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2016 is one of my best years ever! I am so blessed in all aspects all year round, winning online contests left and right and getting what I have always dreamed of in unexpected ways outweighing all the bad vibes and stress all around. And for this I decided to share the overwhelming blessings in a form of a Giveaway.


I recently hosted a giveaway event thru my blog’s Facebook page Pinkyreg. I have joined almost every kind of Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/blogging contest and for a change I’m the one to raffle away something instead.

What items to give away? When the idea came into me the first person that popped in my mind was Song Joongki. Who doesn’t love Captain Yoo aka Bigboss? And he is the person who inspired me the most and the korean heartthrob everyone, of all ages) wished for (Read here for my last year’s favorite blogpost: Top 10 Captain Yoo Si Jin Personas We Fell In Love With).

And so I chose to give Song Joongki items, some of which were items I personally won in a contest, sharing some of it away since I literally won so much, hihi. ♥♥♥

As posted in my Facebook page, dubbed as #PinkyregGiveaway the above items were up for grabs: Sparkling Magazine Summer 2016 issue with Song Joongki on the cover and Jeju Air Song Joongki gift set, to those who supported my blog page and share my give away post.  I have also added some creativity flavor and asked to comment down their response to “Why you deserve to win these items?”

See here for the full details: #PinkyregGiveaway

My Giveaway event ended last January 6 that ran for about two weeks starting Dec 28. I have announced my two lucky winners on the evening of Jan 12. It was really hard to pick the winners since most of them are my friends, coupled by the excitement that I am now the one doing this thing for the first time ever. So instead of just raffling off the Joongki items I ultimately choose the ones with the best answer on why they should win.

Congratulations again to my first ever Giveaway event winners: Christine Dyan Belga (Sparkling Magazine) and Rochelle Bertulfo (Jeju Air Song Joongki gift set). You both deserve it.

I can’t describe the feeling as I have announced their names on my page and how happy it is to finally hand one of the prizes to a complete stranger and fellow kpop/kdrama fan. As I have said in my page, I do hope you both enjoy your Song Joongki prize items as much as I love him, hahaha. 🙂

Till my next contest wins and give away, Aja! Thank you so much to those who joined and for supporting my blog and facebook page. For new readers follow me on my social media accounts. Kamsahamnida~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Pinkyreg FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pinkyregblog/
Instagram: @pinky_reg

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It all started with Christian Bautista as I followed every mall show he is in, how I tagged him as my forever ideal man and how I wished him to be my boyfriend (literally wished) until I am lured to the gorgeous men of South Korea’s K-pop and K-drama world. And it has been three years.  So what really has changed in me after I learned how to dress up like a korean and put on those “cat eyeliner” on my peepers  and buy almost everything in my “kikay kit” from Etude House, The Faceshop, Nature Republic and Tony Moly aside from making me look young as ever?

Strange as it may seem but I learned a lot and become a better person from doing this thing of following every korean happening here in Manila and Korea that were ‘silly things” to people outside korean or hallyu world. Here’s my list:

