The much awaited annual Starbucks Christmas tradition in the Philippines has already started this November 2 but I’ve got the chance to experience it days earlier. Last Oct 29, 2016 my Starbucks addict self excitedly dressed up to attend the 2016 Starbucks Christmas Grand Launch at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-la Plaza Mall.


The launch event was held for two days, Oct 29 and 30 free of charge to the public. Attendees just have to show a screenshot of their My Starbucks Rewards account page to enter and be given a Cheer Passport.


I have no idea of what’s in store for me there aside from seeing first hand and having a chance of winning the 2017 planners but since Starbucks equates to Goodvibes for me I immediately ticked “Going” at the official FB event page and saved the log-in screenshot before heading there.

I was not able to enter last year’s launch since I came in too late from work and the program is about to end. So literally it’s my first time. In my excitement I accidentally erased the photo while lining up hahaha, and so i went to a wifi ready place just to resave, lol. 😛


As I line up again that was the time I noticed a lot of booths and baristas were all around the venue, hmmmm…I smell something thrilling fun right there and then.

When the Cheer Passport and Starbucks Promo card were given to me the barista in the registration booth explained that I need to complete a total of 5 stamps by doing the activities/challenges in each of the 5 Cheer Stations inside to get a Special Gift. Ok, lets do this. And so I entered and to my surprise this greeted me: Cheer Station 1 – Christmas Selfie Challenge. I picked from a bowl of paper slips what I needed to do and tada, the challenge for me is “Take a selfie with a Starbucks Barista” and upload it on your social media account.

Hihihi, OMG, Kilig much, Im game!

(I said while smiling ear to ear, hahaha) ♡♥♡


The kilig turned into a different kind of cloud nine. It feels overwhelmingly heaven seeing everything Starbucks and Christmas and baristas so I decided to save the best for last and just go on the next 4 Cheer Stations before scoring that “selfie“.

Oh well the real reason is that I just wanted to look around for the most charming one and find the guts too. It’s harder in real life than what my imagination depicted, hahaha. 😛

Let’s get it on with the next Cheer Stations’ activities. Cheer Station 2 is the “Sips of Cheer” where you are asked to try on the new Christmas beverage Santa Hat Dark Mocha Frappuccino. Isn’t it so great, a free taste and you got a stamp.



This new beverage is the perfect Christmas frappe for me. Its bittersweet mix of Dark mocha, strawberry and java chips is just right and the coffee is not too strong yet it can perk you up. Finally my acidic stomach found a match and I can complete the right side of the planner promo card faster. Thank you Starbucks for this. ♡♥♡


Cheer Station 3: Flavors of Christmas is some kind of a memory game wherein you need to get 2 matches by flipping the cards of Starbucks flavors. I didn’t get a match here yet there is a prize item win or loose and a stamp of course for trying.



Cheer Station 4: Celebrate our Beloved Christmas Blend is a free taste station that comes with a lecture from the charming baristas of the choiced Christmas blend beans and how the normal brew and “siphoning” produces different levels of taste and coffee aroma. Yes I can be a Starbucks barista now hahaha. 😛



The last is probably the hardest for me. Cheer Station 5: Crafted by Hand and Heart needs the artist in you by designing a blank Starbucks Christmas greeting card.

I have no sense of the visual arts and its my hatest subject in school yet I have no choice but to draw and play with the gliterry and metallic pens/markers provided. Here are some of the finished product of others, nevermind mine hahaha.


So where is the Starbucks Barista selfie? Ok here it is, I can’t do it with the one I find the most charming but definitely it was one kilig flattering moment hihi. ♡♥♡


Lol! Its not just a selfie right. Caption it for yourselves hahaha. They even let me be a barista for a day in the next photo. ☆♡★


Before claiming the gift item its now time to get a first hand look at the colorful 2017 Starbucks Planner designs.


This year it comes in two hip and classy designs: the Blue Siren and Coffee Stains and it comes with an erasable pen, magnetic bookmark and a pouch to keep it neat. Nicee right! ★☆★


The Christmas tumblers are so eyecandy too as well as the new Starbucks card designs. Cant resist to touch and took photos.




I really did enjoy the event. So much goodvibes all around. ♡♥♡


Here are some more photos of the crowd and inside the event.






