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Kita Kita, Spring Films, AlEmpoy, 10 Thoughts on Why Kita Kita is a Must See

Kita Kita Official Movie Poster (Spring Films/Kita Kita FB Page)

Sampu. 10x or more mo sasabihin ang Sapporo while and after watching the movie. And magiging travel bucket list mo ang makapunta ng Sapporo sa Japan. Being the backdrop of the film makes it all the more engaging.

Siyam. Siyam sa sampung friends mo ay nakapanood na or gustong manood neto. Yung isa kasi wala syang Facebook, eh meron pa bang walang FB these days? In short it’s the talk of the town and the movie deserves all the attention.

Walo. Walong beses ka mag google dahil curious ka sa Ashiyu, Otaru, Bell of Happiness, Sapporo Beer, Cabbage na pampasaya, saan yung bar ng puso at ng saging at yung ramen shop and the 1000 Paper Cranes Wish… baka sakaling makameet ka rin ng Tonyo na magmamahal sa yo like Lea. Hahahha, uy nag-google sya. ^_^

Pito. Seven days. For sure in the next seven days eto ang topic sa lunch and mga pila ng UV express. Kawawa ang hindi di pa nakanood, hindi makaka-relate or ma-spoliers lang hahahha.

Anim. At least 6 quotable quotes/realizations ang tatatak sayo sa movie na to. Yung sa akin fav ko yung “You can’t turn back time but you can keep up with it” and “Ang labo mo, nung nakakakita ka di mo ko makita. Nung bulag ka saka  mo ako nakita.” Awwww. Sakit sapul.

Kita Kita, Spring Films, AlEmpoy, 10 Thoughts on Why Kita Kita is a Must See

A Scene From Kita Kita (Spring Films/Kita Kita FB Page)

Lima. 5 extreme emotions ang mararamdaman mo sa movie: hahagalpak ka ng tawa kay Empoy, maiihi sa kilig, maiinlove kay Empoy (I mean sa character nya as Tonyo hahaha), mauubusan ng luha till matapos ang movie credits and di makaka move on as if nakipagbreak ka. In that sequence, ang saya in fairness hahaha, huhuhu!

Apat. 4 thumbs up ang ibibigay ko. Since I curled up in my seat, naka indian seat with my hands on my face sa sobrang engrossed sa movie.

Tatlo. Kung 3x ikinaila ni San Pedro si Jesus, 3x mo aaminin at ipost sa social media na pinaiyak ka ng bwisit na pelikula na to, in a good way. ♥

Dalawa. Two. “Two less lonely people in the world and its gonna be fine…” ma LSS ka sa song na to until makamove on ka with matching blindfolds at luha hahahah. 😥

Isa. Mag-isa ako nanood ng movie na to, yes alone ang peg dahil hindi ako makahintay ng kasama since Friday pa ko nagcrave. And I have no regrets since its a must watch. Pero hwag nyo ko gayahin…kasi wla ako mahampas kaya nagiiyak ako till ako na lang last person to come out the cinema hahahaha. 🙂

Yun. Saludo ako kay Empoy and Alessandra. Galing! Pati sa writers and behind the scenes. Nood na, or take 2 na! The 1 hour and 20+ mins is worth your money and tears. ♥ ♥ ♥ #AlEmpoy


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A Successful SOLD OUT Manila Block Screening For the Love of Ji Chang Wook♥

Korean crime-action film Fabricated City, starring famed actor Ji Chang Wook (Healer, The K2) opened in Philippine cinemas last June 7. This CJ Entertainment movie is a certified local box office hit in Korea with more than 2.5 million domestic admissions since its official release on February 9 of this year.

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 3

Fabricated City Official Movie Poster, credits to VIVA International Pictures FB page

The Philippines is one of the privileged to be included in the 31 countries outside of Korea where Fabricated City movie rights were sold. The film was screened exclusively at Robinsons Movieworld cinemas nationwide, distributed locally by VIVA International Pictures.

Filipino fans of its lead actor Ji Chang Wook were the ones most thrilled since the news of the movie hitting the Philippine big screen came. This excitement lead to a movie block screening being organized by the Manila based fan club Ji Chang Wook Philippines (JCW Ph).

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 2

Fabricated City Movie Block Screening in Manila Official Event Poster, credits to Ji Chang Wook Philippines FB page

JCW Ph on June 10 successfully held a SOLD OUT Block Screening of the film in partnership with VIVA International Pictures and Robinsons Movieworld. Around 200 fans with their friends and family attended the exclusive screening for those who have registered and paid in advance thru the fan club’s official Facebook page.

As a confessed fan bitten hard by Ji Chang Wook’s charm I am one of the early birds who signed-up for the event and excitedly dressed up to watch the action film with fellow JCW fanatics. 🙂

The block screening event was scheduled at two in the afternoon at Robinsons Movieworld Galleria Cinema 7 in Quezon City, Metro Manila. But as early as 12 noon a long line of excited Filipino fans can be seen outside the cinema in extreme anticipation of watching the movie; all happy faces despite the rain and heavy traffic on this day.  In fact, some walk-in attendees showed up even if it was already announced on a SOLD OUT seating capacity days prior. #ThePowerOfJiChangwook 🙂

(Photos from my cam and fellow attendees)

It’s More Fun Watching Fabricated City with Fellow Filipino Ji Chang Wook Fans!

