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It was minutes past 6pm and the sun is still up preparing to set down when I arrived at BGC one early Thursday night of May 5.  I am so excited beyond words since I would say hello to something I am always craving for but this time it’s kinda something new, a new bingsuuu is in Café Seolhwa town! ❤

The fancy and modern Korean dessert place Café Seolhwa is well known for its signature snowy like a pure first snow and tastes as good as how it looks Mango Cheese and Berry Cheese Bingsu. These become the favorite desserts Instagram-ed of since it opened its bingsu doors March of last year at BGC.

Seolhwa Mango Cheese Bingsu

Mango Cheese Bingsu (c) @seolhwabingsu ig

Seolhwa Berry Cheese Bingsu

Berry Cheese Bingsu (c) @seolhwabingsu ig

As Café Seolhwa reach its one year of existence and service to bingsu addicts a whole new different kind of bingsu is created and ambitiously prepared (quoting from @seolhwabingsu IG)  by the magical hands of its owner.  Say Hello to CAKE BINGSU, yes a Cake Bingsu! It’s just a very apt new menu to celebrate Seolhwa’s anniversary and I am very privileged to have a first taste of it before it was made available and served at the counters.

Cafe Seolhwa Cake Bingsu teaser

Cake Bingsu teaser images (c) @seolhwabingsu ig

For the Cake Bingsu series Café Seolhwa introduces 2 new variants in their menu: The Gomawo or Thank You Bingsu and Heng Bok He or Happiness BingsuKnow more about these two new bingsu of Seolhwa’s menu and my verdict upon having my sweet first taste of them below:

Gomawo Bingsu  (Thank You Bingsu)

Gomawo means  “Thank You” in Korea so this Gomawo Bingsu or Thank You Bingsu is a way of thanking Seolhwa customers with a mix of coffee, chocolate, strawberry sauce and crème cheese married into a cake Bingsu.  Essentially it is a Tiramisu Bingsu being a coffee-choco cake in a bingsu form.

Gomawo Bingsu

Gomawo Bingsu as presented to Pinkyreg by Cafe Seolhwa ❤

At first you can taste the chocolatey flavor as the ice is chocolate flavored but afterwards it will leave you with the strong coffee taste.  This one is perfect for coffee lovers.  I haven’t tasted their Coffee Bingsu but this one makes you feel like drinking coffee, eating a cake and bingsu all in one.  Try it for yourself. 😛

Pinkyreg First Taste of Cake Bingsu

Pinkyreg’s first sweet taste of Gomawo Cake Bingsu, yum ^^ (taken from Seolhwa owner’s cam)

Heng Bok He Bingsu  (Happiness Bingsu)

Heng Bok He means “Happiness” in Korea and true enough this Heng Bok He Bingsu or Happiness Bingsu can make you happy.  It’s like chocolate for girls, an instant happy pill.  On top of the sweet fresh berry sauce is a mix of the soft yogurt cream.  The yogurt berry taste and the mix of all the flavors (sour, sweet, fruity, creamy) made it perfect.  As said in Seolhwa’s ig post it’s an “All day Heng bok he” or all day happy with this Yogurt Berry Bingsu.  You can judge it just by the look of it below, so yummy pretty <3!

Heng Bok He Bingsu

Heng Bok He Bingsu – such a heavenly happy sweet first taste ❤

These yummy Cake Bingsu series is now serving at the counters of Café Seolhwa BGC branch that started last May 16. Make it a gift to yourself for special occasions or just when you are craving for bingsu. 🙂  It has the Café Seolhwa’s signature magical fine snowy texture of the shaved ice, it’s distinct flavors with a cake foundation for a festive look and taste. I am not sure if it’s a limited edition menu or forever but you may not want to miss trying the Gomawo and Heng Bok He Bingsu so do drop by the BGC branch.  After all you can never go wrong with Cafe Seolhwa since after trying 8 bingsu places Café Seolhwa is still the best korean dessert place for me. ^_^

Wanna Have Some Seolhwa Cake Bingsu

Wanna Have Some Seolhwa Cake Bingsu?

Thank you once again Mr. Daniel Choi (Korean Manager) and Ms. Gowoon Jung (Owner) of Cafe Seolhwa for the privilege of the “first taste” of Cake Bingsu series and selecting me as one of the Seolhwa’s “First Supporters”Gomawo and indeed it was Heng bok he! 🙂

with Cafe Seolhwa's owner and manager and fellow first supporter

with Cafe Seolhwa’s owner and manager and fellow first supporter ❤

with Cafe Seolhwa's korean manager Mr. Danile Choi ;)

Mango Cheese Bingsu (c) @seolhwabingsu ig

Like Cafe Seolhwa’s FB page at http://www.facebook.com/seolhwabingsu and follow them on Instagram @seolhwabingsu for more updates.

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