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As I was chancing some minute break from working a week before Christmas I stumbled upon an article I saw in my Facebook news feed~~ “7 Things We Learned from The Little Prince”.  It was such a good read that i remembered presenting about this classic timeless book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery in our Knowledge Management class back in my UP MBA days. (Oemgee, is it 5 years back or more, hahaha!)

I cant help but look for the powerpoint slides in my old school files and glad to be able to find it.  As I read it I felt some goosebumps inside me…its amazing how I have poured those inspirational slides while I was nerdy juggling graduate school and working in the stressful banking industry back then.  Well I guess I really have the calling on writing inspirational stuff. Here are some words of wisdom from The Little Prince itself as taken from my MBA powerpoint presentation files with my own little thoughts from my grown up experiences.  

The Litle Prince

The Little Prince

By Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  • A pilot forced to land in The Sahara meets a little prince who tells wise and enchanting stories of his own planet with its 3 volcanoes and an arrogant flower.
  • Author reveals his views about follies of mankind and the SIMPLE TRUTHS THAT PEOPLE SEEM TO FORGET AS THEY GROW OLDER

Characters Met by the Prince

The Litle Prince 2

  • KING – who can control the stars by ordering them what they would do anyway
  • CONCEITED MAN – who wants to be admired by everyone but lives alone in his planet
  • DRUNKARD/TIPPLER – who drinks to forget that he is ashamed of drinking
  • BUSINESSMAN – who is busy counting the starts he thinks he owns
  • GEOGRAPHER – who spends his time making maps but never leaves his desk to explore
  • LAMPLIGHTER – who lives in an asteroid which rotates once in a minute; the only adult he met who CARE about something OTHER THAN HIMSELF


  • It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the naked eye”. ~ Gadgets, career, pay check or good looks are not the true essence of being a person, Oh well, a lot of us will discover this once we are on top or get all of those. Agree? 🙂
  • It is the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important”. ~Live, laugh, love.  Smell the flowers along the way.  Its the ride that makes it worthwhile not the destination.  In short live without regrets.
  • What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well”. ~Think of this whenever we grown-ups are experiencing the downside part of life.  Its another version of When one door closes, another one bigger will open or There is a rainbow after the storm. Take it from The Little Prince.
  • “All grown-ups were once children…but only few of them remember it” ~Let us always remind ourselves that simple things will always be the best, like when we were a child. There will always be a kid in all of us but only a few recognizes it. And for the still young ones, do not wish to grow up too fast, you will regret once it has been granted 🙂

Ouch reality bites right? I know all of us can relate at one point or another, so who are you in the characters, the king or the conceited man, or may be the tippler/drunkard.  I personally think I’m the geographer while writing this back then.

I know a lot of you wanted to to re-read the book all over again and relive The Little Prince in all of us.  And as my article inspiration for this blog post said the movie is going to be released in France by October 2015 and I’m hoping it will have international release as well here in the Philippines.

Anyhow, I’m so happy and fulfilled to post this article. Its best to be kid at heart but grown up inside. 🙂

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I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this book so in lieu of a full review I’m giving some lil’ notes that will surely let you buy this Philippines’ First Pinoy-Korean nobela…just in case you don’t have one or haven’t read it yet.

The K-Pop Star and I by J.P. Adrian…to all Filipino Kpop or Hallyu fanatics you may have heard this book that was launched in the infamous KFest4 event last July 28 held at SM Megatrade Hall 2 of SM Megamall.  I’m lucky enough to enter the event and had my copy of the book that was sold out that day just as the event tickets. 🙂


So what’s with the book?  It’s a story of an ordinary girl named Joy who had a chance of a lifetime to meet and be with a famous Kpop star as tadahhhh… no less than his personal assistant.  The first time I heard of this book I was, “what a local k-fan fiction, a dream storyline of almost all fangirls to be launched here?”  I’m just as excited and curious on how and where would the story go and if it would hit me in the heart.   And yes it did, boom!!!

I myself is a confessed fangirl who weaves my own fan fiction stories with my Korean biases and also dreaming of publishing my own book (wish wish din pag may time) but unlike me this k-fiction is not about a fangirl.  The main character in the story knows none about K-stuff amidst the roaring Hallyu fever setting of the story.  She doesn’t have a facebook or any social networking account, struggling to pronounce “Kamsa…hamnida” and even refers to Super Junior as a super hero.  OMG! Hahahaha and these all the more make it so humorously thrilling to read.

