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May is indeed a month full of surprises as well as some disaapointments.  A whirlwind of emotions, the happy-sad-happy-sad-happy transitions made me think through but still enjoyed it a lot. A spontaneous Hongkong travel to satisfy my fangirling thing, failing my first ever national writing workshop application (first timer’s high), looking forward to a thing that turned out not to happen in the near future anymore (oh well maybe its not really for me at all), a good friend and crush finally tieing the knot (at least I’m over him now), almost dating a pilot, and last but will always be my favorite classic Starbucks Matalino crazy moments, and so many other things brought colors to my ever epic May.

Kangsahamnida, I feel I grow wiser and beautiful inside and out as I cry, smile, laugh my heart out loud and just being myself in every day of my birthday month.

Cheers to 7 more months of 2012.  Aja-Aja, Fighting.  Blessings in disguises are always around the corner everyone! 🙂


This Blog post is written in my second home and most loved coffee shop in town, Starbucks Matalino!  And just now I received a belated Happy Birthday greeting and Free Tall beverage gift from all the friendly baristas.  This is life! 🙂  Saranghe Starbucks Matalino!

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I can still remember how I silently cried in pain last year.  It was one of the saddest birthday month ever as I can’t eat, birthday travel cancelled the last minute, can’t work even with a little stress and basically can’t open my mouth to smile.  Oh well what can stress and depression do to you.  But those were all part of the past and I can say that I’m thankful I was in that hell for it gave me so much in return after.

Been serious for the past years of my life but everything turned around as I turn another year.  I learned to appreciate the little things around me.  Keep on doing what’s close to my heart and didn’t care much of what people say.  Crazy as it may seem but my blogging, Kdrama addiction, fangirling adventures, pogi Pinoy and Korean celebrities indulgence and barista moments kept my sanity and made me happy.  Shallow and so childish for someone past her teenage years but i know I’m doing well. There’s something deep within all of them.

I’m taking things slow but at the same time seizing every opportunities given to me now.  Not anymore that afraid, except maybe for adventurous sports and the likes.  I learned that putting all of your energy on something so badly wanted can harm you.  Put your heart into it but remember if its meant it will happen, if not learn to accept and procced to option 2.  And most of all everything in life is a blessing, some are in disguises most of the time but everything happens for a reason guys. What your heart desires will come at the right time, and it comes always in a grand manner. I learned that late but happy its not too late and so now I’m so looking forward for another year of wisdom and true happiness!

Borrowing from my favorite Koreanovelas, Aja Aja, Fighting Reg!  Cheers to more blogging, fangirling, new outlook at work and hopefully love soon. 🙂

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I’m a confessed ice cream lover.  It has been my comfort food for so long and in every place I go on travel I will never fail to grab a scoop to sooth my tired senses, however expensive it may cost.  I remember the time when my sister and I went to Singapore for the first time and I suddenly disappear out of her sight on a busy shopping district just to find me near a street ice cream cart. 🙂

I love milk chocolate bars (but not with caramel please) and a cup of hot or iced chocolate (may it be just Milo or my classic Starbucks Signature Chocolate) will surely brighten my face.

What’s ironic and I really don’t know why that when you combine ice cream and chocolate it’s a big NO.  For almost all the first choice for ice cream flavour is one of those chocolate selections.  My choices are Strawberry, Mango or Pistachio; in most times I will just give in to their preference since I’m always voted out on a 1 out of 10 ratio (sometimes I get lucky at 2).

But just a few weeks ago, something changed my bitter taste for chocolate ice cream.  The everyday in and out temperature of 35 degrees or more made us all crave for some cold refreshments.  Shakes, Frappuccinos, Milk teas and ice cream are selling like hotcakes.  As a budget conscious I opted for McDonald’s sundae, the plain one.  My colleagues at work were so surprised why I’m eating a plain vanilla one and of course I answered that I don’t like the taste of chocolate in ice cream.  They said (in chorus) that sundae hot fudge is heaven and I’m so missing it.  A bit curious it made me think “why not try it?”, so the next lunch time I ordered it for dessert.

I hurriedly finish the main course getting eagerly ready for my first scoop of a new dessert.  I can’t hide my reaction to lunch mates around me.  I’m like a child who is on her first time at a McDonald’s store.  Yumminess overload!  Why haven’t I tried this sooner?  As expected a week after I ate 4 cups in total.

And so that’s my old school ice cream story.  McDonald’s Hot Fudge sundae has been there since my childhood days but due to a pre-conceived notion I haven’t tried it.  And now it’s my new indulgence and happy food.  A fresh item in my 2012 checklist – Good job Reg!  I’m successfully living this year’s resolution to try and become adventurous in my own sense of the word.

I know it’s a bit simple thing but it’s a sign that I’m now leaving my prejudices and comfort zones.  Sometimes going out it is really refreshing; no matter how easy it may seem to stay on the old school.  Trying on something new will always be a win-win situation.  It’s either you may find your true happiness or be successful in unexpected ways but if you’re not that lucky at least you will not wonder all your life.

As I turn a year older this very month of May I’ll be trying on some more new things (until I reach that grand wish).  Will pack my pink trolley again and see the world.  First stop is Hongkong and what’s more exciting for this trip is I’m going to take my fan girl adventures to the next level as I’m booked to watch the fan meeting concert of the Korean heartthrob Kim Hyun Joong, Yey!  Add shopping and sightseeing tours and it’s going to be a sure fire hit birthday trip.  Another crazy story to narrate when I come back, the likes of Singapore prospects, the Baguio musician, and of course the Korean ride adventure.  I can’t wait!

It seems a year of something new’s as I’m off to take a different responsibility at work in a month’s time, leaving my comfort zone post for 5 years.  A new studio apartment will come in also as we transfer to a more cozy place in Quezon City, still renting though (hopefully an own place to come home is soon).  Downside of this is it’s a little bit far from my writing nook Starbucks Matalino St., a big sigh and sad face!  But knowing me I will still be a loyal customer by hook or by crook, Starbucks once or twice a week is not bad. 🙂  And last but definitely not the least I’m considering to enrol in a certificate course in Creative Writing or Journalism.  I may not be shortlisted in that highly anticipated National Writing workshop but I will not stop writing my dreams to come true. Maybe I need more practice and sharpen this talent before I join those prestigious things.

Just like my Sundae Hot Fudge story, being plain is ok but a little bit of flavor is more delicious right.  You’ll never know if you don’t try, and this is speaking from a once risk-avoider me.  I do hope you could also start your own old school ice cream story soon.  And as Koreans fondly say, Fighting!  🙂

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