.  Yey!  Wahhhhhh! It really pays to be a true blue k-fangirl.  Super thanks that Eels Philippines (a Jang Keun Suk fanclub) is included in the list. Love you more Sukkie. ♥  You can click here for a full list of fanclub affiliates of PKCI.

Alright so much for the fangirl mode, in short I sent my application form through Facebook message on the very first day of application period which is the 1st of September.  What a way to start the Christmas “ber” months. 🙂

I’m really crossing my fingers on this thing.   More than the chance of winning that round trip ticket to Korea (every k-fangirl’s dream) the rare chance of being an official KTO WOW Korea Supporter and be recognized not just locally but also by the Korea Tourism Organization headquarters in Seoul is a true privilege.  It’s like winning an SVIP ticket to a k-pop concert multiplied a hundred times. LOL!  I’m really dreaming of being a K-ambassador-like personality and spread not alone the k-pop fever but all the other aspects of Hallyu or Korean wave and their culture as well here and there.  Been a lover of Korean dramas since the early 2000’s and now been into these hallyu fever like crazy – K-pop,  Korean food and fashion, blogging about Korean stuff and just recently even attended a Korean culture caravan event hosted by Korean Cultural Center and my alma mater University of the Philippines Diliman. To be chosen as a WOW Korea supporter will be a dream come true to complete the list of being an official and full pledged koreanophile. Fighting!  🙂

So for all of you who have the same aspirations as me and haven’t submitted their application yet, hurry come and join the fun.  And for those who have applied we still have roughly a week or so to spread the Korean vibes and promote KTO Manila’s activities and all.  Application period runs until September 30.  So excited for the announcement of the 20 lucky ones on October 1. 😉 Aja and good luck to all of us! Hwaiting!

KTO Booth at 2013 Korean Film Fest

at KTO Booth during 2013 Korean Film Festival at SM Megamall Cinema

Kindly visit Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office Facebook page or follow them on twitter @KTOManila for more details and updates on Korean tourism, culture and travel. 


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