Kick start your k-imagination with this: How would a day of being caught in a traffic jam and spilling Starbucks coffee on a tight fitted shirt of a then unknown to her Korean star would change everything in her life?  Wahhh!  The kilig factor started right there in chapter one. ♥

Here are some of my points of view (pardon for some fangirl spazz from me)  in my attempt to write a book review.  🙂

The use of both English and Filipino language in telling the story is perfect.  I thought it’s awkward on the first chapter but as the story goes I think it matched the mood of Joy who is continuously struggling between her serious nerdy self (English) or to give in to the kpop fad and dream she is experiencing (Filipino).  And mind you the deep Tagalog and English words made me all laugh out loud.  You can feel it through your heart. ♥ It’s so damang-dama, sapul!  I picked some expressions and phrases that would tickle you to read it:

                …feeling stupid. I wanted to kick myself. Hard. I swallowed the lump that suddenly formed in my throat and composed myself…

                …Sinikap kong hwag mag-blush kahit na nararamdaman ko na nag-iinit ang mga pisngi ko…

                    …Sure, anytime Sir…Shit ang gaga mo Joy!  (watch out the situation that led the main character say this)

                …I just want to stay in this moment forever…Saan nga bang linya ng kanta iyon?

The k-pop star’s anonymous identity made the story closer to k-fangirl hearts as it all the more will make you dream you are in “Joy’s shoe” with your own bias.  Think of this one quotable quote from him and imagine who might be him “I promise (pinky swear)…Don’t turn into a flower.”  As what I have posted in in Facebook – it’s for all k-fanatics out there.  We all can relate.

Aside from those quotable quote and expressions there are a lot of Killer words that will surely make you laugh your heart out loud.  I’ll give my favorite – Thanks to my arrogant Korean Sir in Shining Armor. LOL!  I’m sure you will enjoy choosing your own top 1.

Joy’s grandmother is a character to watch out for.  I must say You already (Ikaw na) lola! She is a revelation though she just played a lil’ part,  hahaha.  Same as the driver Mang Rodel, for the win!  These two supporting characters proved that Halyu wave is everywhere and helped build up the character progression of the main character in their own simple ways.

I started to love everything Korean from watching Korean dramas and in this nobela I truly can relate to each and every detail of the story.  It’s like all the scenes in koreanovelas I’ve watched lumped in a story with a local Philippine setting twist.  I love the MRT and “under the tree” scenes ♥.  And I can’t put off the smile in my face while reading.  I’m even screaming alone in my room in KILIG. ♥  I bet the author is not just a K-pop fan but also a k-drama addict.

The only thing that I think the book fall short in is the part that brings the climax and how fast it led through the ending.  I’m not an expert storyteller but I really got bitin or more politically correct way of saying is that I didn’t expect that the highest part is already coming…or maybe I’m just too engrossed that I would not want it to end…or a sequel is all we need just like all those beautiful Koreanovela stories that touched our hearts.  See for yourselves guys.  I can’t give too many details that might spoil the fun. OMG, I can’t wait to spazz with a friend.  @@

I finished the book in about 2 or 3 hours while I’m so sick lying on bed.  I’m usually slow at reading a book and I’m so surprised I finished it so fast that I forgot my head and body aches in pain.  Thanks so much KPOP and Culture Fest and of course to the author J.P. Adrian for bringing this Pinoy-Korean nobela book.  It’s really a k-fangirl must-have or should I say must-read.  So grab your The K-Pop Star and I copy now for only Php128.  Initially it is available at National Book Store SM North and Trinoma branches but soon it will be available at all mega Manila branches of NBS and Powerbooks.  See the author’s fanpage in this link for more updates or visit KPOP and Culture Fest page.

PS.  I still hope to write a more formal and full book review in my next posts 🙂 Aja!

You can now enjoy reading The K-pop Star and I online though wattpad in this link. It has also been adapted into a TV mini-series through TV5’s Wattpad Presents last Dec 28, 2015. See this post from the author. ^_^


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