Here’s my completed Cheer Passport and my take home items and happy heart inside ♡★♡



Here’s one more takeaway~ I didn’t get a selfie but at least a photo with the most charming barista of the day (left), hahahaha. ♥♡♥


Thank you so much and Congratulations Starbucks Philippines for a very creative, interactive and enjoyable launch full of Starbucks Christmas spirit and goodvibes. Will forever be a Starbucks baby.

Even if I was not able to wait for the planner raffle draw it’s all worth it that I came here. Indeed an event worth blogging. ★☆★

Pinkyreg ♡♥♡



“Wanna travel Korea with me?”

Song Joongki through Imagine Your Korea Korea Tourism TVC teasers handsomely invites everyone to come and travel Korea with him (See my previous blog here).  Days after the TVC teasers release Imagine Your Korea revealed various stills of Song showing the different aspects the land of the morning calm can offer.

After Song Joongki has been chosen as the Honorary Ambassador for Korea Tourism by South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in April we are now seeing how effective and perfect he is to promote Korea Tourism in below stills as these photos garnered thousands of likes and shares as well as the teaser videos views.

The very first photo posted shows Song shining so brightly as the breath-taking sunset at Jeju Stone Park, Jeju Island. Every Korea lover especially Korean drama addicts has Jeju Island in their travel bucket list and I’m sure Song Joongki added an urge to visit it soon. ❤


Wanna Travel Korea with Me? – Song Joongki at Jeju Stone Park, Jeju Island

In the next stills Joongki invites you to go shopping as well as dance and groove to K-pop music while travelling to Korea with him, hallyu at its best.


Wanna Travel Korea with Me? – Song Joongki invites you to shop for latest K-fashion trends


Wanna Travel Korea with Me? – Song Joongki invites you to release stress by dancing to K-pop

The latest dropped photo shows him letting you take a bite of Korean food and desserts. This one looks very real like he is just in front of you. ❤


Wanna Travel Korea with Me? – Song Joongki invites you to take a bite of delicious K-food and desserts

I can’t wait for more photos soon.  Hmmm let’s take a guess, Joongki at Nami Island, or at Gyeonbokgung Palace or Bukchon Hanok village wearing a hanbok? Or taking a stroll at Myeongdong for street foods or hanging love locks at N Seoul Tower with Kyo?  How we all wished, especially the last. ❤  So stay tuned as well as for the full TVC.

Wanna travel to Korea with Song Joongki? Everyone’s answer surely is I DO! ❤ Let us all go and visit Korea soon. ^^

(Full credits to Imagine Your Korea FB and Instagram pages for the photos). Follow and like Imagine Your Korea on their official pages below:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/imagineyourkorea
Instagram: @imagineyourkorea

It was a long wait but definitely it’s worth it. Imagine Your Korea through its official Facebook and Instagram pages revealed last Tuesday, August 2 its Korea Tourism TVC teasers featuring who else but Song Joongki, the Honorary Ambassador of Korea Tourism.

In the two videos posted Song Joongki teases everyone with “Wanna travel Korea with me?” line in his overly handsome and cute way no one can resist.  The first teaser shows Song with N Seoul Tower from a far background while in the second one we can see him in a club partying and in a charming dancing mood. Song Joongki is the perfect Korea Tourism ambassador, we all wanna go and travel to Korea with him upon watching the two teasers. ❤


Song Joongki TVC for Korea Tourism Teaser 1 Screen cap


Song Joongki TVC for Korea Tourism Teaser 2 Screen cap

Check out the official Korea Toursim TVCs below (click link above the pictures) as shared by Imagine Your Korea FB page.

Teaser  1
Korea Tourism Song Joongki TVC teaser 1

13956958_10210261783011052_415460128_n (1)

Korea Tourism Song Joongki TVC teaser 1 (Imagine Your Korea FB Post screen cap)

Teaser  2
Korea Tourism Song Joongki TVC teaser 2


Korea Tourism Song Joongki TVC teaser 2 (Imagine Your Korea FB Post screen cap)

As a bonus these teasers launch came in with a Trip to Korea event/contest dubbed as “Want to visit the homeland of K-Star Song Joong-Ki? All you have to do is share any of the two teasers posted in Facebook above and comment the reason why you want to travel to Korea. The event runs from August 2-8 with announcement of winners on Aug 18.  At stake is one round trip ticket to Korea and 10 one-of-a-kind Song Joongki travel kits.

