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Last September 7, 2015 the giant international coffee brand Starbucks finally opened its doors in my very hometown Angono, Rizal.  As a coffee shop lover and certified Starbucks addict I’m the happiest kid ever on this day that I did all I could to finish my Monday tasks at work the fastest (even had a working lunch) just to get home early and experience its first day high myself. #Priorities 🙂

Starbucks Angono on its opening day

Starbucks Angono on its opening day


Happy “First Day High” smile at Starbucks Angono 😀

On a more serious note, I knew all my kababayan from Angono were just as excited.  Dubbed as the Art Capital of the Philippines and not far away from Manila we are unfortunately tagged as an outskirt place without Starbucks by Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez in one of her lines in the 2010 film Working Girls when she was told a property was left to her located in Angono and her verbatim response was “May Starbucks ba dun?”  (See video clip post below for reference, credits to Rizal News Online FB page) Oh well its true, then but now fret no more and we are thankful that this remark might have helped that we are now enjoying Starbucks birth in our artistic town, hahaha.

Starbucks Angono is located at the G/F of SM Center Angono along Manila East Road.  After almost a year since the opening of this very first major mall in our town (SM Center Angono opened in Nov 2014) then comes this Starbucks place. As much as one would say (from a traditionalist point of view) that our town is slowly being modernized away from its rich culture I think having a Starbucks nook would even enhance the inherent talents fellow Angono townspeople have.  It’s a place where we can tap our creative juices on music, visual arts and writing as we sit and sip some coffee and ambiance here, away from our usual corner in our room or galleries.  Personally as a blogger coffee shops especially Starbucks (and I don’t know why hahaha) gives me a magical inspiration that ideas are just pouring as long as I enter one.  Of course we can proudly say that we now have a new meeting place or tambayan aside from Jollibee, Chowking or Infinitea and the infamous Don Antonio’s now have its major rival aside from the new coffee shops at San Roque’s Music Wizard (and I don’t know the name hahaha).  Isn’t it so great great!

enjoying sips :)

enjoying sips 🙂

So much of the seriousness, here comes my Starbucks addiction moments.  I just can’t contain the happiness and kilig as I made it to the last couple of hours of its store opening after being stucked in traffic jam for more than 2 hours, and that includes the less than 6 hours of sleep the night before and after seeing this post, LOLz! (Credits to SM Center Angono FB page)

Starbucks Angono Opening soon post

Starbucks Angono Opening soon post

Just like what my friend mentioned: Iba ang feeling ng first day high (It’s a different feeling when you’re here on its first day high).  True enough that my energy levels at around 8:30 pm is like I’m in a beach vacation or in Korea, hence the crazy photo ops inside the store. ❤

while in line at the counter

while in line at the counter :)

while in line at the counter 🙂

The ambiance and interiors 🙂

At the counter

woody coffee

woody coffee

the crowd at 9pm

the crowd at 9pm

the busy counter

the busy counter

And more of me the counter hahaha 🙂


But of course in any Starbucks or coffee shops I have a favorite spot and I think I know where I would love to sit here as long as it’s available.  Look for my watermark. ❤

pinkyreg's spot

pinkyreg’s spot

pinkyreg's spot

pinkyreg’s spot

Starbucks SM Center Angono is open from 9-am-10pm Sun-Thrs and on an extended weekend store hours of 9am-11pm on Fri-Sat.  And so if I do not reply to text, pm or in my Facebook account you know where to find me, or at least the Starbucks branches I maybe in hahaha.  See yah!  By the way I can’t wait to see some baristas in uniform on the nearing Angono Town Fiesta parade or Pagoda, hihihi 😉

feeling Starbucks Ambassador <3

feeling Starbucks Ambassador ❤

the outside logo at night

the outside logo at night

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