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After seeing one of the most popular South korean actor of all time Lee Min Ho last night (he was in Manila for the Kyochon Phillipines Grand Launch) this news just hit me in the heart as a person who dearly loves and promotes everything about Korea. A post of a friend in Facebook of which came from Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines and Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines Facebook pages said that there are new requirements needed to get a South Korean Visa that will be effective by March 1, 2015.  Below is the original post in Facebook coming from the said Korean entities. Click here (Item No. 20) for reference on the original announcement.

Based on the announcement, they have added Bank statement for the last 3 months as a requirement in addition to Certificate of Employment (COE), Bank Certificate and ITR copy.  A more detailed Bank Certificate is also required now that should include account details such as type, current balance, account opening date and 6 months ADB (average daily balance). In addtion the COE requirement now has to have these details: applicant’s position, date hired, compensation, address, office landline and email address (I’m assuming these contact details pertains to employer’s).

For someone who has applied twice for a South Korean Visa and being approved on both cases my first impression here is really why are they somehow more keen and strict on adding these requirements. After relaxing the requirements on multiple entry visa in 2013 (see my blog post here for this) this is the next big shift from their original protocols.  Securing a South Korean Visa is by far one of the easiest to get compared to Japan or China mostly in terms of the bank and show money requirements but with this it seems the three now requires a detailed ADB meaning your account should really be active for some time. In a more positive note I think they have carefully thought of this and just want to be sure that tourist will come back home in the Philippines with the surge of Filipinos wanting to go to Korea both for vacation and work (I admit, myself included, its a dream LOL).

Just to share some light that in my personal experience I think having your bank account for some time and having your money intact for several months before applying for a Korean Visa did help me secure my very first SK visa. With only Php 25,000 show money back in 2010 that I opened around 9 months before Visa application I was approved and granted a Single-entry visa (Disclaimer: This amount might not be applicable for now as it is 5 years ago).  I was clueless then and that was all I have prior to application and surprised but yes I managed to be approved by just that. I think I got approved because I was working for around 5 years already with the same company and as far as I have researched employment is one the things they are looking into to determine if you really will go back to your home country more than the show money (strong economic and family ties with home country). Read this post (Item No. 7) on Visa denial reasons also from the Korean embassy website as reference.  And I have friends who got rejected because they are new to their job and still on a probationary level (less than 6 months with the company). What I’m saying is that more or less these details were already looked on before but are just formalized now.  I have  also read it before that date of account opening is a must in the Bank Certificate though my bank didn’t put it in the certificate I requested and mentioned that the Korean embassy are just calling them for more details during the application screening process. And the compensation and date hired in COE is already part of the required details before. For the 2 times I have applied what I have been providing contains all of the details mentioned (except for the address and see I got approved) and maybe they just aid them in verifying my employment. See this post (Item No. 4 – Updated Visa Requirements) on the detailed process and guidelines which is what’s been in effect prior to the announcement, also from the Korean embassy website.  Please refer to the last slide for reference on the examples I gave.

In the midst of this lil’ tightening or should I say expanded tourist Visa requirements to enter the land of k-pop and korean dramas I’m so thankful that my multiple entry visa that I got last October 2013 is still valid up to Oct of 2016, waahh! But of course I wanted to help and get more info on this to help friends and all those asking me tips on how to apply for a South Korean Visa and get approved.

I really don’t know the rationale for these new requirements, how will they evaluate the detailed Bank Certificate and Statements and what would be the impact to the % of approved Visa for Filipinos. I will try my best to get first hand info regarding this and share tips  in the coming days once it is already in effect by March, wahh! We all can do this, we will get an approved South Korean Visa if we will follow and submit all the requirements needed. After all one has to have savings aka extra money to fly to Seoul. Aja! 🙂

Disclaimer: Info above except for the news/announcement/links part from the Embassy of South Korea in the Philippines are just my opinion and not full proof that you will get approved of a South Korean Visa.  Its best to submit all the requirements and fill out the application form leaving no blanks (put N/A if not applicable) for great chances of having your application approved.

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I can still remember how my friends and I developed a fanfiction which casted our selves and our korean biases.  Specifically CNBlue’s Lee Jonghyun played a vampire role and me as a young teacher in a university. After around 2 years we were just so surprised that it is working to come true!  Last Feb 9 a lot of buzz came from korean news outlets and blogs that Jonghyun is being courted to star in a korean drama about vampires and humans in a high school setting. OMG! ❤ It’s as if they knew of our dream. 😛



It has been reported that Jonghyun is potentially to star in a KBS korean drama entitled Orange Marmalade. FNC Entertainment stated that he is currently in consideration of the role though nothing has been decided yet.  It has also been said that the talks are in its final stages.