  1. How to balance my day job and following my heart.
    Its tough but I love how did I managed to do it, I learned how to work and play and not just work and palpitate in stress like I used to.  And yes its possible.
  2. Became more friendly.
    Before my friends were confined to just family, relatives school mates and officemates, but now I have teenagers, singles and even mommies already who shared the same love for everything Korean as well as writers and bloggers.  Even met friends from attending Korean-related events that have been good friends along the way.  Believe me I’m a snob before but now I sometimes meet persons who know me but I just don’t know where I met them but still I’m all smiles when they smile at me at events ahahha.
  3. Discovered my passion for writing, what I really wanted to do when I retire or go out of the corporate world.
  4. Became the ambassador not just of everything korean but spreading of Goodvibes too.
    It has been my favorite hashtag since 2013 and sometimes friends equate #Goodvibes to koreans, but really its not.  I just found myself looking for goodvibes in everyday life. 😛
  5. Discovered that I have this unending luck on raffles, online and blogging contests.
    From Kim Hyun Joong Autograph signing passes here in Manila, to Christian Bautista premiere night movie passes, to Lee Min Ho concert tickets, to Samsung Note II phone to CNBlue presscon passes to free Yoga vouchers name it, I have won them since 2011 and counting.  And before that I never won in a raffle not even a single consolation price.  There must be someone who blew me some lucky charms to have all of these ahhaha.  Whatever is the explanation to these blessings I am just so thankful.  Though my ever wish is to win a Free trip to Korea ahhaha, I know that will happen in the right time.  Lol!
  6. If it’s yours it will be given.
    Life is not all easy for me in the last 3 years.  I almost gave up my korea trip last 2013 that I have been waiting for since 2010 due to unforseen reasons but it still happened, with matching 3-Year multiple entry korean visa and our sched coinciding Kim Jaejoong’s first Album Asia Tour Solo concert and a bonus stint of being an official social media ambassador of korea tourism as a  WOW Korea Supporter of Korea Tourism Organization Manila. All of these happened in a single time not even wishing all of them to happen.
  7. Learned that life is not all about work and money.
    Deep happiness can come from small trivial things like a surprise hug from someone you really really like to the highest level not on my birthday but on his birthday. ❤
  8. K-pop events can be a gateway to a blogging world career.
    And maybe to lovelife too.
  9. A “Blessing in disguise” is a reality.
    And this happened to me a lot of times in and outside the korean world. I won’t elaborate more but believe me everything happens for a reason, and yes I learned that in the course of fangirling.
  10. Dreams can come true.
    When you dream and pray it can happen, and it always comes in a grand and unexpected manner. I remember that dream to see CNBlue in their press con for Cant Stop in Manila and would you believe that after crying that i didn’t win that presscon passes and that my writing powers is not enough to get me a media pass some kind of a miracle sent me that email invite that im in all of a sudden . Woahh! A lot of things have been given to me from being a simple korean drama fan to becoming an official ambassador of everything korean in the social media world that I just love doing.  And all i wanted is to write and inspire.

Life is ironic. The best things in my life happened in the last 3 years as I discover these things through the term “K-FanGirling”. So guys follow your heart! Aja!

Sending Love and Goodvibes,

pinkyreg ♥

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Goodvibes is…

Goodvibes is just all around…
When a super crush ng bayan barista calls you by your name and said you are blooming
or when it doesn’t rain on your birthday while it did 3 or 5 years in a row
or when a stranger gentleman still exists and let you seat in a crowded place or open the door for you
and you are mistaken as 22 while you are already…hmm 25 up hahaha!

No doubt everything Korean means Goodvibes to me
Like when you win a Samsung Note II phone from a Korean salon blogging contest, amazing!
or you unexpectedly win a K-pop Presscon passes just when you really cried hard for it
or when you are given a 3-year Multiple entry South Korean visa while only wishing for an approved Single entry
And it’s a double goodvibes treat that a K-pop concert is held on the very date of your Seoul trip that you booked a year ago.

Goodvibes is even lovelier and thrilling
when you almost jumped like crazy when he added you on Facebook and you are yet to be introduced and just dreaming that you two would cross paths again (Korean drama-like)
or when he likes your kilig overload Facebook DP with you and him together without tagging him
or when you win a Facebook contest the day after your birthday and right after the man of your dreams greeted you
Oh did I mention that it’s just all about one person? ahahaha 🙂

But nothing beats Goodvibes brought by
a triple dream come true break for your writing career that were been given in a single month
or when a suntok sa moon wish was granted right at the very birthday of the person you are wishing for
or when he hugged you not on your birthday but on his birthday.

But most of all, Goodvibes is when someone so unexpected is sent to you like a lucky charm or soulmate
And it has been two years since that fateful day
And you are just thankful to God and Sta. Clara for him no matter if you are romantically meant to be together or not. ❤

Now guys, write and count your own just to keep Positive Goodvibes On!