The movie screening started a few minutes past 2PM. Before the movie proper some movie trailers were shown including two Korean films next in line to premiere in the Philippine big screen, also to be distributed by VIVA International Pictures: First is the 2017 action blockbuster film Confidential Assignment starring Hyun Bin (Secret Garden, My Name is Kim Sam Soon) and the other one is the most awaited comeback of the hallyu star and Descendants of The Sun lead actor Song Joong Ki, The Battleship Island. These teasers definitely tickle more excitement from the Filipino audience.

As soon as Ji Chang Wook’s voice aired and his close up battle face registered on the big screen loud screams automatically filled the cinema, as if the actor is present right there and then. Oh well it’s every attendee’s wish of course. ~~

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 11

Fabricated City movie teaser photo, credits to VIVA International Pictures FB page

Beyond being die-hard fans of the movie’s lead actor, the Pinoy movie audience’s great response during and after the movie lies in the overall execution of the film.  Fabricated City boasts of a very intelligent plot as well as twists, like can those happen in real life? The battle of the expert gamer team vs. the technological savvy villain towards the end surely left every moviegoer with a Wow experience.

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 14

photo credits to Fabricated City FB page

Fabricated City showcased Ji Chang Wook at this best as the ‘King of Action’ not only in dramas but now conquering the movie scene as well, as proved by his Best New Actor in Film category nomination at the recent Baeksang Arts Awards. Quoting hellokpop’s review: “He is strong in fight scenes yet memorable in emotional frames” as the movie narrated the main character Kwon Yoo’s (played by Ji) revenge to the cruel injustice of being framed-up.

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 15

Fabricated City movie teaser photo, credits to VIVA International Pictures FB page

Ji’s first lead role film is truly worth the SOLD out efforts of the Philippine fan club who organized the block screening.  Ji Chang Wook deserves to be watched on the big screen. ♥ ♥ ♥

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 4

Ji Chang Wook Philippines Fabricated City Block Screening in Manila Group Photo (Photo credits: VIVA International Pictures/JCW Ph, editing by Christine Joy Eugenio)

The After –Movie Screening Fun: Photo Ops and More Photo Ops

Every fan club event doesn’t end with the main activity. The group photos and say it all, along with everyone’s craziness over the Instagram-framed Photo Zone inspired by Ji Chang Wook’s ig selfie post. ^_^

The sold out movie screening memories sealed in these photos forever. It was really more fun watching Fabricated City on the big screen with fellow Filipino Ji Chang Wook fans. ♥ ♥ ♥

(Photos inside the cinema and distribution of JCW-inspired locally made items as event souvenir)

(All Happy Faces captured in group photos, credits to JCW Ph FB page and fellow attendees)

In lieu of Ji’s presence, we Filipino fans had this one to fancy and dream of, Oh Mr. Noh, hahaha. 🙂

(Crazy fangirls over Ji ChangWook Instagram-framed Photo Zone, photo credits JCW PH FB Page ♥)

Thank you so much Ji Chang Wook Philippines for hosting this Fabricated City Movie Block Screening for us Filipino fans. Congratulations for a successful one! JCW Ph is continuously active this 2017 hosting fan club related events. They already had two fan gatherings held in January and April this year.

Read here to know what happened on its 1st Fan Gathering: Ji Chang Wook Philippines Fan Club Hosted 1st Fan Gathering in Manila

JCW Ph’s next scheduled event is ‘Ji Chang Wook’s Birthday Bash For A Cause’, an outreach activity happening this July 9 as a way of celebrating the actor’s 30th Birthday. They will be giving school supplies and food to chosen kids at Bagong Pook, Cavite City.

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening 10

‘Ji Chang Wook’s Birthday Bash For A Cause’ Outreach Activity Poster by Ji Chang Wook Philippines

For more details of this birthday bash for a cause, including how to help on donations as well as JCW related news and the fan club’s activities, like and follow them on Facebook and twitter accounts below:

FB Page: Ji Chang Wook Philippines
Twitter: @JCWPhilippines

And on behalf of JCW Ph admins and all the attendees of this block screening event we would like to give a big thank you to VIVA International Pictures for bringing in Fabricated City in the Philippines.  We can never thank you enough for this.  For their next Korean film offerings in the Philippines as well as other international releases Like and Follow them on Facebook and twitter.

FB Page: VIVA International Pictures
Twitter: @VIVA_Intl

Ji ChangWook Ph Fabricated City Block Screening end photo

photo credits to Fabricated City FB page

As mentioned its two next big k-movies are Confidential Assignment (currently showing since June 28) and The Battleship Island (date yet to be announced).



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