What are you waiting for? Just in case you haven’t known of this event you have until Monday, Aug 8 to join and forever to feast on these charmingly handsome teasers and imagine travelling to Korea with Joongki. ❤ Of course I already joined and I do really wanna win and travel Korea with him, hihi. Aja!

May the best Song Joongki fans and/or Korea lovers win, hwaiting! And let’s all wait for the full TVC soon. ^_^


Song Joongki for Korea Tourism (c) Imagine Your Korea FB Page

Follow and like Imagine Your Korea on their official pages below for updates:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/imagineyourkorea
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/imagineyourkorea

Calling all k-pop and k-drama lovers in the Philippines, who wants an event featuring everything about Korean Wave with FREE admission?  Well before you even wish it has already come true. 😉 Filipino fans of Korean entertainment will have a full-day feast on all things about Korean wave or “Hallyu” as the Philippine K-pop Convention, Inc. (PKCI), in partnership with the Korean Cultural Center (KCC), and supported by the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE), brings you “Happy Hallyu Day” on July 23, 2016 at Skydome, SM City North EDSA.

Happy Hallyu Day Event Poster

Official Event poster from PKCI and KCCPh

Various Korean-related activities from k-pop, k-drama, and travel to Korea and even on k-beauty and fashion await every attendee.  Get to enjoy being a fangirl/fanboy on activity booths from K-pop fan clubs and brands. Famous Korean cosmetic brands like Missha will have make-up demonstrations where guests can know how to achieve the same look as their favorite K-pop artists. Fans can also take their photos with life-size standees of various Korean artists. I do hope there will be a Song Joongki standee to selfie galore with (wink wink, let’s wish upon the stars in Uruk, hahaha). 🙂

See live performances from k-pop cover dance groups and singers as well as Traditional Korean cultural performances from KCC Ph’s in-house performance teams.  Guests can also take advantage of free seminars and workshops and learn how to dress, look and travel k-pop style. For K-pop fans who are travelling to Korea for the first time, a seminar on Traveling to Korea will be conducted by Sparkling Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Ms. Gigi Yia. If you missed her talk last May sponsored by KTO Manila then this is your chance now. A short talk and workshop on Korean style and K-pop-inspired fashion will be held by fashion stylist and Editor RJ Roque. I am so excited on both of these talks.

Attendees will have a chance to win exciting prizes too by joining raffle draws. And last but definitely not the least, there will be a Korean Drama quiz contest to anticipate and join.  Better do a refresh and review of your favorite k-drama facts before going to the event. 😉

Are you getting excited? Here’s one more: Admission is FREE! Surely every attendee would have a blast. “Happy Hallyu Day” is a special project funded by the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) and is part of KCC’s 5th anniversary celebration. KCC in the Philippines was established on July 19, 2011 to further promote the Korean culture and facilitate a wider and more expansive cultural exchange.  Let’s thank KOFICE, KCCPh and PKCI for this FREE event and wish KCCPh a very Happy 5th Anniversary!

More details and announcements as well as instructions on how to get passes are to be announces soon. Please keep posted on Philippine K-pop Convention, Inc. (PKCI) FB page at www.facebook.com/philkpopcomm or follow them on Instagram and twitter at @kpopconph. Mark your calendars and see you all k-fangirls on July 23 at SM Skydome from 10AM – 5PM and let’s celebrate Hallyu! ❤

The event is followed by KCC’s annual K-Pop talent competition, “Pinoy K-Pop Star at 6-9pm. 

It was minutes past 6pm and the sun is still up preparing to set down when I arrived at BGC one early Thursday night of May 5.  I am so excited beyond words since I would say hello to something I am always craving for but this time it’s kinda something new, a new bingsuuu is in Café Seolhwa town! ❤

The fancy and modern Korean dessert place Café Seolhwa is well known for its signature snowy like a pure first snow and tastes as good as how it looks Mango Cheese and Berry Cheese Bingsu. These become the favorite desserts Instagram-ed of since it opened its bingsu doors March of last year at BGC.