Have a wonderful season of Christmas. 🙂

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As I was chancing some minute break from working a week before Christmas I stumbled upon an article I saw in my Facebook news feed~~ “7 Things We Learned from The Little Prince”.  It was such a good read that i remembered presenting about this classic timeless book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery in our Knowledge Management class back in my UP MBA days. (Oemgee, is it 5 years back or more, hahaha!)

I cant help but look for the powerpoint slides in my old school files and glad to be able to find it.  As I read it I felt some goosebumps inside me…its amazing how I have poured those inspirational slides while I was nerdy juggling graduate school and working in the stressful banking industry back then.  Well I guess I really have the calling on writing inspirational stuff. Here are some words of wisdom from The Little Prince itself as taken from my MBA powerpoint presentation files with my own little thoughts from my grown up experiences.  

The Litle Prince

The Little Prince

By Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  • A pilot forced to land in The Sahara meets a little prince who tells wise and enchanting stories of his own planet with its 3 volcanoes and an arrogant flower.
  • Author reveals his views about follies of mankind and the SIMPLE TRUTHS THAT PEOPLE SEEM TO FORGET AS THEY GROW OLDER

Characters Met by the Prince

The Litle Prince 2

  • KING – who can control the stars by ordering them what they would do anyway
  • CONCEITED MAN – who wants to be admired by everyone but lives alone in his planet
  • DRUNKARD/TIPPLER – who drinks to forget that he is ashamed of drinking
  • BUSINESSMAN – who is busy counting the starts he thinks he owns
  • GEOGRAPHER – who spends his time making maps but never leaves his desk to explore
  • LAMPLIGHTER – who lives in an asteroid which rotates once in a minute; the only adult he met who CARE about something OTHER THAN HIMSELF


  • It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the naked eye”. ~ Gadgets, career, pay check or good looks are not the true essence of being a person, Oh well, a lot of us will discover this once we are on top or get all of those. Agree? 🙂
  • It is the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important”. ~Live, laugh, love.  Smell the flowers along the way.  Its the ride that makes it worthwhile not the destination.  In short live without regrets.
  • What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well”. ~Think of this whenever we grown-ups are experiencing the downside part of life.  Its another version of When one door closes, another one bigger will open or There is a rainbow after the storm. Take it from The Little Prince.
  • “All grown-ups were once children…but only few of them remember it” ~Let us always remind ourselves that simple things will always be the best, like when we were a child. There will always be a kid in all of us but only a few recognizes it. And for the still young ones, do not wish to grow up too fast, you will regret once it has been granted 🙂

Ouch reality bites right? I know all of us can relate at one point or another, so who are you in the characters, the king or the conceited man, or may be the tippler/drunkard.  I personally think I’m the geographer while writing this back then.

I know a lot of you wanted to to re-read the book all over again and relive The Little Prince in all of us.  And as my article inspiration for this blog post said the movie is going to be released in France by October 2015 and I’m hoping it will have international release as well here in the Philippines.

Anyhow, I’m so happy and fulfilled to post this article. Its best to be kid at heart but grown up inside. 🙂

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I know this is a super delayed post but it’s never too late to share a thing full of good vibes. Starting July 2013 right, write write!  🙂

26th of May 2013 – It’s only once each year that we celebrate our birthday, a day we can freely claim as “my day”.  And what makes it even more special is that we have the right to be both a cry baby sentimental fool and cheesy happy at the same time on this day (you don’t have to explain yourself or be guilty, hahaha) hence this post.

As I have posted in my status the day after my birthday, I’m practically smiling for 48 hours or so and that includes while asleep.  I can’t hide the overflowing happiness in my heart and before it burst I drafted this post inside a Starbucks shop.  On top of winning the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 grand prize from a Tony and Jackey blogging contest this is how everyone made me crazy happy on my _ _ th birthday.

I know this is a very long intro na but I’m just preparing you guys, LOL!  So here it is.  Brace yourselves to the most childish or should I say #PBBTeens blog of pinkyreg and I do hope to also inspire you while laughing your heart out loud just like me.

This post is also inspired by my daily morning energizer and laughtrip radio show – RX 93.1’s The Morning Rush Top 10.  For some, things written here may be trivial, corny or super teenager-ish but I must say that, and I know still many of you can relate, “It’s the small things (surprisingly) that make us truly happy”.

