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I am just so delighted to answer this survey for Starbucks Matalino.  After almost a year of frequenting and loving this nook at Matalino St., finally I got that random survey coupon attached to my receipt.  This is it, time to give back and complement their great customer service by high praises.  As a Statistics graduate I know how important my voice would be for their branch and overall Starbucks in the Philippines.  As my token of my appreciation to Matalino baristas’ undying assistance to me, of course my answers are all Highly Satisfied, I need not think twice.

doing the survey for Starbucks Matalino

Love you all guys.  This is what I wrote in the comment box which asks “Explain in detail what you liked in this particular Starbucks store”.  Everyone would agree that the space provided is not enough and I would need a full blog to explain it.  Nevertheless I summarized it in few words.  Here’s a salute to all your hard work, friendliest customer service and charming acts not only to me but I think to every person who steps inside this Matalino St. Starbucks corner.

“This is the first Starbucks branch where I am greeted and called by my name upon entering the door on my mere second visit.  That was a wow experience! The barista’s memory is so sharp.  Since then I return almost every other day to this place, making it my favorite Starbucks branch.  This store makes me feel I am home and part of the family every time I’m there, making me forget all the stress of my day.  I love how all the baristas treat and engage me in a personal conversation each and every time and I think they know me well inside out already.  They are all charming.”

I remember what my friends told me when I got them to accompany me and have our Starbucks night at Matalino.  From entering the door, finding us a seat, calling me by my nickname, and assisting me every inch of the way of our stay, one thing is just missing. “Kulang na lang ipaglatag ka ng red carpet ng mga barista” (baristas to roll a red carpet for me).  That brought us a loud laughter.  But no kidding, its the best customer service I witnessed in my life.    Oh I forgot to mention that I got a free Signature Hot Chocolate as a birthday gift from them just last May.  I was not expecting that but yes it happened!

Till my next Starbucks Matalino visit and blog post.   Thanks again my friendly baristas, you’re all epic! –—- From a banker, blogger and Starbucks Matalino loyal customer Ms. Reg (or Dr. Reg as almost all the baristas thought I am a doctor hahaha).

a Happy Bday treat from Starbucks Matalino

Some trivia:  the barista with the very keen memory is no other than the charming one below! 🙂

Starbucks night with my friends – w/our barista for the night John Carlo 🙂

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May is indeed a month full of surprises as well as some disaapointments.  A whirlwind of emotions, the happy-sad-happy-sad-happy transitions made me think through but still enjoyed it a lot. A spontaneous Hongkong travel to satisfy my fangirling thing, failing my first ever national writing workshop application (first timer’s high), looking forward to a thing that turned out not to happen in the near future anymore (oh well maybe its not really for me at all), a good friend and crush finally tieing the knot (at least I’m over him now), almost dating a pilot, and last but will always be my favorite classic Starbucks Matalino crazy moments, and so many other things brought colors to my ever epic May.

Kangsahamnida, I feel I grow wiser and beautiful inside and out as I cry, smile, laugh my heart out loud and just being myself in every day of my birthday month.

Cheers to 7 more months of 2012.  Aja-Aja, Fighting.  Blessings in disguises are always around the corner everyone! 🙂


This Blog post is written in my second home and most loved coffee shop in town, Starbucks Matalino!  And just now I received a belated Happy Birthday greeting and Free Tall beverage gift from all the friendly baristas.  This is life! 🙂  Saranghe Starbucks Matalino!

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After a long while I entered this famous coffee shop again at Matalino St.  Since I used to frequent this nook I instantly noticed this Mr. Newbie barista right in front of me.  He let me spell my three-letter name and gave that cutie smile (is this a dejavu?) after saying it loud.  Is this sounding like a Koreanovela already? Oh well maybe since this Starbucks franchise is located at the heart of the Korean district here in Quezon City.  Let me continue.  I gave him my credit card for payment.  The POS terminal seems to help prolong our moment as it dials so slowly.  Mr. Cutie asked me then if I can let him hold my card first until the sale is printed.  I give him a nod (without thinking of a possible fraud activity) and waited patiently for my drink.

As soon as I my usual drink is prepared I quietly sit on my lucky table.  I opened my netbook and do my usual craft, to finish my long standing blog drafts.  Without a hint he approached my table asking for my signature.  I gave it to finish the sale and he smiled again.  After a fruitful hour in the shop I prepared to go home.  To my surprise his shift has just ended and we almost walk to the door side by side.

A night after, I found myself opening the same door I left.  It is a very rainy Wednesday night.  With a wet hair look carrying 2 bags on my shoulder I felt I looked like a worn-out umbrella.  As I am busy looking for a quiet table with the shop so crowded with final exam and paper-cramming students I heard a familiar voice, “Good evening Ms. Reg.”  OMG, it’s him and his perky smile.  How on earth did he remember my name?  He even apologized, with his eyes rolling in cuteness, not being able to accommodate me tonight.    Oh well its ok, I know I’ll be back tomorrow.

Good thing I wear my lipstick and my blush on at the moment as I start another story within this coffee shop corner.  It’s the same place that inspired me to write the poem below early this year.  But take note the barista tonight is not the same barista mentioned.  Though they have a thing in common, I failed to get their names.  I know now what to do next. 🙂   Enjoy reading again guys.  I might compose another one soon.


A Spontaneous Day

Originally posted in Facebook: April 28, 2011

 [ I decided to take a time off from work one fine day of March.  Nothing fancy, I just want to give time to myself and to my writing craft….Here’s a glimpse of how my day turned out, unexpectedly!  🙂 ]

While looking for a place to eat one Wednesday noon

I found myself inside a lunch nook so well-known

A 41-peso Beach House barbeque and rice meal with a soup add-on

just like the good old UP days made my tummy happy.

And a bonus treat for a facebook bee

is a free Wi-Fi around the campus, even under a tree

Surfing while leaves are falling down on me

seems like a wonderful scene in the romantic Seoul streets.

It’s probably the day I’m the luckiest

as I step on a new found corner at Matalino St.

the charming barista poked me his smile so sweet

and by now he knows my favorite drink and calls it Regie’s Hot Chocolatey.

Now I have to get back to why I’m here

hoping to put  a dot on my long overdue poem draft

but it turns out I scribbled a new one in an instant.

Oh well, I tell you that today is a blast!

my ever reliable writing notebook and pens =)

cozy and so conducive to writing corner

Regie’s Hot Chocolatey – Iced version =p

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