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As of writing we are down to the last week of the talk of the world Korean drama Descendants of the Sun or DOTS as it’s shortly called. Fans of DOTS are dreading this week to come as the Wednesday-Thursday habit of tuning in to KBS2 or waiting for the English-subbed episodes is coming to close.  So as to ease the pain of us Song Joongki or DOTS addicts I have this post to cure a bit of that incoming withdrawal syndrome in the coming days or maybe months.

No doubt everybody loves Song Joongki as Captain Yoo Si Jin.  His handsomely cute lovable face outside that strong character plus those cheesy lines over patriotism and “soldier in shining armour” (or should I say gun) antics made him the most wanted man every woman desires.  Without further ado here is a top ten list of Yoo Si Jin faces and personalities that made us fall in love with him over and over again. Enjoy! ❤

It’s super hard to choose the best 10. Should I revise to Top 100 or apologize? 😉

1. The Captain cum Rayban Model

I chose this as the first in the list because this scene is just so iconic. He looks so like the “Big Boss” here with that mysteriously cold look trying to hide his feelings inside that Rayban aviator sunglasses as he passed by the pretty shocked Dr. Kang. One of the most melodramatic scene to the tune of “I love you…” They won’t choose this as the emoji of that trending #YooSiJin in twitter days ago for nothing. ❤

2. The Captain in Dress Uniform


For me this is one of his most handsome look if not the best. No wonder it was chosen to be his get-up for the “First Kiss” scene. It just added flavor to the already heart-fluttering Wine Kiss. Agree? His very neatly handsome soldier look makes us fancy over and over again to be wooed and kissed by this captain. ❤


3. Gym Buff


Thanks to Descendants of the Sun that we saw a Song Joongki in all his abs glory.  How can that baby-faced cutie managed to have that one hot body.  In an interview during the drama’s press conference before its first episode Song said that he wanted to lend it for the melodrama and his co-star Ms.Song Hye Kyo to make it more real.  And yes Captain you did it.  I love that scene how he answered his phone and said to meet Dr. Kang Mo Yeon right there and then while looking so hot topless. ❤ ❤ ❤

And how many times did you put this this gif on replay mode, hihihi. Thanks to the owner. ^_^


4. Boy Next Door


We always see him in a soldier uniform, but that instance when he showed up so early for their “first date” make everyone wish someone so handsome like him waits right outside our school or work, hahahaha.  Can he get any cuter than this, and in that gray sweatshirt, aw!  Wait for more entries in the list. 🙂

5. Holding A Gun


Is there anyone more masculine handsome than Captain Yoo holding a gun? He is really a “soldier in shining armour” ready to sacrifice for patriotism and for the love of his life.  What is more challenging for our hearts not to explode is that he always speaks English while holding a gun. OMO! Plus pogi (handsome) points to his already Level 1000. Take note even in hospital gown he looks so cool, why oh why captain?

6. Stalker and Sharp Shooter Captain


Captain Yoo seems to abuse his post sometimes.  Who has not been shot right through the heart in that Stalking Level 100 or “Shot of Love Scene”?  I so envy you Dr. Kang! Ok here’s the clip (credits to @descendants.of.the.sun ig). 😛

More over there is really something in that target shooting angle that makes Captain Yoo blow our minds and make undies fall. Agree? Ahhahaha 😛


7. Drunk Cutie

From that captain in uniform, holding a gun and sharp shooter mode this is just a so unexpected sight to see of him. An all-out drunk Si Jin, OMO! Being prohibited to drink while he is in uniform, drinking soju for 3 straight days if I am not mistaken is his bliss.

Gosh, this is a thing a lot cuter than his boy next door image. I can’t help but smile seeing him like this. Oh my so pretty boy! ❤ I cannot hold the feels.


8. On Cloud Nine and Head Over Heels



I think what makes us love him even more is the way he is very in love with the female lead. No doubt right from Episode 1 you can feel Captain Yoo would do anything for Dr. Kang. Who could forget these lines “Doctors must not have a boyfriend because they are busy…” ❤


He knows how to make a woman feel loved. Aw that pony tail scene in Uruk, do you have a twin brother Captain Yoo Si Jin? Lol 🙂

But what makes him more attractive is when he looks oh so kilig or tickled and overjoyed like in cloud nine, more than what a girl feels who have been first-kissed , hahahha. Let’s see if you can recall these scenes, I know you will.



9. Cheesy Line King

Descendants of the Sun may be an action packed melodrama but definitely it’s a full blown romantic one with so many cheesy pick up lines delivered by no less than the captain or should I say the King of Cheesy lines Yoo Si Jin.  This “You look pretty today” scene can top it all, complete with “Don’t feel embarrassed now that I know you like me. It doesn’t change the fact that I like you more”.  Aw, cheesiness overload! Maybe, on that note Dr. Kang decided to confess in person and kissed him back after a few hours, lol. It worked Captain Yoo!



In the early episodes I personally like the movie date scene when he asked Dr. Kang to show him her ID. When she asked why he said. “I just want to make sure I am not dating a minor”. Shame! It will work on any girl surely ❤

10. Best Kisser Awardee


And last but definitely not the least Captain Yoo is the best kisser in Korean drama town. He does it in unexpected places.  Did you remember the feeling when that Wine Kiss happened at the end of Episode 4? Gosh we all wanted to fast forward the days to Wednesday.

And that Gasoline station scene, when he kissed her just to stop her jealousy. Oh Captain Yoo, you’re the best.


But the kiss that played all over our heads is definitely the Truck Kiss, because it’s the Song-Song couple first official kiss as boyfriend-girlfriend in the drama. I must say Dr. Kang you did well too, hihi ❤


Wheeew! What a list, imagine the feels while I am writing and compiling this.  Captain Yoo didn’t put me to sleep for nights hihihi ❤

Let me know your favorite in the list. I myself can’t choose or even order them well, hahaha (but I guess below is my top 4). Put it in the comment box or send me an email so I can edit lol. By the way I have a few more runners-up below.  OMO! I am laughing my heart out loud here.  Enjoy again and good luck to DOTS withdrawal syndrome. Salute Captain Yoo!


Saranghaeyo Song Joongki ❤

Runner-Up 1: Stunt Man Si Jin


Runner-Up 2: Crying Captain


Runner-Up 3: The Player Look


Runner-Up 4: Holding A book


Runner-Up 5: Jealous Captain

So damn cutie, so drum-roll as the last but definitely not the least runner-up 😛



<Disclaimer: I do not own all the photos, videos and GIFs, except for that top4 collage, full credits to the rightful owners, and thank you so much>


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