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Suddenly on a Tuesday

today something came up that really made my mind boggling and heart sad

a favorite goodvibes go somewhere for a while

I don’t know why

but i can’t help to think so negatively

its a thing that made me jump for joy last new year’s eve

only to be taken away on a holy tuesday night

Oh well…

but after talking to some good friends, I realized I’m so over analyzing

It might just be his way of fasting, he will come back again

“give him space, baka nasakal lang sa relationship” – this one was over analyzing too hahaha

Oh well…it might just be a right love on a wrong time

It was like love at first sight, a love online..

or more appropriately an inspiration beyond the so called four-letter word

we are just on our episode 3 of a korean drama or k-pop fiction I wish to come true…

wait lang ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

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It really feels weird that I’m writing and reposting articles on a latest showbiz talk of the town topic.  Wahahaha, its the first time in my blogging history.

Oh well, its really the trending topic so I can’t help.  No need for more intro but what really is the score on Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer after the recent break-up of the latter on his Thai girlfriend for 9years?

According to a lot of articles.  They are really just good friends.  Both parties are saying that.  So let’s just believe them and be Happy for their rare found friendship.  All I can say is Kakai is really so lucky finding Mario, which is a “Very good boy” and she playing like a “big sister to him.  I found this article “Kakai on Maurer: I’m like a big sister to him” as the best of all those written on the topic.  Quoting her (Kakai) “Huwag kayong magalit sa akin. Kasi hindi ko rin naman kasalanan kung bakit kami naging magkaibigan. Siguro nag-click lang talaga kami kasi mabait siya.”

Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer (photo from Bautista's instagram)

Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer (photo from Bautista’s instagram)

Alright after the side of Kakai, here is the ‘He Said part”.  I think more than his good looks Mario is really one very good boy.  In  the article below one can very well say that he is a gentleman..not bad mouthing an ex gf and still ending up as good friends…Oh well but Kakai and him are also “good friends” right now. Enjoy reading this pound per pound interview on Mario with his recent break-up with Gubgib Sumontip.  Apparently they just wanted to focus on each own work and career, which I think is just normal for two people who practically grew up as lovers.

Is Cacai Bautista The New Girl of Mario Maurer After His Break-up to Gubgib Sumontip?!

I know there will be more write-ups in the coming days on these 2.  I’m not a showbiz columnist nor an expert on this.  All I can say to end this blog is that “ang haba ng hair mo girl!”  Whatever it is between them let’s be happy and don’t be a basher.  We all have our own destiny and this might be theirs – kinda like “Suddenly it’s Magic”.  Good vibes guys! 🙂

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It’s already March but let me just post a  thing inspired by the crazy love month. 🙂

As with so many hopefuls and idealistic youngsters I’m always charmed and thrilled by that four-letter word.  But as much as I wanted to always be in a kdrama setting (and yes I believe I’ve been so many times) I’ve met a lot of false alarms in this journey of love.

Hahaha, oh well what a segway! This one is somewhat bitter, but I guess I still find something inspiring with the hidden story behind it…

One day in February, I had a…

One random Goodbye

I wake up like hell on this sunday that I dreaded
since it is the last day of a happy habit
An uninvited goodbye, he sat beside me today
a sundate like no other though its a finale

A serious talk over coffee made me fall all over again
this time without malice, beyond admiration
Thinking about it, we left without the usual goodbye
Because I know he will and still be a dear inspiration near or far.

I’m leaving an apt quote to end this on a sweeter note. Borrowing from a friend’s Facebook post (and I really have to say thank you to him) — “We feel happiness not when we achieve love but when we know there is a possibility of love. :3”

Cheesy but inspiring right? Love love love! ♥♥♥ 🙂

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