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Bitten by the love month or inspired by Lang Leav or just letting go of the mixed emotions on sending someone off on a Valentines eve I’m so happy to post this valentine poetry collection of mine.

This is my first post for 2016 and its back to basics, my first love. I’m so crazy thrilled that my passion is back.

Enjoyed pouring my heart here. ❤  More poetry from me soon. 🙂 Enjoy sighing. ^_^

Valentine Moon

Full moon on valentine’s day
It’s so damn romantic
like the feelings we have
shining even kept in the dark…

02142014 by Pinkyreg (written right under the full moon on a crazy valentine Friday traffic jam)

Question and Answer

I asked without expectation
Do i look good with koreans or japanese?
And candidly you replied
“You look pretty with both ”
At 2am I shouted and giggled like there’s no tomorrow.

You asked me where to blog
I answered its classic in wordpress
Yet that sincere question to an amateur me
is just the most classic gesture
to make me hug my pillow and pen a poem.

02172016 by Pinkyreg (random written while in transit in a window seat to a guy miles away)


Just Get Lost

Lost in silence
in my own comfort zone
Would the crowd be a found?

Lost in the city
Wanting to get lost in the wild
or just get lost in love.

Been lost in Seoul
I wanna be lost once more
to another place to find someone lost.

02192016 by Pinkyreg (written in silence of a Starbucks place)


Missed It

Have I really forgotten you?
Indeniably torn
Since I don’t want to
but time seems to answer YES
without me knowing how
I missed it…
and you.

02292016 by Pinkyreg (written in the Leap Year day of 2016)


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As a debut to wordpress I’m sharing this piece that opened me up again to the art of writing.  I’ve been writing from way back grade school until my college days in the traditional school paper publications though I didn’t put much attention to it.  When I pen this poem, it awaken something in me.   This made me realize that I can truly write, that I can be  a poet or even a song writer.  Hmm, why not, with the help of some Music 101 of course.

I love writing, but most of all I love to be in love.  This is a love poem written so full of heart almost 3 years ago.  Originally posted in my multiply site http://pinkyreg.multiply.com/journal/item/3/From_A_Far,  I just made some editing after I enrolled in a poetry class this year.

This is a little bit of me,  more to come soon.  Welcome to my page :p

From A Far

I admired you from afar 

when you came just like a star
A perfect gentleman with a brilliant mind
Just like all the girls I couldn’t resist your charm.

Days and nights passed by without a clue
that someday something will grow
When you stared at me and smiled back
What caould I do but fall into your trap.

Having a busy life and a lonely heart
your voice suddenly lightens me up
Inspired by countless compliments each and every time
And when our eyes meet then everything’s fine.

Anyone can read something between your words and smile
A thing I don’t want to feel and consciously deny
But you do act like you care a lot
so how can I stop my heart.

Don’t know what to do or what to say
I miss you when you’re away
But I know I will remain just fine
that for a time somehow you also liked me from afar.  

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