Seolhwa Mango Cheese Bingsu

Mango Cheese Bingsu (c) @seolhwabingsu ig

Seolhwa Berry Cheese Bingsu

Berry Cheese Bingsu (c) @seolhwabingsu ig

As Café Seolhwa reach its one year of existence and service to bingsu addicts a whole new different kind of bingsu is created and ambitiously prepared (quoting from @seolhwabingsu IG)  by the magical hands of its owner.  Say Hello to CAKE BINGSU, yes a Cake Bingsu! It’s just a very apt new menu to celebrate Seolhwa’s anniversary and I am very privileged to have a first taste of it before it was made available and served at the counters.

Cafe Seolhwa Cake Bingsu teaser

Cake Bingsu teaser images (c) @seolhwabingsu ig

For the Cake Bingsu series Café Seolhwa introduces 2 new variants in their menu: The Gomawo or Thank You Bingsu and Heng Bok He or Happiness BingsuKnow more about these two new bingsu of Seolhwa’s menu and my verdict upon having my sweet first taste of them below:

Gomawo Bingsu  (Thank You Bingsu)

Gomawo means  “Thank You” in Korea so this Gomawo Bingsu or Thank You Bingsu is a way of thanking Seolhwa customers with a mix of coffee, chocolate, strawberry sauce and crème cheese married into a cake Bingsu.  Essentially it is a Tiramisu Bingsu being a coffee-choco cake in a bingsu form.

Gomawo Bingsu

Gomawo Bingsu as presented to Pinkyreg by Cafe Seolhwa ❤

At first you can taste the chocolatey flavor as the ice is chocolate flavored but afterwards it will leave you with the strong coffee taste.  This one is perfect for coffee lovers.  I haven’t tasted their Coffee Bingsu but this one makes you feel like drinking coffee, eating a cake and bingsu all in one.  Try it for yourself. 😛

Pinkyreg First Taste of Cake Bingsu

Pinkyreg’s first sweet taste of Gomawo Cake Bingsu, yum ^^ (taken from Seolhwa owner’s cam)

Heng Bok He Bingsu  (Happiness Bingsu)

Heng Bok He means “Happiness” in Korea and true enough this Heng Bok He Bingsu or Happiness Bingsu can make you happy.  It’s like chocolate for girls, an instant happy pill.  On top of the sweet fresh berry sauce is a mix of the soft yogurt cream.  The yogurt berry taste and the mix of all the flavors (sour, sweet, fruity, creamy) made it perfect.  As said in Seolhwa’s ig post it’s an “All day Heng bok he” or all day happy with this Yogurt Berry Bingsu.  You can judge it just by the look of it below, so yummy pretty <3!

Heng Bok He Bingsu

Heng Bok He Bingsu – such a heavenly happy sweet first taste ❤

These yummy Cake Bingsu series is now serving at the counters of Café Seolhwa BGC branch that started last May 16. Make it a gift to yourself for special occasions or just when you are craving for bingsu. 🙂  It has the Café Seolhwa’s signature magical fine snowy texture of the shaved ice, it’s distinct flavors with a cake foundation for a festive look and taste. I am not sure if it’s a limited edition menu or forever but you may not want to miss trying the Gomawo and Heng Bok He Bingsu so do drop by the BGC branch.  After all you can never go wrong with Cafe Seolhwa since after trying 8 bingsu places Café Seolhwa is still the best korean dessert place for me. ^_^

Wanna Have Some Seolhwa Cake Bingsu

Wanna Have Some Seolhwa Cake Bingsu?

Thank you once again Mr. Daniel Choi (Korean Manager) and Ms. Gowoon Jung (Owner) of Cafe Seolhwa for the privilege of the “first taste” of Cake Bingsu series and selecting me as one of the Seolhwa’s “First Supporters”Gomawo and indeed it was Heng bok he! 🙂

with Cafe Seolhwa's owner and manager and fellow first supporter

with Cafe Seolhwa’s owner and manager and fellow first supporter ❤

with Cafe Seolhwa's korean manager Mr. Danile Choi ;)

Mango Cheese Bingsu (c) @seolhwabingsu ig

Like Cafe Seolhwa’s FB page at http://www.facebook.com/seolhwabingsu and follow them on Instagram @seolhwabingsu for more updates.