Thanks guys! Kamsahamnida – This is My Top 10 B-day Greets.

10. Handsome Korean faces with roses on my timeline.  And also for sending me real flowers, LOL!

I love flowers (though I think I’m developing allergies on them, wahhh!) and of course Koreans, hahaha you know me well friends.

9. Those who took time to write in Hangeul (Korean alphabet) or sing Saeng il Chukka hamnida (Happy birthday in Korean). 

You really know that those will bring smile to  my heart, not to mention my Basic Korean knowledge is being reviewed ahahaha.  I really look at each Hangeul character and tried to read it without google transaltion, LOL! What’s more heart-warming is that some who did this are really not that Kpop/kdrama adik but really took time.  You know who you are guys.  😉 Special mention to Ladie, Russ, Joel, Ate Kleng , Ate Connie 🙂

8. We miss you and See you soon” messages from my dear Starbucks Matalino baristas. 

Having my happy place closed on the very month of my birthday really brought me emo to the highest level.  For a month or so now I don’t have a default chillax place after work, when I’m sad or wanted a great ambiance to write I feel so lost.  Seeing their greets on my wall is an instant happy pill to my senses.  They haven’t forgotten me as their “Ms. Reg” a true blue loyal customer.  I can’t wait for the new store opening in the Korean district of Matalino St.

7. Words that best describe me or any good/creative words that go with Happy Bday.    I don’t know why but just feel touched knowing they all support me in what I’ve been doing and inspires me more. Emo again 😉

“CELEBRATE today! Celebrate your being YOU! ” – Pido
“Continue living life to the fullest, and may God continue to bless you abundantly J ♥” – Lucky
“More birthdays and blogs to come (sort of saying I’m born to blog 🙂 )” – Edel
“More blessings and kilig moments to come” – Jing
“Happy birthday ultimate koreana!” – Bec
“Happy birthday ate pretty Reg” – Rachel
“Happy Brithday, fangirl” – Aileen
“Happy Birthday Pinkyreg” – Digi
“happy birthday.wish u ol the best and just enjoy life” – Cel
“Happy happy happy birthday ms. Reg!!!!! More KPOPing years to come kekeke take care” – Abby

6. A very long like a novela greetings from an old flame and take note in full English words. 🙂

He is the first person who had the guts to write me a love letter back when we were in senior years in high school in the same full English fashion, but what’s funny is that he seemed to get it from different Hallmark greeting card messages (old school time when social networking is not yet a fad) since some things don’t connect.  But I just admire him back then since he made me think of one word that I have heard the first time, the word “VEX”.  I don’t know why all of the guys back then thought I only accept love letters in English when it’s the subject I’m least good at, hahaha.  And now I guess he grow up still with that thought.  He still seemed to copy paste his greeting from somewhere, LOL!  I don’t have a thing against him (in fact I really did consider him as a boyfriend back then, LOL).  I just can’t help but smile with his message. I wouldn’t detail it here as it’s really long. 🙂  It so reminded me of those good old days when life is simple and I have admirers from almost all sections in our batch (ang haba na pala ng hair ko since high school, kinda suplada lang LOL!)

5. Happy bday — from my ultimate celebrity choir crush

This is one dear weakness of mine, a guy with a very good voice.  So when I came across this koreanish looking guy with a very great voice (parang galing lang ng heaven) from a church I frequent it’s an instant magnet.  While having my bday lunch with family I took a chance to access my FB at my mobile phone and what a surprise!  Sa dinami ng friends nya eh binati pa ako, yes, ang haba ng hair sa mga celeb, barista and mukhang Korean. 🙂 Connect the dots, LOL!

