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Last year it was my dear inspiration Christian Bautista’s Bloggers conference that completed my 2011.  I can’t explain how I feel that time but let’s just say that I’m in a cloud nine moment.  My tummy’s trembling both in pressure and thrill as that fateful afternoon of November 13, 2011 came.  There I was seated with all the bloggers and throwing a question on the charming Asiansation Christian Bautista for the very first time.  It was really a dream come true for me.  An aspiring writer and fangirl wish granted.

I’m the girl seating 2nd to the right of Christian

And I really dressed up for this event only to see that most are in their jeans and shirt only.  Oh well you’d know that I am a fan in an instant. 🙂  A picture beside Christian sealed that day!  For a more detailed story see my full blog post

onsite Christian Bautista’s Bloggers Conference

the picture that completed the day!

This year, I think November is really a lucky month for me as I got another invite for a thing close to my heart.  As a testament of my Korean addiction and blogging world presence I got a seat at the grand opening event for media/press/bloggers of Korea’s No.1 coffee chain Caffe Bene in Eastwood.  As of writing they are opening tomorrow, November 29 at 8pm in Eastwood City Walk 2.  Thanks to this career blog post My Caffe Bene blog I have written and juggled in my busy full time corporate word that I’m getting this rare chance.

Caffe Bene sample interior (cr. to Caffe Bene Facebook)

Just thinking of being with all of these people of the writing and media world I can’t help but be elated. Caffe Bene is dubbed as Korea’s Starbucks in terms of popularity and number of stores.  It’s a favorite filming location of Korean dramas, the most recent and popular of which is Secreat Garden’s kilig scenes (for more information about Caffe Bene follow them on twiiter @CaffeBenePH) Anything about Korea ignites a smile on my face and to add more to my giggles the handsome Asia prince Jang Keun Suk (star of hit kdrama You’re Beautiful and the more recent Love Rain) endorses the brand.   Waah, I heart him much and this could be a chance of bringing him here in Manila.  So that’s two bird in one shot, blogging and Korean stuff, enough to make my hyperacidity attack again in excitement. 🙂

Caffe Bene website cover

Jang Keun Suk for Caffe Bene (credits to owner)

I am just thankful given the above two chances of a lifetime.  My blog has been up only for a year and I do not blog that often, posting only about 2-3 titles per month.  Despite of this I’m so grateful that rare chances to be on the limelight were presented to me and that’s a big thing for me.  I’m sincerely glad up to the top of my lungs.  It gives me a venue to post my craziness, the things I love and some inspirations to my readers.  I just wanted to thank all friends and colleagues who were so appreciative of the things I write.  Special mention to my creative writing friends who opened me up to pursue this thing and help me in my poetry, grammar and to learn more about my craft.  Looking forward to more next year as we are preparing a yet another dream come true for me.  Of course golf course I wouldn’t forget to thank Starbucks Matalino for being my friendliest and most conducive place to write.  Have written loads of things inside that corner in Matalino Street, I could not count them to date, hahaha. And they also helped me to promote my blog site as I get a lot of hits with my “Loving Starbucks Matalino” blog post. 🙂

So friends see yah all at Eastwood Caffe Bene grand opening tomorrow and hoping you will support me on my next blogging gig. 🙂  Fighting!


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Untitled Heart =)

I told myself it’s enough
you’re no longer here,
you’re out of my heart
But you appear to me again
Candid, perky, sweet
I missed this, you’re so bad
I know now, I’m just in denial.

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