As of writing we are down to the last week of the talk of the world Korean drama Descendants of the Sun or DOTS as it’s shortly called. Fans of DOTS are dreading this week to come as the Wednesday-Thursday habit of tuning in to KBS2 or waiting for the English-subbed episodes is coming to close.  So as to ease the pain of us Song Joongki or DOTS addicts I have this post to cure a bit of that incoming withdrawal syndrome in the coming days or maybe months.

No doubt everybody loves Song Joongki as Captain Yoo Si Jin.  His handsomely cute lovable face outside that strong character plus those cheesy lines over patriotism and “soldier in shining armour” (or should I say gun) antics made him the most wanted man every woman desires.  Without further ado here is a top ten list of Yoo Si Jin faces and personalities that made us fall in love with him over and over again. Enjoy! ❤

It’s super hard to choose the best 10. Should I revise to Top 100 or apologize? 😉

1. The Captain cum Rayban Model

I chose this as the first in the list because this scene is just so iconic. He looks so like the “Big Boss” here with that mysteriously cold look trying to hide his feelings inside that Rayban aviator sunglasses as he passed by the pretty shocked Dr. Kang. One of the most melodramatic scene to the tune of “I love you…” They won’t choose this as the emoji of that trending #YooSiJin in twitter days ago for nothing. ❤

2. The Captain in Dress Uniform


For me this is one of his most handsome look if not the best. No wonder it was chosen to be his get-up for the “First Kiss” scene. It just added flavor to the already heart-fluttering Wine Kiss. Agree? His very neatly handsome soldier look makes us fancy over and over again to be wooed and kissed by this captain. ❤


3. Gym Buff


Thanks to Descendants of the Sun that we saw a Song Joongki in all his abs glory.  How can that baby-faced cutie managed to have that one hot body.  In an interview during the drama’s press conference before its first episode Song said that he wanted to lend it for the melodrama and his co-star Ms.Song Hye Kyo to make it more real.  And yes Captain you did it.  I love that scene how he answered his phone and said to meet Dr. Kang Mo Yeon right there and then while looking so hot topless. ❤ ❤ ❤

And how many times did you put this this gif on replay mode, hihihi. Thanks to the owner. ^_^


4. Boy Next Door


We always see him in a soldier uniform, but that instance when he showed up so early for their “first date” make everyone wish someone so handsome like him waits right outside our school or work, hahahaha.  Can he get any cuter than this, and in that gray sweatshirt, aw!  Wait for more entries in the list. 🙂

5. Holding A Gun


Is there anyone more masculine handsome than Captain Yoo holding a gun? He is really a “soldier in shining armour” ready to sacrifice for patriotism and for the love of his life.  What is more challenging for our hearts not to explode is that he always speaks English while holding a gun. OMO! Plus pogi (handsome) points to his already Level 1000. Take note even in hospital gown he looks so cool, why oh why captain?

6. Stalker and Sharp Shooter Captain


Captain Yoo seems to abuse his post sometimes.  Who has not been shot right through the heart in that Stalking Level 100 or “Shot of Love Scene”?  I so envy you Dr. Kang! Ok here’s the clip (credits to @descendants.of.the.sun ig). 😛

More over there is really something in that target shooting angle that makes Captain Yoo blow our minds and make undies fall. Agree? Ahhahaha 😛


7. Drunk Cutie

From that captain in uniform, holding a gun and sharp shooter mode this is just a so unexpected sight to see of him. An all-out drunk Si Jin, OMO! Being prohibited to drink while he is in uniform, drinking soju for 3 straight days if I am not mistaken is his bliss.

Gosh, this is a thing a lot cuter than his boy next door image. I can’t help but smile seeing him like this. Oh my so pretty boy! ❤ I cannot hold the feels.