4. Sana mahanap mo na ang Ser Chief ng buhay mo 🙂

Since I got hooked on this epic, trending and full of goodvibes kilig-serye Be Careful with my Heart I remember posting a FB status “Saan ba nakakahanap ng Ser Chief” (Where can you find a man like Ser Chief), LOL! Having someone to say this to me on my day makes my heart smile as if I will really find him sooner than what I’m wishing for.  Thanks Leah for this, and I know we will soon find our Mr. Right, and who knows he will be much more than what Ser Chief is to Maya dela Rosa.  I’m claiming it guys, dreams do come true! ♥

3. You give a different meaning to the word FANGIRLING Reg

What is fangirling? :)

What is fangirling? 🙂

I have been the craziest fangirl in the last 2 years but when someone confessed that she is a fan of mine what can I say, speechless mode. I may not be a celebrity but now I know the feeling of being a Christian Bautista or my kpop celebrity crushes, LOL!  On a more serious note really this is one of the best things that have been said to me since I shifted from a full-time serious corporate girl to a part-time fangirl and blogger – “Keep on inspiring people and showing how much fun life could get if you just know what you love and do them”.  In deep tagalog words it’s so “tagos sa puso”. I’m so happy that I inspire people by writing my thoughts and doing things close to my heart and sharing it to the world.  Kamsahamnida friend Jhanysse.  You really made my day special. And now I really need to pursue my dream of being an events/magazine feature/inspirational writer and soon publish a book of my own. 🙂

2. Happy Bday from a hunky handsome face I truly madly deeply admire 🙂

After having a week of deadlines at work I capped it off with a Friday KTV night for an early birthday celebration.  I treated my fangirl friends to a kpop-inspired KTV place Kbob along Cubao area.  It was a super fun (daebak to be exact in k-terms) night complete with soju, chapchae, beef bulgogi and a Kpop playlist that I can’t explain know how they selected as the songs in their list were mostly written in Hangeul ahahaha (Even if I already learned some basic Korean I still find some difficulty in reading them, LOL).  We are in so high energy even with just one shot of soju each. But what makes that night even more exciting is the birthday gift they give to me, an assorted kpop stars inspired items and a grand prize like memorabilia I never thought they can do and give to me.  They made me close my eyes and give me a cue when to finally open it.  In that instant I really know that it is something special.  I’m speechless as I opened my eyes.  OMG!  A hunky handsome face is smiling and looking straight to my eye while holding a “HAPPY BDAY Reg” paper banner!  No he doesn’t come out in a giant box or a cake (bridal shower party ang peg, hahaha).  It is a photo worthy to be displayed in my room, beating all the korean posters I have.  It was the cheesiest gift I have received I guess but it really made my night and I can’t sleep without wearing that “kilig” smile. It’s like a fansign greet from a person I truly admire and been a source of goodvibes since January.  Take note it wasn’t photoshopped.  It’s a real thing and I don’t know how they approached him without me knowing it.  Surely I’ll melt when we two meet after this thing, or if ever if he will come accross to this blog.  Shame, LOL!  #Mr.Goodvibes

And tadahh! the one on the top spot…of my heart ♥ – shame cheesy overload…

1. Yo! Happy birthday 🙂

I know this is a simple and generic “happy bday” (though it comes with a “Yo”) but what makes it on top of my list is because it came in a so unexpected way. And just like what I said in my “A New Year’s Eve Surprise” blog, it’s another “ang haba ng hair ko, abot hanggang Seoul South Korea” moment, LOL!  The day after my birthday I woke up so early at around 6am as I slept earlier than usual also.  I grabbed my laptop and finished reading all the FB greetings posts I left the night before.  And just when I posted my sincere thank you and overflowing happiness FB status , a name popped in my notifications that made me sigh a silent giggle while holding my chest almost to burst.  Wahhh, I guess someone wanted to be on top of my Happy list!  It’s the same person who always send me goodvibes at the right time whenever I needed it.  I knew it, on my day he won’t miss doing surprises  ♥.   Oemgee!  The way he did it was a blast.  At the bottom of my heart I won’t deny I really wished him to greet me.  I’m already overjoyed with the Top 2 but this thing is worth to be on top of my list.  I won’t give further details (hahaha as if the info given is not too much).   Let’s just say that it feels like I’m Maya in the hit kilig-serye “Be Careful with my Heart” in the early phase of her feelings for Ser Chief. 🙂  Trivial but it’s a #WishGranted.  And I must say it’s like a koreanovela scene and I think we are already on Episode 6. 🙂

On this day as if all good vibes on earth poured down on me while it’s raining very hard at The Fort/Serendra area where me and my family were dining.  It’s so true that when it rains it pours — Happy Aura in SM Aura 🙂 LOL!