Orange Marmalade is romantic fantasy drama (based on a webtoon of the same title) of Baek Ma Ri, a vampire who hides her true identitiy as she transfers to a new school where she will fall in love with the popular high school boy Jung Jae Min. Yeo Jin Goo (The Moon Embracing the Sun, Hwayi, Missing You) is being reported offered the lead role (while Jonghyun will play the supporting role) with nothing final as of yet too.

If Jonghyun will accept the offer it will be his comeback in the dramaland after his successful portrayal of “Colin” in  A Gentleman’s Dignity. I really can’t wait (and I know a lot of fans too) for it to be official.  I did some reserach on the possible supporting character he might take and I hope he would really be a vampire soon in the character of “Han Si Hoo”, a vampire who likes Baek Ma Ri, wahhh its a love triangle and I’m sure kdrama fans hearts will have a hard time choosing between a human and a vampire, hahahaha. 🙂  So let’s wait and see if a Burning Vampire will be a reality, hihihi. ❤

Orange Marmalade is set to follow Spy and target to air in May. At least when my seoulmate Kim Jaejoong enlists I will still be happy ahahaha. 🙂  Aja!


And this is confirmed now and they are filming already. #WishComeTrue ❤ 

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It all started with Christian Bautista as I followed every mall show he is in, how I tagged him as my forever ideal man and how I wished him to be my boyfriend (literally wished) until I am lured to the gorgeous men of South Korea’s K-pop and K-drama world. And it has been three years.  So what really has changed in me after I learned how to dress up like a korean and put on those “cat eyeliner” on my peepers  and buy almost everything in my “kikay kit” from Etude House, The Faceshop, Nature Republic and Tony Moly aside from making me look young as ever?

Strange as it may seem but I learned a lot and become a better person from doing this thing of following every korean happening here in Manila and Korea that were ‘silly things” to people outside korean or hallyu world. Here’s my list:

  1. How to balance my day job and following my heart.
    Its tough but I love how did I managed to do it, I learned how to work and play and not just work and palpitate in stress like I used to.  And yes its possible.
  2. Became more friendly.
    Before my friends were confined to just family, relatives school mates and officemates, but now I have teenagers, singles and even mommies already who shared the same love for everything Korean as well as writers and bloggers.  Even met friends from attending Korean-related events that have been good friends along the way.  Believe me I’m a snob before but now I sometimes meet persons who know me but I just don’t know where I met them but still I’m all smiles when they smile at me at events ahahha.
  3. Discovered my passion for writing, what I really wanted to do when I retire or go out of the corporate world.
  4. Became the ambassador not just of everything korean but spreading of Goodvibes too.
    It has been my favorite hashtag since 2013 and sometimes friends equate #Goodvibes to koreans, but really its not.  I just found myself looking for goodvibes in everyday life. 😛
  5. Discovered that I have this unending luck on raffles, online and blogging contests.
    From Kim Hyun Joong Autograph signing passes here in Manila, to Christian Bautista premiere night movie passes, to Lee Min Ho concert tickets, to Samsung Note II phone to CNBlue presscon passes to free Yoga vouchers name it, I have won them since 2011 and counting.  And before that I never won in a raffle not even a single consolation price.  There must be someone who blew me some lucky charms to have all of these ahhaha.  Whatever is the explanation to these blessings I am just so thankful.  Though my ever wish is to win a Free trip to Korea ahhaha, I know that will happen in the right time.  Lol!
  6. If it’s yours it will be given.
    Life is not all easy for me in the last 3 years.  I almost gave up my korea trip last 2013 that I have been waiting for since 2010 due to unforseen reasons but it still happened, with matching 3-Year multiple entry korean visa and our sched coinciding Kim Jaejoong’s first Album Asia Tour Solo concert and a bonus stint of being an official social media ambassador of korea tourism as a  WOW Korea Supporter of Korea Tourism Organization Manila. All of these happened in a single time not even wishing all of them to happen.
  7. Learned that life is not all about work and money.
    Deep happiness can come from small trivial things like a surprise hug from someone you really really like to the highest level not on my birthday but on his birthday. ❤
  8. K-pop events can be a gateway to a blogging world career.
    And maybe to lovelife too.
  9. A “Blessing in disguise” is a reality.
    And this happened to me a lot of times in and outside the korean world. I won’t elaborate more but believe me everything happens for a reason, and yes I learned that in the course of fangirling.
  10. Dreams can come true.
    When you dream and pray it can happen, and it always comes in a grand and unexpected manner. I remember that dream to see CNBlue in their press con for Cant Stop in Manila and would you believe that after crying that i didn’t win that presscon passes and that my writing powers is not enough to get me a media pass some kind of a miracle sent me that email invite that im in all of a sudden . Woahh! A lot of things have been given to me from being a simple korean drama fan to becoming an official ambassador of everything korean in the social media world that I just love doing.  And all i wanted is to write and inspire.

Life is ironic. The best things in my life happened in the last 3 years as I discover these things through the term “K-FanGirling”. So guys follow your heart! Aja!

Sending Love and Goodvibes,

pinkyreg ♥

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