8. On Cloud Nine and Head Over Heels



I think what makes us love him even more is the way he is very in love with the female lead. No doubt right from Episode 1 you can feel Captain Yoo would do anything for Dr. Kang. Who could forget these lines “Doctors must not have a boyfriend because they are busy…” ❤


He knows how to make a woman feel loved. Aw that pony tail scene in Uruk, do you have a twin brother Captain Yoo Si Jin? Lol 🙂

But what makes him more attractive is when he looks oh so kilig or tickled and overjoyed like in cloud nine, more than what a girl feels who have been first-kissed , hahahha. Let’s see if you can recall these scenes, I know you will.



9. Cheesy Line King

Descendants of the Sun may be an action packed melodrama but definitely it’s a full blown romantic one with so many cheesy pick up lines delivered by no less than the captain or should I say the King of Cheesy lines Yoo Si Jin.  This “You look pretty today” scene can top it all, complete with “Don’t feel embarrassed now that I know you like me. It doesn’t change the fact that I like you more”.  Aw, cheesiness overload! Maybe, on that note Dr. Kang decided to confess in person and kissed him back after a few hours, lol. It worked Captain Yoo!



In the early episodes I personally like the movie date scene when he asked Dr. Kang to show him her ID. When she asked why he said. “I just want to make sure I am not dating a minor”. Shame! It will work on any girl surely ❤

10. Best Kisser Awardee


And last but definitely not the least Captain Yoo is the best kisser in Korean drama town. He does it in unexpected places.  Did you remember the feeling when that Wine Kiss happened at the end of Episode 4? Gosh we all wanted to fast forward the days to Wednesday.

And that Gasoline station scene, when he kissed her just to stop her jealousy. Oh Captain Yoo, you’re the best.


But the kiss that played all over our heads is definitely the Truck Kiss, because it’s the Song-Song couple first official kiss as boyfriend-girlfriend in the drama. I must say Dr. Kang you did well too, hihi ❤


Wheeew! What a list, imagine the feels while I am writing and compiling this.  Captain Yoo didn’t put me to sleep for nights hihihi ❤

Let me know your favorite in the list. I myself can’t choose or even order them well, hahaha (but I guess below is my top 4). Put it in the comment box or send me an email so I can edit lol. By the way I have a few more runners-up below.  OMO! I am laughing my heart out loud here.  Enjoy again and good luck to DOTS withdrawal syndrome. Salute Captain Yoo!


Saranghaeyo Song Joongki ❤

Runner-Up 1: Stunt Man Si Jin


Runner-Up 2: Crying Captain


Runner-Up 3: The Player Look


Runner-Up 4: Holding A book


Runner-Up 5: Jealous Captain

So damn cutie, so drum-roll as the last but definitely not the least runner-up 😛



<Disclaimer: I do not own all the photos, videos and GIFs, except for that top4 collage, full credits to the rightful owners, and thank you so much>


Bitten by the love month or inspired by Lang Leav or just letting go of the mixed emotions on sending someone off on a Valentines eve I’m so happy to post this valentine poetry collection of mine.

This is my first post for 2016 and its back to basics, my first love. I’m so crazy thrilled that my passion is back.

Enjoyed pouring my heart here. ❤  More poetry from me soon. 🙂 Enjoy sighing. ^_^

Valentine Moon

Full moon on valentine’s day
It’s so damn romantic
like the feelings we have
shining even kept in the dark…

02142014 by Pinkyreg (written right under the full moon on a crazy valentine Friday traffic jam)

Question and Answer

I asked without expectation
Do i look good with koreans or japanese?
And candidly you replied
“You look pretty with both ”
At 2am I shouted and giggled like there’s no tomorrow.

You asked me where to blog
I answered its classic in wordpress
Yet that sincere question to an amateur me
is just the most classic gesture
to make me hug my pillow and pen a poem.

02172016 by Pinkyreg (random written while in transit in a window seat to a guy miles away)


Just Get Lost

Lost in silence
in my own comfort zone
Would the crowd be a found?

Lost in the city
Wanting to get lost in the wild
or just get lost in love.

Been lost in Seoul
I wanna be lost once more
to another place to find someone lost.

02192016 by Pinkyreg (written in silence of a Starbucks place)


Missed It

Have I really forgotten you?
Indeniably torn
Since I don’t want to
but time seems to answer YES
without me knowing how
I missed it…
and you.

02292016 by Pinkyreg (written in the Leap Year day of 2016)


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