 And as if there’s no tomorrow I received another surprise on the afternoon of the 27th.  I won again in one of the Facebook online contest I joined, Waaaah! And to top it all the person on the top of my list striked once more in a so unexpected way yet again. Wahhh, Goodvibes extended overload!

So I should just remember this day whenever I feel down or positivity seems to be absent or hiding his smile. Now I know that even for a day or two everything will feel perfect. And I think it’s just really true that when you always strive to be happy you will attract those positive vibes you needed.  Small things or big celebrate life to the best that you can.

I do hope this post inspires you more than anything. Till my next Top 10 post. Kamsahamnida! 🙂

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Last night at around this same time I have received an unexpected thing that really made me feel “ang haba-haba ng hair ko, abot hanggang Seoul South Korea” hahaha.

After posting my 2012 reflections that surprise came into me. Literally I don’t know what to do, nor what to say…Yes its a thing close to my heart that may seem childish for others but for me its a big thing.  Just imagine a teenager girl with her cush inviting her to be his date in the prom, hahaha.  Don’t think too much friends I wont reveal it here.  It’s just that I still have a hangover last night.

On a more deeper note that “kilig moment” is really one big inspiration.  It happened barely three hours to go before 2012 bids goodbye for 2013.  Just when I thought the big things and smiles of 2012 are done there goes that thing.  Somehow I really wished for a thing close to it but I never imagined something better than what I wished for will happen.  And now I believe this would carry on throughout 2013.

If its really for you it will really be given. This new year’s eve surprise might be a simple thing but a lot of big things started from small.  In this 2013 Year of Faith or Year of the Water Snake I know keeping a positive heart and mindset is our best lucky charm, not any color, stone or those astrological help .  I’m still fleeting in the air from last night.  Thank you Lord for all those inspirations I really needed, big thing or small.

Have a Positive 2013 everyone!

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Last year it was my dear inspiration Christian Bautista’s Bloggers conference that completed my 2011.  I can’t explain how I feel that time but let’s just say that I’m in a cloud nine moment.  My tummy’s trembling both in pressure and thrill as that fateful afternoon of November 13, 2011 came.  There I was seated with all the bloggers and throwing a question on the charming Asiansation Christian Bautista for the very first time.  It was really a dream come true for me.  An aspiring writer and fangirl wish granted.

I’m the girl seating 2nd to the right of Christian

And I really dressed up for this event only to see that most are in their jeans and shirt only.  Oh well you’d know that I am a fan in an instant. 🙂  A picture beside Christian sealed that day!  For a more detailed story see my full blog post

onsite Christian Bautista’s Bloggers Conference

the picture that completed the day!

This year, I think November is really a lucky month for me as I got another invite for a thing close to my heart.  As a testament of my Korean addiction and blogging world presence I got a seat at the grand opening event for media/press/bloggers of Korea’s No.1 coffee chain Caffe Bene in Eastwood.  As of writing they are opening tomorrow, November 29 at 8pm in Eastwood City Walk 2.  Thanks to this career blog post My Caffe Bene blog I have written and juggled in my busy full time corporate word that I’m getting this rare chance.

