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Just All My Fangirl Feels: Happy Birthday Song Joong Ki ♥♥♥ 


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He is the Captain Yoo Si Jin or Big Boss to many including his beloved goddess wife-to-be Song Hye Kyo. But who is really Song  Joong Ki to me? I have said so much about him but let me compile today on his 33rd Birthday? Here yah go~ *insert kilig feels

1. Song Joong Ki is a Korean drama actor that taught me to watch Korean dramas freshly uploaded on streaming sites without English subtitles…just because I can’t wait for one more day, but then catches the same episode subtitled during lunch break at work, hahaha. 🙂 And I guess this is when I officially admit I am bitten by his charms. #DescendantsOf theSun

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2. He made me feel excited to write and blog again after almost a year of hiatus in my personal blog pinkyreg.wordpress.com.  I penned a tribute blog article to him before the finale of Descendants of the Sun aired.  All my kilig feels in this global hit kdrama were poured here. ♥♥♥ 

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3. Everybody knows my undying admiration and love to him.  Ironically he is my ultimate Korean crush but I am the happiest when he announced his marriage plans to Song Hye Kyo.  It was one of my ultimate wish for him, to have Song Hye Kyo as his wife and imagine the joy I have in my heart on that fateful morning of July 5 that I even bought a cake to congratulate the Song-Song couple engagement hahahhahahaha, and I know a lot did too! ♥♥♥

image<media file photo at 2016 Baeksang Awards>

4. He is the guy I have written the most blog articles on my personal blog and for korean entertainment news media hellokpop.com. Truly my one great inspiration that brought me so much luck in the writing world, including how did I became a writer for hellokpop. Will be forever grateful to him, however insane it might be to others~

5. I have joined a hundred Facebook, instagram and twitter contests realted to him. God really knows how I love Joongki and let me win what I wanted the most…Taddah, a Song Joong Ki JejuAir loot including a Joongki miniature plane model and Imagine Your Korea Song Joong Ki set. Literally screamed on top of my kilig feels when I got these limited edition items. To share my blessings, I did a Song Joong ki Mini Give-away event on my blog page to thank the universe, hahaha and it felt so good! ^_^



6. He is the actor that made me watch a Korean movie not once, not twice but three times on cinemas: the epic film, The Battleship Island, and it’s all worth it.  Crazy at it is, but having the chance to watch his film here in the Philippines is already a big blessing to me. My work scheduled me to fly to another country in time for the movie’s screening here. I literally cried and prayed even unconsciously and God answered my deepest prayer. My scheduled departure got delayed, hence I watched it 3x in so much gratefulness. Aww *insert tears*

Read on my mini review article written for hellokpop below, all for the love ♥♥♥

Beyond Song Joong Ki: 5 Reasons Why You Should Experience “The Battleship Island”


There are so much to say, but I guess these are the best parts of my Song Joong Ki fangirling experience.  I have yet to see him in person but I know I would in the right place and time.

Happy Happy Birthday Song Joong Ki, the person who made me inspired and do wonders on top of my busy world. Pinkyreg wish you all the best in career, love, future married life and health. Love you beyond admiration and I sincerely wish to find a man like you, one who would give priority to relationship, family and love over career and popularity. ♥♥♥

Photos below were taken during Filipino Ki Ailes Song Joong Ki Birthday celebration organized by Song Joong Ki Philippines. But of course I can’t miss it, haha! ^^



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