Caffe Bene sample interior (cr. to Caffe Bene Facebook)

Just thinking of being with all of these people of the writing and media world I can’t help but be elated. Caffe Bene is dubbed as Korea’s Starbucks in terms of popularity and number of stores.  It’s a favorite filming location of Korean dramas, the most recent and popular of which is Secreat Garden’s kilig scenes (for more information about Caffe Bene follow them on twiiter @CaffeBenePH) Anything about Korea ignites a smile on my face and to add more to my giggles the handsome Asia prince Jang Keun Suk (star of hit kdrama You’re Beautiful and the more recent Love Rain) endorses the brand.   Waah, I heart him much and this could be a chance of bringing him here in Manila.  So that’s two bird in one shot, blogging and Korean stuff, enough to make my hyperacidity attack again in excitement. 🙂

Caffe Bene website cover

Jang Keun Suk for Caffe Bene (credits to owner)

I am just thankful given the above two chances of a lifetime.  My blog has been up only for a year and I do not blog that often, posting only about 2-3 titles per month.  Despite of this I’m so grateful that rare chances to be on the limelight were presented to me and that’s a big thing for me.  I’m sincerely glad up to the top of my lungs.  It gives me a venue to post my craziness, the things I love and some inspirations to my readers.  I just wanted to thank all friends and colleagues who were so appreciative of the things I write.  Special mention to my creative writing friends who opened me up to pursue this thing and help me in my poetry, grammar and to learn more about my craft.  Looking forward to more next year as we are preparing a yet another dream come true for me.  Of course golf course I wouldn’t forget to thank Starbucks Matalino for being my friendliest and most conducive place to write.  Have written loads of things inside that corner in Matalino Street, I could not count them to date, hahaha. And they also helped me to promote my blog site as I get a lot of hits with my “Loving Starbucks Matalino” blog post. 🙂

So friends see yah all at Eastwood Caffe Bene grand opening tomorrow and hoping you will support me on my next blogging gig. 🙂  Fighting!


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May is indeed a month full of surprises as well as some disaapointments.  A whirlwind of emotions, the happy-sad-happy-sad-happy transitions made me think through but still enjoyed it a lot. A spontaneous Hongkong travel to satisfy my fangirling thing, failing my first ever national writing workshop application (first timer’s high), looking forward to a thing that turned out not to happen in the near future anymore (oh well maybe its not really for me at all), a good friend and crush finally tieing the knot (at least I’m over him now), almost dating a pilot, and last but will always be my favorite classic Starbucks Matalino crazy moments, and so many other things brought colors to my ever epic May.

Kangsahamnida, I feel I grow wiser and beautiful inside and out as I cry, smile, laugh my heart out loud and just being myself in every day of my birthday month.

Cheers to 7 more months of 2012.  Aja-Aja, Fighting.  Blessings in disguises are always around the corner everyone! 🙂


This Blog post is written in my second home and most loved coffee shop in town, Starbucks Matalino!  And just now I received a belated Happy Birthday greeting and Free Tall beverage gift from all the friendly baristas.  This is life! 🙂  Saranghe Starbucks Matalino!

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I can still remember how I silently cried in pain last year.  It was one of the saddest birthday month ever as I can’t eat, birthday travel cancelled the last minute, can’t work even with a little stress and basically can’t open my mouth to smile.  Oh well what can stress and depression do to you.  But those were all part of the past and I can say that I’m thankful I was in that hell for it gave me so much in return after.

Been serious for the past years of my life but everything turned around as I turn another year.  I learned to appreciate the little things around me.  Keep on doing what’s close to my heart and didn’t care much of what people say.  Crazy as it may seem but my blogging, Kdrama addiction, fangirling adventures, pogi Pinoy and Korean celebrities indulgence and barista moments kept my sanity and made me happy.  Shallow and so childish for someone past her teenage years but i know I’m doing well. There’s something deep within all of them.

I’m taking things slow but at the same time seizing every opportunities given to me now.  Not anymore that afraid, except maybe for adventurous sports and the likes.  I learned that putting all of your energy on something so badly wanted can harm you.  Put your heart into it but remember if its meant it will happen, if not learn to accept and procced to option 2.  And most of all everything in life is a blessing, some are in disguises most of the time but everything happens for a reason guys. What your heart desires will come at the right time, and it comes always in a grand manner. I learned that late but happy its not too late and so now I’m so looking forward for another year of wisdom and true happiness!

Borrowing from my favorite Koreanovelas, Aja Aja, Fighting Reg!  Cheers to more blogging, fangirling, new outlook at work and hopefully love soon. 🙂

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